Command-line parsing API. Commonly used types: Microsoft.Extensions.CommandLineUtils.CommandLineApplication Microsoft.Extensions.CommandLineUtils.CommandOption
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Here are the packages that version 1.1.1 of Microsoft.Extensions.CommandLineUtils depends on.

Thinktecture.NETStandard.Library.Abstractions : (2.3.0)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Extensions.CommandLineUtils

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.Extensions.CommandLineUtils

PackageLatest VersionTags
CliHelpers CLI C# Commandline
DarkXaHTeP.CommandLine 1.0.1 commandline cmd console consoleapp parse commandlineutils configuration logging di hosting
DataGenerator.Commands 0.1.6 entity-framework net-core data-generation
DevZH.RuntimesInternalCopier 1.0.1 DevZH netcore tool
docxml2md 0.8.1 dotnet markdown docxml2md xml2md md
Dotnet.Script 0.19.0 dotnet cli script csx csharp roslyn
dotnet-flubu 2.5.1 dotnet flubu build builder script buildscript automation VisualStudio
dotnet-nmg 1.0.4 dotnet cli tool
DotNetProver 0.1.1
dotnet-sourcelink 2.8.0 sourcelink pdb symbols git sourceindexing debugging sourceserver build
dotnet-sourcelink-git 2.8.0 sourcelink pdb symbols git sourceindexing debugging sourceserver build
dotnet-tsd2 2.0.0 TypeScript .NET Core 2.0
dotnet-version-cli 0.6.0 core version npm version version patch
EasyMigrator 0.1.7 .netcore mysql
Foundatio.Jobs.Commands 6.0.1586 Distributed Jobs
GeekLearning.DotNet.Swashbuckle 0.4.0
GlobWatch 1.0.1
Itofinity.Cli.Mef 0.1.20
Medella.CodeGenerator 1.0.37
Microsoft.DotNet.Xdt.Tools 2.0.0 dotnetcore xdt transform xml
Migrator.EF6.Tools 2.0.4 aspnetcore aspnet5 ef6 migrations dotnet
NanoPack 0.1.21
NetCoreStack.Hisar.WebCli.Tools 2.0.0 dotnet hisar
NModelsGenerator.Cli 1.0.0
nphmuller.BindingRedirectBugTool 3.0.1
nphmuller.Migrator.EF6.Tools 999.1.0
NuGet.CommandLine.XPlat 4.6.1 nuget
NuGetLock 0.1.1 NuGet MSBuild dotnet
NuGetMirror 1.2.0
NupkgWrench 1.2.0 nupkg nuget-powertool
Octokit.ReleaseNotes 1.0.2
Paradigm.Services.CLI 2.1.1
Protogen.Tools 0.1.2
QuickSharp 0.1.2
RequestHandlers.Tsg 3.2.2
Sakura.AspNetCore.Tools.WebCompiler 0.2.1 .NETCore ASP.NET ASP.NETCore Compile Compiler WebCompile WebCompiler SCSS SASS CSS
Sleet 1.0.1 nuget nugetserver nugetfeed
Tmds.DBus.Tool 0.5.0
Typescript.Definitions.Tool2 2.0.0 TypeScript .NET Core 2.0
Typescript.Definitions.Tools 1.0.1 Typescript
Uaaa.Data.Sql.Tools 4.0.0