ADAL.NET enables you to acquire a security token to access protected Web APIs, for instance Microsoft Graph or your own Web API. ADAL.NET is a .NET Standard class library which you can consume on various .NET client platforms (including Windows desktop, UWP, Windows 8.1, Xamarin iOS and Xamarin Android) but also you Web applications and Web APIs (ASP.NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core) that call other Web APIs in the name of a user, or without a user. ADAL.NET takes advantage of Windows Server Active Directory and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).
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Here are the packages that version 3.19.8 of Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory depends on.

NETStandard.Library : (1.6.0) System.Runtime.Serialization.Json : (4.3.0) System.Runtime.Serialization.Primitives : (4.3.0)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory -Version 3.19.8

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory

PackageLatest VersionTags
2ndCLibraries.ODataLibraries 2ndC OData CRM Microsoft Graph
AADTokenGen 1.0.1
AccessControls_TestAsl 1.0.0 Test
AccessControls_TestAsl1 3.0.0 Test
AccidentalFish.ApplicationSupport.Azure 6.0.0 azure paas application framework table sql queue deployment configuration
ActiveLogin.Authentication.BankId.AspNetCore.Azure 1.0.0 azure bankid swedish sweden aspnetcore authentication
ADFCustomActivityRunner ADF Azure Data Factory DotNetActivity Custom Activities
ADFSecurePublish ADF Secure Publish Azure Data Factory
Adoxio.Dynamics.Connect 0.4.1 dynamics365 crm
AdvanceFramework1 20171023.1.0 .NET Business Application Development
Aliencube.AdalWrapper Aliencube ADAL Azure AD AAD Identity Authentication .NET
AppFx.ALM.MsBuild MSBuild
AppFx.ALM.MsBuild.ServiceBus MSBuild ServiceBus
AppFx.BZ.Adapter.Behaviours.AzureAD BizTalk WCF AzureAD
AppFx.BZ.Adapter.Behaviours.AzureAD-BizTalk2016 2016.0.0.340 BizTalk WCF AzureAD
Ark.Tools.AspNetCore.BasicAuthAzureActiveDirectoryProxy 1.2.7 Ark C# .NET Framework AspNetCore AzureAd AzureActiveDirectory
Ark.Tools.FtpClient.FtpProxy 1.0.11 Ark C# .NET Framework Ftp FtpClient
AspNetCore.HealthChecks.AzureKeyVault 2.2.2 HealthCheck Azure Key Vault Secrets
AspNetCore.Security.Jwt 1.6.0 AspNetCore.Security.Jwt JWT Bearer Token Security Swagger UI Facebook integration ASP .NET Core 2.0+ Azure Active Directory Google Twitter authentication app web api
Audit.NET.AzureStorage 14.1.0 Audit Trail Log Azure Blob BlobStorage
AXtension.ContentGate.Client 1.1901.1 AXtension ContentGate Client
AzStudioBusinessObjects AzStudio Azure .NET C#
AzStudioCommon AzStudio Azure .NET C#
AzStudioVisualCommon AzStudio Azure .NET C#
AzStudioVisualizationCommon AzStudio Azure .NET C#
Azure.ActiveDirectory 0.1.5197.40350 Azure Authentication Authorisation Roles RBAC ActiveDirectory
AzureActiveDirectorySearcher 1.0.0 Azure ActiveDirectory AzureAD GraphAPI
AzureAD-Reporting-Api 1.1.3 0.0.1 key-vault key vault azure-key-vault azure sdk shanmu
AzureKeyVaultHelperMMSC Azure Key Vault Helper
BatchProcessor.Azure.ServiceBusQueue.WorkQueue 1.1.0
BGuidinger.Xrm.Sdk.Management 1.0.0 Dynamics CRM 365 Dynamics365 D365 Management API
BHSAxter.KeyVault.Service 1.0.4 azure keyvault
