Official .NET driver for MongoDB.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package MongoDB.Driver

Packages that Depend on MongoDB.Driver

PackageLatest VersionTags
Aimoca.Infrastructure.Domain 1.0.0 Domain Aimoca
AspNet.Identity.MongoDB 2.0.8 mongo mongodb aspnet identity
AspNet.Identity.MongoDB-2 2.0.1 mongo mongodb aspnet identity
AspNet.Identity3.MongoDB 0.0.3 ASP.NET5 Identity3 MongoDB
AspNetCoreLogging 1.0.1 Logging
AspNetIdentity.MongoDB 0.6.2
Audit.NET.MongoDB 7.0.6 Audit Trail Log MongoDB
Axelius.Framework.Providers 1.0.6
AzureMongoRepository 1.0
AzureMongoRepository.AzureFunctions 1.0.5
BaseInfrastructurePack 1.2.0
Beginor.AppFx.Repository.Mongo 1.0.0 AppFx
beyova.mongodb.extension 0.10.0
Beyova.MongoDbExtension 0.11.0
Business.Lib Business Core Lib
C4D.Mongo 1.0.0
CacheProvider.Mongo 2.3
Canducci.MongoDB.Repository.Core 1.1.1
Canducci.MongoDB.Repository4.5 2.0.1
CG.Definition.Mongo 0.2017.8 CG.Definition.Mongo
CG.Linq.Mongo 0.2017.10 CG.Linq.Mongo
CG.Security.Mongo 0.2017.5 CG.Security.Mongo
Chlodny.MongoRepository 1.1
CodeMash repository notifications logging emails sms payments
Concode.Common.Mongo 1.1.0
Concode.Common.MongoLanguage 1.0.0 Dox Language
Concode.Common.Web 1.2.3 Dox
CQRS.Light.Repository.MongoDB CQRS.Light DDD Domain Driven Design CQRS Event Sourcing EventStore
Cqrs.MongoDB 1.601.1108.447 CQRS Mongo MongoDB NoSQL Ninject
CSharpMongoMigrations 1.1 mongodb mongo nosql migrations
dotMongo 0.0.2 dotMongo MongoDB.NET MongoDB
DotnetSpider2.Extension 1.0.10 DotnetSpider Crawler Cross Platform .Net Core
Dox.Core.MongoLanguage 1.0.3 Dox Resource
DynamicRepository.MongoDB 0.1.4 repository pattern dynamic core
Ease.Database.MongoDB 1.0.4 ORM ODM Framework Database DB Repository UnitOfWork
EFAuditing.MongoDB 1.0.2 EntityFramework EF7 Mongo MongoDB Audit Auditing
elmah.mongodb.driver 1.4 mongodb elmah error logging unhandled exception
EnjoyCQRS.EventStore.MongoDB 2.4.6
FileContext.MongoDb 1.0.6 entityframework filecontext file db database filedb no-sql mongodb json xml inmemory dbcontext devmentor brockhaus-ag
FlintHills.Core Flint Hills Core Library
ForwardMongoLogger 1.0.3 Mongo Log Logging Log4Net
Genially.MongoRepository 2.0.0
GlobalPoints.SharedKernel.Domain 1.0.0
GoodBearMongoLogger 1.0.0 GoodBearMongoLogger GoodBear Mongo Logger
Greek.Reservation.Models 1.0.1 Reservation Models
HangFire.Mongo 0.3.2 Hangfire AspNet OWIN MongoDB Long-Running Background Fire-And-Forget Delayed Recurring Tasks Jobs Scheduler Threading Queues
HangFire.Mongo.net45 0.3.0 Hangfire AspNet OWIN MongoDB Long-Running Background Fire-And-Forget Delayed Recurring Tasks Jobs Scheduler Threading Queues
Harness 1.0.0 Mongo MongoDB XUnit NUnit Testing NDBUnit Harness
HumbleConfig.MongoDb 3.0.9 Humble Config MongoDB Mongo Database
HyperTrends.DomainModels.Mongo MongoModels
IdentityServer4.MongoDB 1.0.3 OAuth2 OAuth 2.0 OpenID Connect Security Identity IdentityServer MongoDB
JianTao.Domain 1.2.0
JimBobBennett.MongoDbCompare 1.1.187 C# .net MongoDB comparison
Kantar.KAP.Shared 1.0.114
Kantar.KAP.Shared.DataAccess 1.0.6
Kantar.KAP.Shared.Messaging 1.0.20
Kantar.MRP.DataAccess 1.0.12
KickStart.MongoDB startup bootstrap bootstraper ioc container initialization MongoDB
Lanche.MongoDB LancheProject Mongodb
Lind.DDD 2.0.3
Lockbox.Api 1.0.2 Lockbox
log4mongo-net 2.2.0 log logging log4net debug diagnostic trace db database nosql mongo mongodb appender apache
MassTransit.MongoDb 3.5.7 MassTransit
MD.LIB.Common.Infrastructure.MongoDB 1.0.0 MD.LIB.Common.Infrastructure.MongoDB
MementoFX.Persistence.MongoDB 1.1.2 mementofx memento mongodb event store cqrs ddd
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.MongoDB 1.0.2 aspnetcore mongo mongodb identity membership
MongoAspNetIdentity 1.3.7
MongoBase 1.0.1
MongoConnect.Repositories 0.0.10
mongocsharpdriver 2.4.3
MongoDB.Abstracts MongoDB Repository Pattern
MongoDb.Asp.ConfigurationProvider mvc asp asp 5 mongodb mongodb configuration provider asp5 configuration provider
MongoDb.Bson.NodaTime 1.2.1 nodatime bson mongodb mongo
MongoDB.Context 1.0.3 MongoDB Entity Framework
MongoDB.Driver.GridFS 2.4.3 mongodb mongo nosql gridfs
MongoDB.HelpingHand C# MongoDB NoSQL .NET Database Helper Utility
MongoDB.Immutable 1.0.0 MongoDB System.Collections.Immutable Immutable Serializer
MongoDB.Lightweight.Embedded 1.0.1 .NET MONGO MONGODB EMBEDDED
MongoDB.Messaging MongoDB Messaging Pub Sub Queue
MongoDB.Messaging.NetCore 1.0.0
MongoDB.Messaging.SignalR MongoDB Messaging SignalR Change Notification
MongoDb.Repository 2015.08.15
MongoDB.SimpleRepository 1.0.0 MongoDB Repository .net core
MongoDBQueue 1.1.12 MongoDB message queue
MongoHelper 1.0.1
MongoIdentity mongodb identity
Mongolino 0.8.0 mongo nosql async
MongoLogger 1.0.5
MongoMembership 1.1.0 mongo membership providers role profile mvc
MongoPersistence 1.0.1
MongoRiver.NET 1.0.0 mongodb river oplog mongo mongoriver
MongoSessionStateStore 4.2.1 MongoDB Mongo ASP.NET Session State Store Distributed SessionState