NLog is a logging platform for .NET with rich log routing and management capabilities. It can help you produce and manage high-quality logs for your application regardless of its size or complexity. This package installs NLog.dll with includes core logging functionality. For your main project also need to install "NLog Configuration" package.
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Here are the packages that version 4.4.4 of NLog depends on.

No dependencies



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package NLog

Packages that Depend on NLog

PackageLatest VersionTags
AbaSoft.Net 1.0.5412.1248 Network REST Http
Acrotech.PortableLogAdapter.NLogAdapter 1.1.0
Active.Net.AddOnlyDb 0.5.2 .NET FSharp SQLite Key-Value-Database Database Synchronization
Active.Net.Data 0.2 .NET FSharp
Active.Net.Logging.dll 0.2 Logging NLog FSharp .NET
Acuity.Common 1.0.0
AF.Logging.NLog 0.9.2
Affecto.Logging.NLog 2.0.0 affecto log logging nlog
AI.Diagnostics.LogSearch.Test.Config 0.0.3 "Application Insights" Log4Net Nlog TraceListener
Akara.UCL.AspNet 0.4.5
Akara.UCL.EF 0.4.1
Akka.Logger.NLog 1.1.2 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency NLog
Akka.NLog 0.7
AlexeyKuptsov.Jdi.Core 1.0.49 nuget ui automation testing web mobile qa framework epam pageobjects selenium
AlexeyKuptsov.Jdi.Matchers 1.0.49 nuget ui automation testing web mobile qa framework epam pageobjects selenium
AmosSecurity 0.2.0
Analects.Caliburn.Micro.NLog 1.0.0 Caliburn.Micro NLog Logging MVVM
Anchor.Infrastructure 1.0.8
Anchor.Web 1.0.3
Anotar.NLog.Fody 3.2.0 Logging ILWeaving Fody Cecil NLog
AnyLog.NLog 0.1.8 Logging Adapter NLog
Apache.Ignite.NLog 1.9.0 Apache Ignite In-Memory Distributed Computing SQL NoSQL LINQ Grid Map Reduce Cache NLog logger
ApirIO 1.1.5 SQL REST WebApi AspNet AspNetWebApi SelfHost
Apollo13.SerialPort QSYS QP DAL Apollo 13 QuickPick SerialPort Port Serial RS232
Apollo13.Threadworker 1.0.17009.0 Apollo Apollo13 Quickpick Qsys QuickPickOne QPick
ApolloSync.Logic 1.0.16
AppDynamics.Agent.ExtensionSdk AppDynamics Extension APM Performance Monitoring Diagnostics
ArduinoDriver 2.3.0 arduino serial communication protocol
ArduinoUploader 2.3.1 arduino upload serial avr flash hex
artm.MvxPlugins.Logger 2.3.10 mvvm mvvmcross xamarin monodroid monotouch wp wpdev windowsphone wpa81 win81 mvx
AspUploadHandler 0.1.5 Asp Upload Api
Autofac.Extras.NLog 1.3.0 NLog Autofac Logger ILogger log logging
AutoUserSettingsManager 1.0.1 C# settings manage
Av.Infrastructure.Web ASP.Net MVC
Ayyo.Server Server Ayyo
AzureTableStorageNLogTarget 1.0.10 NLog Logging Azure Table Storage
Azuro.Common 1.0.6205.40054 Azuro
Azuro.Crm.Integration.Common 1.0.6205.40748 Azuro Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Azuro.Crm.Integration.v2011 1.0.6210.30839 Azuro Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Azuro.Crm.Integration.v2015 1.2015.6205.36460 Azuro Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Azuro.Crm.SmsMessages 1.0.6205.40755 Azuro Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Banzai.NLog Banzai Pipeline Dataflow Workflow NLog
Basis.Server 0.0.13 event-sourcing cqrs event-store ddd domain-driven-design
Batman.Core.Logging.NLog 1.0.0071 batman framework nlog
Batman.MVC.Default 1.0.0071 batman framework mvc
BclEx-Abstract.NLog 1.0.0 nlog servicelog log logging bclex
BelovKirill.utility utility exceptionHandling
Best.EntLib.Log.MyBatis 1.0.0
BetterCms.Core 2.0.7
BFound.HtmlToMarkdown 0.0.5 markdown html converter
Bovender Framework Bovender In-House MVVM
Brainkat.SharedMemory 0.3.18 brainkat sharedmemory
BrightSword.Chimera 1.0.3
BTC.Shared.Mvc 1.0.0
bulky 1.0.7 bulk insert sqlserver sqlite mysql dapper
Burrows.NLog Burrows NLog RabbitMQ Rabbit ServiceBus Log
Business.Lib Business Core Lib
Caliburn.Micro.Logging.NLog Caliburn.Micro Logging NLog
Cannoli.Logger MVVM WPF
Cassette.Nancy 2.2.1 Cassette Nancy
Castle.Core-NLog 4.0.0 castle logging NLog
Castle.Windsor-NLog 3.4.0 castle windsor inversionOfControl DependencyInjection logging NLog
Cerberix.Core.Logging 1.0.0 cerberix log logging
Cerberix.Net.Mail 1.0.0 cerberix net mail
Cheers.Diagnostic.NLog 1.0.3 Cheers Diagnostic NLog
Chinchilla.Logging.NLog 0.3.12 rabbitmq management api http chinchilla
Cicada.Boot Cicada
Cicada.NLog Cicada log nlog
Cielo24 cielo24
CK.Core.ActivityMonitor.NLogAdapter 4.3.0
CKSource.CKFinder.Connector.Logs.NLog 3.4.1 CKSource CKFinder NLog
CKSource.CKFinder.Connector.Sample 3.4.1 CKSource CKFinder Sample
ClaveOwin 0.1.4
Clutch.Diagnostics.Logging.NLog 1.0.5283.19726 Clutch NLog
Codestellation.DarkFlow 0.3.17
Codestellation.Emisstar 0.0.40 EventPublisher EventBroker
Codewell.SysproIntegration 3.44.43 SYSPRO
Coli.Framework.Mvc 1.0.1 Framework Mvc
com.telexpress.WeChat 0.3.6
Common.Logging.NLog.DV 3.0.0
Common.Logging.NLog.Net4 2.1.2
Common.Logging.NLog10 3.3.1 NLog Common.Logging.NLog logging log Common.Logging
Common.Logging.NLog20 3.3.1 NLog Common.Logging.NLog logging log Common.Logging
Common.Logging.NLog21 3.3.1 NLog Common.Logging.NLog logging log Common.Logging
Common.Logging.NLog30 3.3.1 NLog Common.Logging.NLog logging log Common.Logging
Common.Logging.NLog31 3.3.1 NLog Common.Logging.NLog logging log Common.Logging
Common.Logging.NLog32 3.3.1 NLog Common.Logging.NLog logging log Common.Logging
Common.Logging.NLog40 3.3.1 NLog Common.Logging.NLog logging log Common.Logging
Common.Logging.NLog41 3.3.1 NLog Common.Logging.NLog logging log Common.Logging
connect-sdk-dotnet 2.4.0 Ingenico ePayments Connect SDK