BI.DataLake.Storage 1.6.0
Bunzl.ECommerce.KeyManagement 1.0.0
Bupa.Api.Common.AspNetCore 1.1.1 Azure AspNetCore Publisher Subscriber
CarCake.TfsSupport 6.5.0 CarCake
CDB.Ambulance 1.0.3
Chorus.LinqToXrm.Async 1.1.53 FetchXml linq CDS XRM Dynamics 365 Dynamics CRM web api odata
Chorus.LinqToXrm.Client 1.1.53 FetchXml linq CDS XRM Dynamics 365 Dynamics CRM
Chronological 1.0.134 Azure Time Series Insights
ClassLibraryCRMSDK Tag1 Tag2
Clix.TCMX 2.2.4 QA TCM
CodeHollow.AzureBillingApi azure billing billingapi windowsazure microsoftazure managementapi azuremanagementapi
codingfreaks.libs.cfUtils.cfAzureUtils 1.0.36 codingfreaks Azure .NET C# Storage Queue
CosmosInsight.Core.Azure Azure
CRMDocumentExtractor 1.2018.6.14 XrmToolBox Document Extractor Plugin
CRMSvcUtilExtensions 3.0.0 Dynamics CRM XRM CRMSvcUtil
Dependency_Checker_Plugin Dynamics CRM xRM Dependency Checker
DocWorks.Common 1.7.1
Dow.Core.Library.Azure 2.1.0 Dow Library Azure
Durwella.VolumeData.Azure 0.4.1
Dwf.Pluma.AADGraphApiManager 1.1.5969.21172
Dynamics365Library 1.0.1 Dynamics CRM Dynamics CRM Core Dynamics 365 core Dynamics 365 SDK
Dyrix 2.0.5 crm dynamics 365
EasyAzureKeyVault azure keyvault
Enferno.Public.Azure.Management 0.5.0 Enferno Public Azure Management
ESX.ServiceBusUtility 1.0.1 ServiceBus
FlakEssentials.Tfs 2017.831.65 FlakEssentials TFS
FlightBridge.Api.Client 4.2.2
ForEvolve.Azure 1.0.0 forevolve azure storage table blob queue key vault aspnetcore core aspnet asp
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity101.PowerBI 17.3.86 Telligent utility
FunctionAppCommon 1.0.0
gbrueckl.PowerBI.API 1.1.0 PowerBI REST API Microsoft Wrapper
GetSecrets 1.0.0
Granite 0.7.3
Hafslund.Configuration 0.3.2
HandsOnLabs.Service.Api.Client 1.0.10
Hexiron.Azure.ActiveDirectory 4.0.4 Oauth2 Azure Active directory B2C Graph Api
hms.Common.Azure.AADGraphHandler Azure Azure Active Directory Graph Graph Client Directory
Http.Authentication 1.0.3
Intergen.Integration.WebApi.Client 1.0.1
I-Synergy.Framework.Backend 2019.1048.1 I-Synergy Backend Framework
iTEAMConsulting.O365 0.2.11
JosephGuadagno.AzureHelpers Azure Table Storage Blob Queue
JourneyTeam.Xrm.Test 1.0.25 XRM CRM DYNAMICS
JsonWebToken.KeyVault 0.3.1 jwt OAuth2
KC.Foundation.Secret 4.8.1
KeyVaultTest 2.0.0
Kohde 1.0.1
Kraken.SharePoint.Apps 0.1.8 SharePoint App Addin Add-in Client CSOM Office365 OfficeDevPnp
KuboEstudio.AzureStorage 1.0.2 Azure Storage StorageAccount Storage Account Queues Tables
LanguageGenerationSDK 1.0.8
LegaOne.GetVaultSecrets 0.9.3 letsencrypt ssl https
Levridge.AuthenticationUtility 1.0.2
LINQPadHelpers.AzureRm 1.1.4
LogicAppTemplate Azure LogicApps ARM
LogicAppUnitTestManager.TestFramework 1.0.2 AzureLogicApps
Lucas.Solutions-Core.Infrastructure Core API OAuth Authentication Authorization Loggly Infrastructure
MacroView.VSTO.AzureStorage 2.21.2 VSTO Microsoft Office Azure
MarcTron.ADAL 1.0.5 ADAL Xamarin Forms Xamarin Android Droid iOS net standard UWP Active Directory Authentication Library Directory Azure AD AAD Identity Authentication .NET
MarkdownScanner.BinaryTools 1.0.447
Microsoft.Alm.Authentication 4.3.0 Git VSTS Visual Studio Team Services TFS GitHub Active Directory NTLM Basic Authentication Library ADAL Azure AD AAD Identity .NET Windows