Functionality to bind an object to data in configuration providers for Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.
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Here are the packages that version 1.1.1 of Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.Binder depends on.

System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter : (4.3.0) Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration : (1.1.1) NETStandard.Library : (1.6.1)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.Binder

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.Binder

PackageLatest VersionTags
AppSettingsReload 0.0.3 .net core core configuration appsettings
Aquirrel 1.0.12 aquirrel aop autofac entityframework trace tracing interceptor file log castle rabbitmq reset api client
Aquirrel.Interceptor 1.0.18535 aop
Aquirrel.Interceptor.Castle 1.0.18556 castle aop aop
Aquirrel.MQ 1.0.10 aquirrel rabbitmq
Boilerplate.AspNetCore 2.2.2 ASP.NET ASP.NET Core MVC MVC 6 Boilerplate Muhammad Rehan Saeed Framework
CacheManager.Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration 1.0.0 Caching Cache CacheManager Distributed Cache StackExchange Redis Azure AppFabric Memcached
ChaosCore.Ioc 1.0.1
ChaosCore.RepositoryLib 1.0.1
CoderTest.Server.AspNetCore 1.0.1 CoderTest
coreprofiler 1.0.3 coreclr profiling .netcore coreprofiler miniprofiler nanoprofiler performance timing profiler
Couchbase.Extensions.DependencyInjection 1.0.0 Couchbase netcore
DotNet.LogFilesMonitorArchiver 1.0.0 log archive
DotnetSpider2.Core 1.0.14 DotnetSpider Crawler Cross Platform .Net Core
JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.Dotnet.Core.Unofficial 1.0.2 JavaScript ECMAScript
jsConnectAspNetCoreMvc 2.0.7
Lockbox.Api 1.0.2 Lockbox
Lockbox.Client 1.0.0
Logify.Alert.Core 1.0.31 Logify Alert CrashReport Crash Exception Handler
LyniconANC CMS .Net Core
Microbe 1.0.2
Microsoft.Diagnostics.EventFlow.Core 1.1.0 Microsoft Diagnostics EventFlow Core
Microsoft.Extensions.Options.ConfigurationExtensions 1.1.1 aspnetcore configuration options
Microsoft.Orleans.TestingHost 1.4.1 Orleans Cloud-Computing Actor-Model Actors Distributed-Systems C# .NET
MyTested.AspNetCore.Mvc.Configuration 1.1.0 aspnetcore aspnetcoremvc testing unit tests fluent testing framework asp net core mvc test mymvc mytested
NetCore.BasicAuthentication 1.0.0 BasicAuth
NETCore.CacheKit 1.0.3
NETCore.DapperKit 1.0.2
Net-Core-BetancourtCA .Net Core
RaisingStudio.Modules.DataAccess 2.0.2
RawRabbit.vNext 1.10.3 rabbitmq raw rawrabbit attributes
Revalee.NetCore 1.0.0 revalee web callback background scheduled tasks scheduling jobs workers aspnet mvc core
Serenity.Data 2.9.21 Serenity
ServiceFabric.Extensions.Configuration 1.0.1 service fabric core
Syslog.Framework.Logging 1.0.0 syslog dnx
UniversalDbUpdater 2016.12.08.668 Database Update Sql MySql
versionrouting 1.0.4 C# dotnetcore netcore namespace versioning webapi
WebApiContrib.Core 1.1.0 ASP.NET Core webapicontrib api aspnetcore mvc routing convention
XCommon 1.0.48 XCommon Design patterns Specification Repository Ioc Query builder
ZEKEON.FileLogging 1.1.1
ZEKEON.WeChat.Utils 1.1.4