The HttpClient factory is a pattern for configuring and retrieving named HttpClients in a composable way. The HttpClient factory provides extensibility to plug in DelegatingHandlers that address cross-cutting concerns such as service location, load balancing, and reliability. The default HttpClient factory provides built-in diagnostics and logging and manages the lifetimes of connections in a performant way. Commonly used types: System.Net.Http.IHttpClientFactory This package was built from the source code at
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Extensions.Http

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.Extensions.Http

PackageLatest VersionTags
Achehre.FluentlyHttpClient 2.1.4 httpclient fluentapi fluenthttp graphql graphqlclient
ActiveLogin.Authentication.BankId.AspNetCore 1.0.0 bankid swedish sweden aspnetcore authentication netstandard
ActiveLogin.Authentication.GrandId.AspNetCore 1.0.0 grandid bankid swedish sweden aspnetcore authentication netstandard
Ags.ResourceProxy.Core 1.0.17 ArcGIS Server Proxy ArcGIS Resource Proxy
Aguacongas.Firebase.Authentication 2.2.1 identity firebase
aliyun.sdk.oss 0.3.3 Aliyun
APIBlox.NetCore 1.0.100 dynamic-controllers controller netcore2 api-rest cqrs aspnetcore asp-net-core dependency-injection inversion-of-control ioc ioc-container
ApiGateway.Client 0.5.1 Api Gateway
AppBrix.Web.Client 0.13.0 AppBrix Module Web Client
Armut.Iterable.Client.Extension 0.6.2 iterable iterablecom dotnet dotnet core client library extension
AspNetCore.AutoHealthCheck 1.3.1 AspNetCore AspNet Testing Api Rest HealthCheck
AspNetCore.AutoHealthCheck.Abstractions 1.3.1 AspNetCore AspNet Testing Api Rest HealthCheck
AspNetCore.Client 0.15.2
AspNetCore.Extensions Extensions logger .Net Core aspnetcore core aspnet
AspNetCore.HealthChecks.Consul 2.2.1 HealthCheck Consul
AspNetCore.HealthChecks.OpenIdConnectServer 2.2.2 HealthCheck IdentityServer IdSvr OpenId OpenIdConnect
AspNetCore.HealthChecks.UI 2.2.15 HealthCheck UI
AspNetCore.HealthChecks.Uris 2.2.2 HealthCheck Health Uri Url Uris Urls
AspNetCore.HttpRequest 1.0.0 HttpClient Http API Request Core AspNetCore
AspNetCore.NonInteractiveOidcHandlers 1.0.0 OpenID OIDC HttpClient
AspNetCore.Security.Auth0 1.0.0 AspNetCore.Security.Auth0 AspNetCore Security Auth0 Jwt token
AutoProxy.AspNetCore 2.0.0
BalikoBotSharp 1.0.5 BalikoBot
Be.Vlaanderen.Basisregisters.ProjectionHandling.Syndication 1.3.0
Binateq.JsonRestClient 1.5.0 REST JSON HttpClient
Bucket.Config 1.2.1
Bucket.ErrorCode 1.2.1
Camunda.Worker 0.2.1 camunda worker external
Chaunce.Hangfire.Client 1.0.0 hangfire Timer 定时服务
CNB.Exchange 1.0.1 CNB Exchange Rates Czech
Communicate.Archeo 0.4.0
ConsulConfigurationBuilder 1.0.0
contentful.aspnetcore 3.6.1 contentful CMS aspnetcore
Corporate.HttpAggregateProvider 1.0.8
Cuiliang.AliyunOssSdk 0.3.2 Aliyun
CyberBizSoft.Casual.Microservices.ApiGateway 2.2.2
CyberBizSoft.Casual.Microservices.Platform 2.2.2
DalSoft.RestClient 3.3.2 Rest Client RestClient REST Client JSON Dynamic WebApi HttpClient Core iOS Android UWP
Dangl.Icons.Client 0.2.1
Dangl.RestClient 1.3.0
