Functionality to bind an object to data in configuration providers for Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.
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Here are the packages that version 2.1.1 of Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.Binder depends on.

Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration : (2.1.1)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.Binder

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.Binder

PackageLatest VersionTags
Afelio.Core.Auth.Jwt 1.0.9 jwt auth
agent-core 0.2.1
Alamut.Utilities.AspNet 3.0.3
Aliencube.AzureFunctions.Extensions.DependencyInjection 1.0.0 Azure Functions Dependency Injection IoC Container
Alipay.AopSdk.AspnetCore 2.3.0 Alipay AopSdk 支付宝服务端SDK 支付宝支付 扫码支付
Aniel.SimpleConf 1.0.1 dotnet-core configuration json
AntData.Core 1.3.7 linq ORM database DB SQL SqlServer
Aoite.Web 5.4.0
APIology.ServiceProvider 1.0.9
App.Metrics.Extensions.Configuration 2.0.0 appmetrics configuration
App.Metrics.Health.Extensions.Configuration 2.0.0 appmetricshealth configuration
AppSettingsReload 0.0.3 .net core core configuration appsettings
Aquirrel 3.0.0 aquirrel aop autofac entityframework trace tracing interceptor file log castle rabbitmq reset api client
Aquirrel.Interceptor 3.0.0 aop interceptor
Aquirrel.Interceptor.Castle 3.0.0 castle aop interceptor aop
Aquirrel.MQ 3.0.0 aquirrel rabbitmq
ASOL3D.CloudConnect.Core 0.4.5 ServiceBus IoT Hub Azure SCSNT SCS Asseco ASOL ASOL3D
AspectCore.Extensions.Configuration 1.0.1 Reflection Aop DynamicProxy Configuration
AspNetCore.PluginManager 1.0.6 net core plugin manager middleware api di dependency injection
AutoAlert.Infrastructure.Configuration 1.0.0
Axoom.Extensions.Logging 3.6.0
BeatPulse 3.0.0 BeatPulse HealthCheck Beat Health
BeatPulse.UI 3.0.0 BeatPulse HealthCheck Beat Health UI
Bedrock 1.0.3 Bedrock Application Framework
BeeInstant.NetSDK 1.0.4 beeInstant .net sdk
Bellatrix.API 1.2.8 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Configuration 1.2.8 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Desktop 1.2.8 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Web 1.2.8 TestFramework UITests
BlueFox.AliPay.AopSdk.NetCore 1.0.0
Boilerplate.AspNetCore 3.0.0 ASP.NET ASP.NET Core MVC MVC 6 Boilerplate Muhammad Rehan Saeed Framework
Bot.Builder.Community.Middleware.AzureAdAuthentication 1.0.82 bot framework bot builder azure bot service middleware
Bot.Builder.Community.Middleware.SentimentAnalysis 1.0.82 bot framework bot builder azure bot service middleware
Bot.Builder.Community.Middleware.SpellCheck 1.0.76 bot framework bot builder azure bot service middleware
Bot.Builder.Community.Middleware.Typing 1.0.82 bot framework bot builder azure bot service middleware
Boxed.AspNetCore 2.1.0 ASP.NET ASP.NET Core MVC Boxed Muhammad Rehan Saeed Framework Middleware Filters
Bsynchro.Mongo.Core 2.19.1
C3.ServiceFabric.HttpServiceGateway 2.0.1 ServiceFabric ReliableServices HttpClient Retry AspNetCore gateway
