MindFusion.Diagramming for WPF adds to applications the ability to create and present flowchart and process diagrams, workflow and data flow charts, database entity-relationship diagrams, organizational and classification charts, hierarchy and relationship diagrams, networks, graphs, trees, and more. The basic diagram elements - shapes, links, tables, and containers - can be grouped and attached to each other to form complex structures. The control provides many predefined shapes and the ability to define custom ones. The elements can display rich content, such as formatted text and images. The appearance can be customized through a flexible styling system, node effects, and many built-in themes. The control provides a comprehensive collection of automatic layout algorithms, including Spring-Embedder, Grid, Annealing, Circular, Orthogonal, Topological, Cascade, Triangular, Layered, FlowChart, Workflow, Hierarchical, and multiple Tree layouts.
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PM> Install-Package MindFusion.Diagramming.Wpf -Version 3.5.0

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