Provides support for accessing and modifying the Windows Registry. Commonly Used Types: Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey Microsoft.Win32.Registry Microsoft.Win32.RegistryValueKind Microsoft.Win32.RegistryHive Microsoft.Win32.RegistryView 8321c729934c0f8be754953439b88e6e1c120c24 When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Win32.Registry

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.Win32.Registry

PackageLatest VersionTags
BenchmarkDotNet.Core 0.10.9 benchmark benchmarking performance
Cake.Core 0.22.2 Cake Script Build
Devart.Data 5.0.1772 ADO.NET provider Database
Devart.Data.Linq 4.7.1317 ORM
Devart.Data.MySql 8.9.980 MySQL ADO.NET provider Database
Devart.Data.Oracle 9.4.348 Oracle ADO.NET provider Database
Devart.Data.PostgreSql 7.9.980 PostgreSQL ADO.NET provider Database
Devart.Data.SQLite 5.9.980 SQLite ADO.NET provider Database
Easy.Common 2.0.1 Easy Common
EnterpriseLibrary.Common.NetCore 6.0.1310 entlib entlib6 Enterprise Library common core LOB NetCore
FlubuCore 1.7.0 dotnet flubu build builder script buildscript automation VisualStudio
GitVersionCore-dotnet 1.0.0
IBM.Data.DB2.Core IBM .NET Core IBM Data Server Driver for .NET Core IBM IBM DB Data Informix ADO.NET Core
IBM.Data.DB2.Core-lnx IBM .NET Core IBM Data Server Driver for .NET Core IBM IBM DB Data Informix ADO.NET Core
Masuit.Tools.Core 1.0.0 Masuit.Tools
Meziantou.Framework.Win32.PerceivedType 1.0.0
Microsoft.AspNetCore.DataProtection 2.0.0 aspnetcore dataprotection
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Server.HttpSys 2.0.0 aspnetcore weblistener httpsys
Microsoft.PowerShell.NanoServer.NetCore.Library 1.0.0 PowerShell Core
Microsoft.VisualStudio.Web.BrowserLink.Loader 14.1.0
Microsoft.Win32.Registry.AccessControl 4.4.0
Minio.NetCore 1.0.2 minio cloud storage
NanoByte.Common 2.1.3
OdinSdk.BaseLib 1.2.0 sdk odinsoft library
OdinSdk.BaseLib.Core 2.0.0 sdk odinsoft library
Polygon.Connector.IQFeed 1.0.13
Quamotion.DiscUtils 1.0.3 DiscUtils VHD VDI XVA VMDK ISO NTFS EXT2FS
SerialPortStream 2.1.2
SerialPortStreamCore serial rs232 dotnetcore netstandard
SJP.ProcessRedux 1.0.0
System.Data.SqlClient 4.4.0
System.Diagnostics.Process 4.3.0
System.IO.Ports 4.4.0
TIKSN-Framework 2.1.0 Framework Versioning Finance Currency Money Foreign Exchange Telemetry Configuration Azure Storage MongoDB NoDB Rest Localization Dependency Injection
zdm.Aliyun.MNS 1.0.0 Aliyun.MNS