CacheManager.Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration 1.1.2 Caching Cache CacheManager Distributed Cache StackExchange Redis Azure AppFabric Memcached
Captcha 4.3.2 captcha botdetect form forms validation core-captcha nuget-captcha mvc-captcha mvc mvc6 mvc5 mvc4 mvc3 mvc2 mvc1 4.3.2 captcha botdetect mvc6 .net4.5.1-.net4.7+
Chakra.Core.Configurations 2.0.10
ChaosCore.Ioc 1.0.1
ChaosCore.RepositoryLib 1.0.1
CheckoutSDK.Extensions.Microsoft 0.2.2 payments gateway sdk
Citms.Common.Core 1.3.8 微服务 Autofac AutoMapper HttpClient ServiceDiscovery
CognitiveServices.Translator.Client 1.0.0 Cognitive-services CognitiveServices Azure Translator microsoft-translator-service Translate Translation
Collector.Common.FeatureFlags.LaunchDarkly 3.1.1 collectorbank collector feature-flagging feature-toggle launchdarkly
Collector.Common.RestClient 16.0.0
Com.Ctrip.Framework.Apollo.Configuration 1.4.0 apollo configcenter ctrip
com.inMotion.sdk 0.0.3
Components.WrapperHTTPClient 1.0.2
Concept.Service.RabbitMq 0.0.3
CookedRabbit 1.0.2 C# RabbitMQ CookedRabbit Net
Cooz.Infrastructure 1.0.0
Cortside.Common.BootStrap 1.0.5
Cortside.Common.Configuration 1.0.5
Cortside.Common.RabbitMQ 1.0.5
Couchbase.Extensions.DependencyInjection 2.0.2 Couchbase netcore
Creekdream.Configuration.Apollo 1.0.0 .net core .net standard apollo sdk
Creekdream.Discovery.Consul 1.0.0 .net core .net standard consul
CSuperSocket.All supersocket supersocket.core dynamic dynamicblue .net core
CSuperSocket.Common socket CSuperSocket
CSuperSocket.SocketEngine socket CSuperSocket
CTS.AspNetCore.Cache 1.0.0
CTS.AspNetCore.Web 2.0.5
D.Utils.Extensions.Logging.RollingFile 1.0.3
Daenet.Common.Logging.Sql 1.0.6 ilogger asp-net-core net-core core sql
DashboardCode.Routines.Configuration.Standard 2.0.29
DAT 0.0.16
Demo.Logging 0.9.0
Divergic.Configuration.Autofac 1.0.2 Autofac Configuration
Dnc.Common 1.0.0 DNC
DNCP.Util 1.0.1
DotNet.Host.LogFilesMonitorArchiver 2.3.1 log archive host monitor
DotNet.LogFilesMonitorArchiver 2.3.1 log archive monitor
DotNet.Memory.Logger 2.1.2 Memory Logger Logging Log
DotNet.NLog.NetCore 2.1.2 NLog Log Logger
Downlink.AzureStorage 0.2.2 Downlink api gateway download release
Downlink.GitHub 0.2.2 Downlink api gateway download release
Downlink.Local 0.2.2 Downlink api gateway download release
Downlink.S3 0.2.2 Downlink api gateway download release
Elect.Core aspnetcore elect topnguyen
Enbiso.NLib.EventBus.RabbitMq 1.1.12 Enbiso Enbiso.NLib EventBus RabbitMq
Enbiso.NLib.OpenApi 1.1.12 Enbiso Enbiso.NLib OpenApi Attributes
EnumODataEfRepository 1.3.0 repository DAL OData NET pattern
EnumPushNotifications.Utils 0.0.4
Environment.Configuration 0.1.0 Configuration Environment variables
FlubuCore 2.12.4 dotnet flubu flubucore build builder script buildscript automation VisualStudio
Frankenstein.Util.Configuration 1.0.2
Furiza.Extensions.Configuration 1.0.2
gdMongoHelper 4.0.0
GeekLearning.Events 0.1.0
GoogleMaps.AspNetCore.Clustering 0.0.1
Gremlin.Linq 1.3.1
GT.API.Core 2.4.0
Hangfire.Couchbase 1.1.4 Hangfire Couchbase
Hangfire.Extensions.Configuration 1.0.0 Hangfire AspNetCore configuration extention