Provides default infrastructure types for hosting and running OWIN-based applications.
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Here are the packages that version 4.0.0 of Microsoft.Owin.Hosting depends on.

Platibus.Owin : (6.0.0) Microsoft.Owin : (4.0.0)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Owin.Hosting

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.Owin.Hosting

PackageLatest VersionTags
Ajax.Gateway.Host DEPRECIATED - Do Not Use
AjaxGateway.Net.Owin DEPRECIATED - Do Not Use
AjaxGateway.Owin DEPRECIATED - Do Not Use
Amba.Report 1.0.0 Microservice Spreadsheet OpenXml Report Excel OWIN Katana WebApi
Aqovia.PactProducerVerifier 1.0.40 Testing Pact
Basis.Server 0.0.13 event-sourcing cqrs event-store ddd domain-driven-design
browsy.example 1.0.0 browsy server example
Calabonga.Owin.Application.Spa 1.1.1 calabonga web api spa durandal owin single page application javascript requiredjs
Coddee.SignalR 1.1.3
Cogito.ServiceFabric.Http 1.1.0
Cronix.Web 0.3.2 cronix ui cron ncron ncrontab scheduler service
Cronus.Api 0.1.1
Dapplo.Owin 0.1.73 Owin
Dapplo.SignalR 0.1.73 Owin SignalR
DD.ApiProxy.ServiceHost 1.0.28
Diary 1.0.0 Dear Diary Logging
docfx 2.33.2
DotQueue.HostLib 1.0.7
EmbedIO.OWIN 1.0.1 owin embedio integration
Endjin.Composition.Owin 3.0.0
Eowin.AzureServiceBusRelay.Server ASP.NET Web API OWIN Azure Service Bus
Exira.SimpleHttpServer 1.0.6 owin http server f#
FCP.Web.OwinHost 1.0.3
Folke.Wa 0.1.5721.27831 owin web api
FsPlot 0.6.6 F# HTML5 Data Visualization Chart JavaScript
HELOS.Web.Security 1.0.0 HELOS Security Framework nuget package
Hystrix.NET.Dashboard 1.0.3
IctBaden.Stonehenge2 2.2.8 .NET Framework HTML Owin Katana Aurelia Angular
IntegrationEngine 2.0.2 Integration Scheduling Server RabbitMQ Elasticsearch Quartz.NET
JetBrains.Psi.Features.UnitTesting 111.0.20171226.73500
Joq queue jobs signalr
JRPC.Service.Host.Owin 2.0.4
Kingdom.AspNet.WebApi.Castle.Windsor 1.5.0 Castle Windsor ASP.NET Web API bootstrap
Kleu.Utility.Web 1.0.6490.5135 kleu utility web owin webapi aspnet signalr autofac automapper
MessageVault.Server 3.0.1
MicroServiceFabric.Bootstrap.StatelessServices.Owin 1.3.311.6 Service Fabric Bootstrap IoC DI depedency injection Stateless Owin OwinCommunicationListener SimpleInjector Modules container
Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.OwinSelfHost 5.2.4 Microsoft AspNet WebApi AspNetWebApi OWIN
Microsoft.Owin.Hosting.cs 4.0.0 Microsoft OWIN Katana 4.0.0 Microsoft OWIN Katana 4.0.0 Microsoft OWIN Katana 4.0.0 Microsoft OWIN Katana 4.0.0 Microsoft OWIN Katana
Microsoft.Owin.Hosting.ja 4.0.0 Microsoft OWIN Katana
Microsoft.Owin.Hosting.ko 4.0.0 Microsoft OWIN Katana 4.0.0 Microsoft OWIN Katana 4.0.0 Microsoft OWIN Katana 4.0.0 Microsoft OWIN Katana 4.0.0 Microsoft OWIN Katana
Microsoft.Owin.Hosting.zh-Hans 4.0.0 Microsoft OWIN Katana
Microsoft.Owin.Hosting.zh-Hant 4.0.0 Microsoft OWIN Katana
Microsoft.Owin.SelfHost 4.0.0 Microsoft OWIN Katana
Microsoft.Owin.Testing 4.0.0 Microsoft OWIN Katana
Microsoft.SystemForCrossDomainIdentityManagement Microsoft Microsoft Azure Active Directory _Origin: _Repository:E:\bt\823690\repo _Head:master _Project:Microsoft.SystemForCrossDomainIdentityManagement.nuproj _ProjectDirectoryPath:\Package _AssemblyName: _OutputType: _User:corecet
MMBot.Router.Nancy hubot mmbot petegoo chat robot bot nancy router
MMBot.Router.Relay 0.9.4 hubot mmbot petegoo chat robot bot nancy router
nCode.Core 1.1.9
NerdsInn.Messaging 1.1.1 SMS Android GSM textmessaging
NFinal2.Host 1.0.3 NFinal2 MVC Owin NetCore NetStandard
NSuperTest 0.1.22
OrleansHttp 1.4.1 orleans http api rest
Owin.SelfHost.Runner 1.0.7 Owin SelfHost
OwinHostForHeroku OWIN Heroku
OwinLoggingDashboard 0.3.0
Platron.Client.TestKit 1.2.1 API client Platron TestKit
ProzantiumUtilityCommServer 1.0.2
Psibr.Platform.Nancy.Service 3.0.3 web logging auth authentication configuration json nancy
R.Scheduler 1.2.15 Scheduler R Scheduler Quartz Quartz net R.Scheduler Quartz Scheduler RScheduler Scheduling
ReadyApi.Host api basic requirements
Rebus.Owin 3.0.0 rebus configuration config http owin rest api
RelaxCoder.WebBrowserSignalR WebBrowser SignalR
RS.Files 1.34.0
RS.SAAS.Documents 1.2.0
Scar.Common.WebApi 1.0.22
Serenity web framework specification fubumvc
ServiceFabricContrib.OwinCommunicationListener 1.0.1 servicefabric owin
SFA.DAS.ApiSubstitute.WebAPI 1.1.7
Shows 1.0.0
SlimBroker.SignalR 0.2 Service Bus Message Broker SignalR
Spritely.Foundations.WebApi 0.14.5 Spritely OWIN WebApi project foundation
Supwin.ServiceFramework.BaseServices 1.0.3
Syn.Bot.Channels 1.0.8
SystemDot.MessageRouteInspector.Server 1.3.0 Messaging Route Inspection
TddBuddy.CleanArchitecture.TestUtils.DotNet 1.2.1 CleanArchitecture
Televic.Mycro 1.0.4 framework micro services ddd
TheField.MVC.Common 1.0.18 MVC EntityFramework FluentApi Repository IoC
ThinkingHome.Plugins.Listener 3.0.2
Topshelf.Owin 1.4.39 Topshelf Owin
Unity.SelfHostWebApiOwin 1.0.15 .NET ASP.NET Web Api Enterprise Library Unity WebApi
v3-test 1.0.3