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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyModel

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyModel

PackageLatest VersionTags
Acb.Core 1.6.1
AgileLabs 1.0.2
Aguacongas.AspNetCore.Authentication 1.0.0 aspnetcore authentication security
AI4E.Utils.ApplicationParts 0.1.0 ApplicationParts .Net Core
Akka.DI.Core 1.3.12 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency dependency injection
AndyC.Patterns 0.1.0
AntServiceStack.Core 2.4.6
AntSoa 2.7.5
AntSoa.Client 2.7.5
AntSoa.Common 2.7.5
AopCaching.Core 0.1.3 Cache Caching InMemory Redis AOP Aspect Autofac DependencyInjection
APIBlox.NetCore 1.0.118 dynamic-controllers controller netcore2 api-rest cqrs aspnetcore asp-net-core dependency-injection inversion-of-control ioc ioc-container event-sourcing
App.Metrics.Health.Extensions.DependencyInjection 3.0.0 appmetrics health dependencyinjection
aqua-core 4.5.1 type-info dynamic-object expando-object object-mapping object-mapper
Asd.AspNet 1.0.0
AspNetCore.ApplicationBlocks 1.0.2
AspNetCore.Mvc.Fragments 0.0.4 mvc core fragment
AspNetCore.PluginManager 1.6.0 net core plugin manager middleware api di dependency injection
AspNetCore.Proxy 2.0.0
Aspose.Pdf 19.3.0 Aspose.Pdf PDF XFA XPS TIFF PCL SVG HTML XML XSL-FO FDF XFDF PDF/A form Portfolio EPUB PSD to XLS PDF-to-DOC
Avro 1.0.0
AZ.Dapper.LambdaExtension 1.2.6 dapper lambda
AztecaSoftware.Framework3.Web 3.4.73 AztecaSoftware Kernel Framework3
Bailun.AspnetCore.Utility 1.0.4
Best.Avro Best Avro
Botwin 3.5.0 core nancy .net core routing botwin
Buildalyzer 2.2.0
Bupa.Api.Common.AspNetCore 1.1.1 Azure AspNetCore Publisher Subscriber
Cake.Core 0.32.1 Cake Script Build
Carter 4.1.0 core nancy .net core routing carter
Castle.Windsor 5.0.0 castle windsor inversionOfControl DependencyInjection
ChainingAssertion.Bin test unittest mstest
Citms.Common.Core 1.5.5 微服务 Autofac AutoMapper HttpClient ServiceDiscovery
Citolab.Repository 2018.12.7.1
CKSetup.Runner 6.0.0
Clif 0.2.0
CodeGeneration.Roslyn.Engine 0.5.13
Cogito.Core 3.0.0 cogito
Coherence.NET 1.0.1
Com.Absolute.PS.DomainDrivenDesign 2.0.24 2.0.24
Com.Absolute.PS.DomainDrivenDesignNet451 2.0.24 2.0.24
CommandLine.Core.Hosting 1.1.0
CoreExtensions.Assembly 1.0.0
CoreHook.CoreLoad 1.0.0
CoreHook.DependencyModel 1.0.0
CoreRpc.AspNetCore 0.4.4
CoreUtilities.Assembly 1.0.0
CQELight.Tools 0.9.0 tools extensions
CqrsSpirit cqrs cqs data command query
Cratis.Assemblies 1.0.3
Crest.Host 0.2.2
Crest.OpenApi.Generator 0.2.2
Crosser.Common 0.0.6 Crosser realtime utilities
CS-Script.Core 1.0.6 C# scripting script dynamic .NET. .NET Core
Dashing.Cli 2.1.3 dashing dapper orm sql mini-orm
DataPipe.Core 0.0.1 datapipe data
DDDCore 1.3.24
DIAttributeRegistrar 1.0.0 aspnet aspnetcore dependency-injection dependency injection attribute registration
Distancify.LitiumAddOns.OData 0.3.6 litium-addons
Distributed.Common 1.3.1 distributed, microservices, framework
DocXCore 1.0.4 Word DocX
DocXDotNetCore 1.0.2
doLittle.Assemblies 2.6.0 MVVM SOLID CQRS LOB
Dolittle.Interaction.WebAssembly.Packager 2.1.0 MVVM SOLID CQRS LOB
Dolittle.SDK.Build 2.1.8 MVVM SOLID CQRS LOB
DotEasy.Rpc 1.0.1
DotEntity 1.1.0 Micro-ORM Database .NET Framework POCO
Dotnet.Script.Core 0.28.0 script csx csharp roslyn
Dotnet.Script.DependencyModel 0.8.0 script csx csharp roslyn omnisharp
dotnet-curses 1.0.1 curses ncurses
DotNetLive.Framework 1.0.1
DotNetLive.Framework.Mvc 1.0.1
DotNetLive.Framework.Web 1.0.1
dotnet-snowflake 1.5.1
DotnetSpider.Core 3.0.8 DotnetSpider crawler dotnet core
DotNetStarter 3.2.0 Startup Modules DI
DotNetStarter.Extensions.Registrations.AspNetCore 1.1.0 dotnetstarter di dependencyinjection ioc
DotNetToolkit.Repository.AdoNet 2.6.0
DotVVM 2.1.0 dotvvm mvvm owin dotnetcore dnx
Doway.Core 2.6.4
DowayEis.Core 1.1.3
Dox.Core.MsSqlBuilder 2.6.0 Dox Database SQL Server
Ductus.FluentDocker 2.6.4 Docker Docker-Compose Docker Compose Docker-Machine Docker Machine Linux Windows Mac Fluent NET Core
DWKit-Core 2.5.3 dwkit bpm formbuilder workflow optimajet
DynamicCSharp 1.0.1
EasyEvents.Core 2.1.1
EasyIoC 1.0.1 dependency-injection ioc
Edge.js 8.2.1 node.js node .net edge edge.js v8 clr coreclr mono interop javascript
EdgeJs 9.3.4 node.js node .net edge edge.js v8 clr coreclr mono interop javascript
EdjCase.JsonRpc.Router 3.0.1 JsonRpc Rpc AspNet Json-Rpc .Net Core
Elect.Core 2.5.0 aspnetcore elect topnguyen
Emec.Core 1.0.2
Eml.Extensions 2.2.0 EmL Extensions
Enchilada.AspNetCore 1.1.0 filesystem abstraction core vnext
Endjin.Composition.Abstractions 5.0.0 composition di dependency injection
Entith.AspNet.Domain 0.1.0
Entith.DotNet.TSDto.Tool 0.1.0