Moq is the most popular and friendly mocking framework for .NET
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Moq

Packages that Depend on Moq

PackageLatest VersionTags
Ab.TestHelper 1.0.0 UnitTest Moq Helper
AcklenAvenue.Testing.Moq Testing
AcklenAvenue.Testing.Moq.ExpectedObjects Testing
AFSMegaApiClient.Core 1.0.0
Alphacloud.Common.Testing.Nunit alphacloud signed testing nunit moq
Arragro.TestBase 1.0.0
ArrangeMock 1.0.0 Moq Mock Mocking Testing Unit-Testing
Attest.Fake.Moq 1.2.0
AutoBogus.Moq 1.0.0
AutoConstruct 1.0.0
AutoDependencyMocking 1.0.4 Ninject Moq Automatic
AutoDependencyMocking.Debug 1.0.4 Ninject Moq Automatic
Autofac.AttributedComponent.TestTool Autofac
Autofac.Extras.Moq 4.2.0 autofac di ioc dependencyinjection moq
AutoFixture.AutoMoq 4.1.0
AutoFixture.AutoMoq.AutoSetup AutoFixture Moq NUnit AutoMoq AutoSetup
AutoFixture.AutoMoq.WebApi 2.2.1
AutoFixtureMoq 1.0.0
AutoMoq 2.0.0 moq unity tdd testing test
AutoMoq.Unity5 1.1.0 automoq moq mock unity tdd testing test
AutoMoqCore 1.0.0 AutoMoq
Automoqer Moq Mock UnitTest
AutoSplat 1.0.11 splat moq automock
AutoWrockTestable 1.0.23 TDD AotoMocking Mock Moq Testable
Bardock.UnitTesting.AutoFixture.Xunit2 0.3.1 .net4 utils unit tests autofixture xunit
Beanoh beanoh verify nunit spring
Bifrost.Testing 1.1.2
BMM.Api.Test 1.0.6248.26521
Boot.WebApi.Owin.Ninject.Moq 1.0.1
Braspag.ApiDotNetSdk 2.9.14
Bstm.UnitTesting 1.0.2
CasperSolution.UnitTesting MsTest TDD
Castle.Facilities.MoqIntegration Castle Windsor Moq
ChannelAdam.TestFramework 1.7.1 Tests Unit Integration Moq XML Text Diff
Cicada.Boot.Test Cicada UnitTest Moq
Cireson.Platform.Core.Testing 1.0.73 Cireson
Cobweb.Testing.Mvc AspNet Mvc AspNetMvc testing Cobweb Arana
Cobweb.Testing.WebApi AspNet WebApi AspNetWebApi testing Cobweb Arana
CodeConverters.MvcTest ASP.Net MVC TDD Testing
Coderful.EntityFramework.Testing 1.5.1
Common.Testing.NUnit 1.0.0 common moq testing nunit
ContextGenerator 1.1.0
Custom.IdentityServer3.AccessTokenValidation 2.15.0
Dapper.MoqTests 0.0.6
DbContextMocker 0.3.0
DeKreyConsulting.AdoTestability.Testing.Moq 1.1.0 Database Data ADO.NET test tdd Moq
developwithpassion.specifications.moq 0.6.0 test unit testing context specification bdd tdd
DevOpsFlex.Tests.Core 1.1.2 Test Unit Test xUnit Moq FluentAssertions
DigiData.Services.Rest.Client.TestingTools 2.0.175 rest
DNC.Testing 0.0.6
DotNetTestHelper 1.0.5568.23718 .net testing mock EntityFramework Entity Framework
DummyMockup 1.0.0 Moq Mock Dummy AutoFixture
Durwella.CompilerServices 1.0.5
EmailHippo.EmailVerify.Api.Client 1.0.6 Email Validation Verification API
Enbiso.Common.UnitTest 1.0.0
EnergyTrading.Test EnergyTrading test unittest xml .net40
EnjoyCQRS.TestFramework 3.0.0 .NET CQRS EventSource EventSourcing TestFramework
EntityFramework.MoqHelper 1.0.1 entityframework moq test EF mock TDD 'Entity Framework'
EntityFramework.Njt 1.0.0
EntityFramework.Testing.Helpers 1.0.10 EntityFramework Testing MOQ EF
EntityFrameworkTesting.Moq 1.2.1 EntityFramework Entity Framework EF EF6 Testing Moq
EntityFrameworkTesting.Moq.Ninject 1.2.1 EntityFramework Entity Framework EF EF6 Testing Ninject Mocking Moq
Epicycle.Commons-cs epicycle lib library utils utilities misc unsafe buffer filesystem file system reports reporting collection collections string yaml csv
ErraticMotion.TestFramework 0.1.0 TDD BDD Given-When-Then IoC
EssentialDesigns.Utility 2.0.5518
EventFlow.TestHelpers 0.53.3204 CQRS ES event sourcing
EyeSoft.Testing domain WCF testing test TDD MOQ
F2F.Testing.MSTest.Moq aoq f2f testing mstest moq autofixture
Facebook.Moq Facebook
FakeDbSet.ContextGenerator 1.0.5
FakeMaker EPiServer CMS TDD unittesting mocking
FluentMvcTesting.Extensions 1.0.4 FluentMvcTesting Testing XML
FluentSharp.Moq 5.5.172 FluentSharp Fluent OWASP O2Platform Security
FluffySpoon.Testing.Autofake.Moq 1.0.13
Fr8.Testing Fr8
GDev.Umbraco.Testing 2.0.0 Umbraco Testing NUnit Moq
Grace.Moq 2.4.2 IoC Dependency Injection Container Moq
Habitat.Core.TestingLibrary 1.0.3 Habitat Library
Halforbit.Facets 1.0.26
Incoding.MSpecContrib unit test mspec incoding rapid testing
Incoding.UnitTests.MSpec 1.0.0 framework incoding machine specification mspec test tests unit tests
Isla.Testing.Moq 1.0.5543.25950 Tag1 Tag2
Jama.JustTest 2.1.0 BDD Unit Tests
Jama.JustTest.Xunit 1.0.2 BDD, Unit Tests
JourneyTeam.Xrm.Test 1.0.25 XRM CRM DYNAMICS
KaVE.Commons.TestUtils 0.0.8
KaVE.TestCommons 0.0.6
Kralizek.TestBase.NUnit unittesting nunit autofixture moq unittest