Logging infrastructure default implementation for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Extensions.Logging

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.Extensions.Logging

PackageLatest VersionTags
agent-core 0.2.1
AgileLabs.MessageQueue.RabbitMQ 1.0.3
AIWolfServer 1.1.0
Albelli.Extensions.Configuration.AmazonEC2ParameterStore 1.0.0
AmanahServiceDiscovery 1.0.1
Amazon.Lambda.Logging.AspNetCore 2.0.0 AWS Amazon Lambda Logging
Amockibia 2.0.0 http test stub mock spy rest restful api
Annytab.Doxservr.Client 1.0.3 ASP.NET .NET Core C# Doxservr Api Client
Annytab.Fortnox.Client 1.0.3 ASP.NET .NET Core C# Fortnox Api Client
apache.log4net.Extensions.Logging logging log4net
AppBrix.Web.Server 0.10.0 AppBrix Module Web Server
AppVeyorClient 0.1.3
Aquirrel.Logger.File 2.2.0 log file log
Archon.Rollbar 1.1.0 error exception tracking reporting log analysis monitoring aggregation crash aspnetcore logging
ArrayOfBytes.BirdBranch 1.0.1 dotnetcore logging twitter
AspNet.Metrics 1.0.0 mvc measurements charts timer histogram graphite influxdb health checks metrics
AspNet.Plus.Logging.ReflectInsight 1.1.0 ASP.NET Core Logging ReflectSoftware ReflectInsight WebAPI Mvc
AspNetCoreExt.AppInitialization 1.0.1 core warmup app initialization
AutoProcMiddleware 1.0.3 dotnetcore aspnetcore midleware automatic dynamic api endpoint database easy
Autumn.Mvc.Data 1.0.0 Rsql Querydsl API WOA architecture REST Repository
Backend.Fx.NLogLogging 2.0.0
Bara 1.1.0
BaristaLabs.ChromeDevTools.Runtime 64.0.3282.119 ChromeDevTools .Net Core
BaseCodePackage 1.3.0
Baza.Infrastructure.Logging.EnterpriseLibrary 1.5.0 Logging LAB
Best.EntLib.Log 5.0.14 EntLib Log
BetterConfigClient 1.0.4 betterconfig config configuration remoteconfiguration betterconfigclient
bgTeam.Infrastructure 1.0.40
BlackStar.Localization 1.0.0
BotLib.Core 1.0.0
Buildalyzer 0.2.3
Bzoxo.WebAppCore.ServiceInterface 1.0.3 Bzoxo
CacheManager.Microsoft.Extensions.Logging 1.1.2 Caching Cache CacheManager Distributed Cache StackExchange Redis Azure AppFabric Memcached
Cachify.MemoryCache 1.0.0 caching
Cactus.Fileserver.AspNetCore 2.2.0
CardGames.BeggarMyNeighbour 1.0.0 CardGames BeggarMyNeighbour
Cars 2.1.2 CQRS EventSource EventSourcing
CassandraCSharpDriver cassandra apache datastax driver client database nosql dotnet netcore db
CassandraCSharpDriver_IWLT cassandra apache datastax driver client database nosql dotnet netcore db
Castle.LoggingFacility.MsLogging 3.1.0 Castle Logging Extensions
CGM.Communication 2.0.0
CGM.NET 1.0.1
ChaosCore.BusinessLib 1.0.1
chargeio-net 1.1.0 affinipay lawpay chargeio
Chopin.Pooling 1.0.2 Chopin.Pooling
Chronicle.DotNetCore 0.0.1 chronicle logging dotnetcore
Cimpress.Auth0.Client 1.0.47 Auth0 OAuth identity OpenAuth
Cimpress.Auth0.Server 1.0.47 Auth0 OAuth identity OpenAuth
Cimpress.Extensions.Http 2.0.94 HttpClient REST Networking HTTP
Citolab.EventStore.Mongo 2018.1.29.1
