Microsoft Xml Document Transformation (XDT) enables transformig XML files. This is the same technology used to transform web.config files for Visual Studio web projects.
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Here are the packages that version 3.0.0 of Microsoft.Web.Xdt depends on.

No dependencies



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Web.Xdt

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.Web.Xdt

PackageLatest VersionTags
2GIS.NuClear.BuildTools 0.2.112 ERM
AceRoldanMicroHelpers.CacheIt 462.2017.1128.1404
AceRoldanMicroHelpers.MySqlBackup 460.2017.1114.312
AceRoldanMicroHelpers.WebFileManager 460.2017.1114.312
AppConfigTransform 1.0.0
AzureWebFarm.OctopusDeploy 2.0.0 azure iis web-farm octopusdeploy web-role scalable
Bam.Net.Automation 1.16.1 1.0.0
BddStyle.NUnit.Utilities 1.2.35
Bud 0.5.2
Cake.XmlConfigStructureBuilder 1.3.0 Configs-Generator
chandrutamil 1.0.0 applications app logging
chromypack 1.0.0 packaging NuGet ChromeDriver
CRMDocumentExtractor 1.2018.6.14 XrmToolBox Document Extractor Plugin
Dapplo.Addons.NuGet 1.2.4 dapplo autofac addons nuget
Dependency_Checker_Plugin Dynamics CRM xRM Dependency Checker
DependencyMap 1.0.3 nuget packages dependency visualiser
Dynamicweb.Admin 9.6.4 Dynamicweb 9 Core
Dynamicweb.Packaging 1.4.3 Dynamicweb 9 Platform Services Core
E01D.Coding.Nuget 1.2017.109.4 E01D
ec7a3e01-ff50-4724-adc3-456672e28890 1.0.0 Tag1 Tag2
EventCalendar.Umbraco 3.5.0 umbraco eventcalendar fullcalendar event recurring
fiskaltrust.service.launcher 1.1.17163.2207 fiskaltrust service
fiskaltrust.service.launcher.mono40 1.1.17313.3072 fiskaltrust service
Formulate.Binaries 2.4.2 umbraco forms
gowthami.test.nuget.package 1.0.0 Tag1 Tag2
IisExpressTestKit 0.6.0 iis unittest xunit
Kentico.Libraries 12.0.14 kentico api
MainBrain.Build 5.1.1 MainBrain MSBuild Build Tasks
MainBrain.Utils.Ninject 0.7.17 MainBrain Utils Ninject NuGet
Marazt.Commons.Xml 1.0.14270.1006
MMBot.Router.AzureServiceBusRelay 0.2 hubot mmbot petegoo chat robot bot service bus azure router
MMBot.Router.Relay 0.9.4 hubot mmbot petegoo chat robot bot nancy router
Moesif.Azure.Apps 1.1.8 AzureSiteExtension moesif restful rest graphql ethereum web3 json-rpc soap api log error insights debug logging net java node python php go golang ruby microsoft azure app
Mono.NuGet.Core 2.8.7 nuget
Moriyama.AzureSearch.Umbraco 1.0.1 umbraco umbraco7 developer backoffice
Nibble.Umbraco.PackageActions 1.1.0 umbraco
Ntara.Kentico-11.0.PackageBuilder 1.0.0 Kentico CMS Module Package CommandLine
NuApi 1.0.10
NuApi.Extensions.Mvc5 1.0.3
NuApi.Extensions.WebApi 1.0.3
Nuclei.Plugins.Core.NuGet 0.1.0
NuGet.Core 2.14.0 nuget
NuGet.PackageManagement 4.6.4 nuget
NuGet.ProjectManagement 4.2.0
NuGet.Server 3.2.0
NuGet.Server.Core 3.2.0
NuGet.Server.V2 3.2.0
NuGet4Mono 0.3.0
NuGetPackageExplorer.Types 4.5.26
NuGetService 1.0.0
OBeautifulCode.Naos.Packaging.NuGet 1.0.3
Orc.NuGetExplorer 3.1.3 orc nuget explorer packages nupkg nuspec
Org.Kevoree.Nuget.Loader 5.4.1 Kevoree Nuget Loader
PA.Utilities.InnoSetupTask 6.1.0
Photon.Config 0.0.5 photon net automation appconfig webconfig config transform xdt
Photon.NuGet.Core 0.0.3 photon net automation nuget
RegionOrebroLan.Transforming 1.0.0 directory-transform file-transform jdt json json-transform package package-transform transformation transforms xdt xml xml-transform zipfile-transform
Remy.Core 1.0.7006 remy configuration yaml
Rhetos 2.11.0 Rhetos
Rube.Configuration 0.0.7
ScriptCs.Shovel 0.1.0 scriptcs shovel build script automation task csx c#
Signature.Core Nuget Signing
Sitecore.Strategy.Package 1.0.1
SlowCheetah.Xdt 1.1.1 XDT web.config transform xml web.config SlowCheetah Slow Cheetah Visual Studio
SparkyTestHelpers.Xml 1.0.1 xml app.config web.config xml.config test testing unittests
SS.CMS 6.9.0 SiteServer CMS
Terradue.Authentication.Umsso 1.2.14
Terradue.Metadata.EarthObservation 1.5.8
Terradue.MetadataExtractor 1.2.18
Terradue.News 1.4.0
Terradue.OpenSearch.DataAnalyzer 1.3.6789
Terradue.OpenSearch.GeoJson 1.3.21
Terradue.OpenSearch.Kml 1.2.6003
Terradue.OpenSearch.RdfEO 1.4.2
Terradue.OpenSearch.SciHub 1.7.4
Terradue.OpenSearch.Usgs 1.1.3
Terradue.Portal 2.7.54
Terradue.ServiceModel.Ogc.OwsContext 1.1.2
Terradue.ServiceModel.Syndication 1.0.4
Terradue.Tep 1.2.55
Terradue.WebService.Model 1.1.26
TransformXDT 1.0.0 XDT Transformation XML ConfigTransformation
tssi.desktop.text 1.0.4 text demo
uIntra 1.2.0 Uintra Umbraco Intranet Extranet Social Forum Wiki Portal
UMP 1.0.0 Tag1 Tag2
VsSharp 1.3.2 VisualStudio Extensions Add-in VSIX
Zapp 2.2.7 zapp windows process orchestrator zip packages fuse