DigitPushService.Client 1.0.1 Digit PushService client
DotXxlJob.Core 1.0.0 Hession xxl-job DotXxlJob
dreamwork.core 0.1.0
DShop.Common_ 2.0.2 DShop.Common_
Dyrix 2.0.5 crm dynamics 365
EdjCase.JsonRpc.Client 3.0.2 JsonRpc Rpc Json-Rpc .Net Core
EInfrastructure.Core.AspNetCore ECommon Mvc
EInfrastructure.Core.AspNetCore.AutoConfig 1.2.2 AutoConfig
EInfrastructure.Core.Web 1.1.9
Es.Framework.HttpClientExtensions 0.0.17
Essensoft.AspNetCore.Payment.Alipay 2.3.2 Essensoft AspNetCore Payment Alipay 支付宝
Essensoft.AspNetCore.Payment.JdPay 2.3.2 Essensoft AspNetCore Payment JDPay 京东支付
Essensoft.AspNetCore.Payment.LianLianPay 2.3.2 Essensoft AspNetCore Payment LianLianPay 连连支付
Essensoft.AspNetCore.Payment.QPay 2.3.2 Essensoft AspNetCore Payment QPay QQ钱包
Essensoft.AspNetCore.Payment.UnionPay 2.3.2 Essensoft AspNetCore Payment UnionPay 银联支付
Essensoft.AspNetCore.Payment.WeChatPay 2.3.2 Essensoft AspNetCore Payment WeChatPay 微信支付
EthNet.Core 0.2.13
Fast.Untility.Core 1.1.1
Fen.Client 6.3.0 fulfiller enablement fen conventions httpclient
Fen.Coam 2.1.2 fulfiller enablement fen conventions coam aspnetcore deprecated
FluentlyHttpClient 2.1.2 httpclient fluentapi fluenthttp graphql graphqlclient
FluentRest.Factory HTTP HttpClient REST Fluent
flyfire.DDNS 1.0.0
Foundation.Sdk 0.0.12 microservice sdk fdns dotnet dotnetcore csharp cdc
Galago.Logging 1.1.0
GeneGenie.Geocoder 1.0.6 geocoder geocoding bing google neocoder genegenie gene genie
Glodon.IM.DynamicAllocation 1.0.0
Groomgy.HealthChecks.AspNetCore 0.4.1
GSS.Authorization.OAuth2.HttpClient 1.3.0 OAuth OAuth2 HttpClient HttpHandler
Helsi.EmailService.Client 1.1.0
HotChocolate.Stitching 0.7.0 GraphQL ChilliCream
HttpClientLab.Core 0.1.1 HttpClient HttpClientFactory AspNetCore
InvoiceXpress.ApiClient.AspNetCore 0.1.5 REST client RestClient json netcore core netstandard aspnet-core
IPAddressService.DynamicAllocation.Assist 1.0.3
Istio.Tracing.Propagation.AspNetCore 1.0.0 istio tracing propagation headers b3 trace telemetry http aspnet core aspnetcore
Konfigraf 0.0.2 configuration konfigraf
KrakenCoreClient 1.0.0
KShared.Authentication 1.0.2
Kugar.Core.NetCore 1.2.60
Lasmera.OpenApi 0.2.0
Legend.Wechat 微信公众号 微信支付
LexLibrary.Google.reCAPTCHA 1.0.1
LexLibrary.Line.NotifyBot 1.0.4
Lib.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.WebPush 1.0.0 azure webjobs azurefunctions webpush
Lob.Net 0.1.3 mail snailmail lob postage letter postcard check
Longbow.Cache 2.2.3
Lykke.Quintessence.RpcClient 1.2.2
Lykke.SettingsReader 5.0.0
MaxKagamine.Moq.HttpClient 1.1.0 moq http httpclient mock mocking test testing
MBW.Http.AutoProxy.Cloudflare 0.9.2
Meadow.Core 0.3.225 meadow solidity ethereum truffle ganache
Meceqs.HttpSender 0.8.0
Meerkat.Security.Hmac 3.1.1 AspNet WebApi AspNetWebApi HMAC Security
MhLabs.AwsSignedHttpClient 4.2.0
MicroElements.FluentProxy 0.7.1 aspnetcore proxy http mock wiremock http cache httpcache tracing
Microsoft.AspNetCore.All 2.2.2 aspnetcore
Microsoft.AspNetCore.App 2.2.2 aspnetcore
Microsoft.Azure.IIoT.Core 1.0.1 Industrial Manufacturing Azure IoT IIoT .NET
Microsoft.Extensions.Http.Polly 2.2.0 aspnetcore httpclient
Mindgaze.AspNetCore 1.2.0