Citolab.Repository 2018.2.1.1
CloudDotNet 0.1.0
cloudscribe.FileManager.CoreIntegration 2.0.8 cloudscribe filemanager
cloudscribe.Web.SiteMap 2.0.1 cloudscribe mvc6 sitemap
Codestellation.AspNetCore.Logging 0.1.5
codetimer 0.0.45
Colorful.Cache 1.0.2
Com.Absolute.PS.Library.FileLogging 1.0.2
ComponentSpace.Saml2 2.0.3 ComponentSpace SAML SSO aspnetcore authentication middleware
Concept.Service.AspNetCore.Abstractions 0.0.3
Concept.Service.MicrosoftExtensions 0.0.3
CondenserDotNet.Core 3.0.8
CondenserDotNet.Server 3.0.8
Confifu.Logging.Microsoft 1.0.0
ContosoBooks 1.0.0
CoreCover 0.1.9 test-coverage code-coverage dotnet-core dotnet-cover coverage cover
CoreCover.Framework 0.1.9 test-coverage code-coverage dotnet-core dotnet-cover coverage cover
CoreCover.Instrumentation 0.1.9 test-coverage code-coverage dotnet-core dotnet-cover coverage cover
CoreFn 1.0.0
CoreHelpers.Azure.Worker 1.1.10 dotnet-core dotnet azure azure-storage azure-table-storage azure-app-service workers
CoreNetLib 1.0.4 tcpserver tcpclient
coreprofiler 1.1.2 coreclr profiling .netcore coreprofiler miniprofiler nanoprofiler performance timing profiler
Cortside.Common.BootStrap 1.0.5
Cortside.Common.Configuration 1.0.5
Cortside.Common.DomainEvent 1.0.5
Cortside.Common.Web.Mvc 1.0.5
Cortside.Common.Web.Security 1.0.5
Couchbase.Extensions.DnsDiscovery 2.0.0 Couchbase netcore dns microservices
CouchbaseNetClient 2.5.5 Couchbase nosql JSON database
CreativeMinds.CQS CQS
Criteo.Profiling.Tracing.Middleware 0.3.1 Zipkin Tracer Tracing Criteo core
cs-algorithms 1.0.1 algorithms, graph-processing, string-processing, data-structure
CurlThin 0.0.5 curl libcurl http
D2L.LaunchDarkly.Client 3.5.0
D2L.LaunchDarkly.EventSource 2.2.1
Dacs7 1.4.2 siemens plc S7 PC-S7-Connection TCP/IP-S7 communication .netcore Automation HMI C# VB.Net RFC-1006 IsoOnTcp-S7 SIMATIC
Daenet.Common.Logging.EventHub 1.0.1
Daenet.Common.Logging.Sql 1.0.5 ilogger asp-net-core net-core core sql
DarkXaHTeP.CommandLine 1.0.1 commandline cmd console consoleapp parse commandlineutils configuration logging di hosting
Dartware.Framework 1.0.0 dartware framework web core cross platform
de.kuerschner.kestrel.mysql 1.0.10 dotnetcore mysql kuerschner.kestrel utilities database
de.kuerschner.kestrel.pluginbase 1.0.9 plugin dotnetcore kestrel kuerschner.kestrel extendable webserver server
de.kuerschner.kestrel.telegrambotbase 1.0.7 dotnetcore telegram bot kuerschner.kestrel extension
Destiny2.Auth 1.0.0
Detached.EntityFramework 1.1.2 entity framework ef core detached graphdiff graph-diff graph diff ddd many to many-to-many audit rest webapi mvc data
Devlord.Utilities 5.0.123 utils utilities email distance-matrix micro-orm logging encryption
DigitalTax.Model 0.0.1
Distributed.Common 1.3.1 distributed, microservices, framework
Dkbe.CaptivePortal.MockServer 0.2.0 MockServer CaptivePortal External Authentication SonicWALL SonicOS