In-memory cache implementation of Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Memory.IMemoryCache. This package was built from the source code at
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Memory

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Memory

PackageLatest VersionTags
2foo.TestLibrary 1.0.1
980d533e-5d48-4ec0-bd7e-1ac4c89fad0e 1.0.0
Abp 4.2.0 mvc boilerplate application framework web framework framework domain driven design
AbpPlusPlus.RabbitMq 2.3.1
Acb.Core 1.6.1
Adf 1.0.4 mvc ydt application framework web domain driven design
Adou.ConfigCenter.Client 1.0.2
Agile.Core 2.0.2 Agile.Core util
Ags.ResourceProxy.Core 1.0.17 ArcGIS Server Proxy ArcGIS Resource Proxy
Alachisoft.NCache.Community.EFCore Alachisoft NCache EntityFrameworkCore Caching
Alachisoft.NCache.EFCore 4.9.1 Alachisoft NCache EntityFrameworkCore Caching
Alachisoft.NCache.OpenSource.EFCore 4.9.1 Alachisoft NCache EntityFrameworkCore Caching
Alachisoft.NCache.Professional.EFCore Alachisoft NCache EntityFrameworkCore Caching
Alamut.Utilities.AspNet 3.0.3
Algorist.API 1.0.8 aspectoriented netcore microframework
Algorist.MultiTenancy.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer 1.0.8 aspectoriented netcore microframework
Allwares.RobotCore 0.1.1
Allwares.TelegramCore 1.0.2
AnyCache.InMemory 1.0.0
Aoite 6.0.0
AopCaching.InMemory 0.1.3 Cache Caching InMemory Redis AOP Aspect Autofac DependencyInjection
Aos.Standard.Orm 1.2.3
Askmethat.Aspnet.JsonLocalizer 1.1.7 Json Localizer Globalization netcore netstandard
Asky Asky Dapper TiDB MariaDB MySql PostgreSql SqlServer Sqlite k8s Rancher RabbitMQ Kafka Eshop Docker dnc
AskyCore 2.1.8 Asky ATool Dapper MySql TiDB PostgreSql Citus Kubernetes Rancher RabbitMQ Kafka Eshop Docker EFCore ERP CRM CMS Blog ABP
AspNetCore.Cache 1.1.1
AspNetCore.CacheOutput.InMemory aspnet core netcore cacheoutput cacheprovider
AspNetCore.Mvc.ImageBase64 1.0.0 aspnetcore aspnetcoremvc taghelper taghelpers base64 image base64 data uri scheme
AspNetCore.ResponseCaching.PostSupport 2.0.0 ResponseCaching
AspNetCore.Utils AspNetCore NetCore Utils
AspNetCore2.Utils 1.0.0 AspNetCore2 NetCore2 Utils
AspNetThrottle.NetCore 0.0.6
Atomic.ExchangeAPI.Binance 1.1.0
AuthAPI.Core 1.1.2
Automail.AspNetCore 1.0.1
Awaken.Utils.CacheProvider 1.0.7
Aweton.Mxw.Caching 1.0.1
AzStudioBusinessObjects AzStudio Azure .NET C#
AzStudioCommon AzStudio Azure .NET C#
AzStudioVisualCommon AzStudio Azure .NET C#
AzStudioVisualizationCommon AzStudio Azure .NET C#
Bailun.ServiceFabric.Router 1.0.0
Bandwidth.Net.Extra 1.0.8 bandwidth catapult
Barricade 3.0.0 2Toad Barricade Security Password Claims OAuth Authentication Authorization Membership Users
Bell.Common 0.7.2
Best.EntLib.Cache.Redis 5.1.1 EntLib Cache Redis
BigChange.MassTransit.AwsKeyManagementService.Cache 0.0.63
BinanceDotNet 4.8.0 binance csharp binance-api binancedotnet binance exchange crypto_exchange
BlueFox.MemoryService 1.0.6
Boomer 0.1.10
Bunder 1.0.0 AspNetCore bundling assets scripts tags
Bupa.Api.Common.AspNetCore 1.1.1 Azure AspNetCore Publisher Subscriber
CacheCow.Client 2.4.3
CacheMagic 1.1.0
CacheManager.Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Memory 1.2.0 Caching Cache CacheManager Distributed Cache StackExchange Redis Azure AppFabric Memcached
CachingManager 1.0.25 .NETCORE2.0 MemoryCache Cache
Captcha 4.4.0 captcha botdetect form forms validation core-captcha nuget-captcha mvc-captcha mvc mvc-core mvc6 mvc5 mvc4 mvc3 mvc2 mvc1 4.4.0 captcha botdetect mvc6 .net4.5.1-.net4.7+
Catharsium.Util 1.0.6 Util Utilities
Chame 1.4.1
Chatham.Kit.ServiceDiscovery.Cache 0.2.1 kit microservices chatham
Chayns.Backend.Utils 1.0.0
ChinaBeacon.Sdk.Core 0.1.1
Cimpress.Extensions.Http.Caching.InMemory 2.1.111 HttpClient REST Networking HTTP Caching
Citms.Common.Cache 1.0.9 Redis MemoryCache
Citms.Common.Hystrix 1.0.0
Citolab.Persistence 2019.2.18.1
cloudscribe.Core.IdentityServer.NoDb 3.0.7 cloudscribe identity
CloudVeil.DistillNET 1.6.1 DistillNET Adblock AdblockPlus Adblock-Plus URL-Filter URL-Filtering Content-Filter Filter
CmsZwo 0.10.0
CmsZwo.Cache 0.20.0
CodeZero 1.0.2 c# c-sharp best-practices aspnet aspnetcore domain-driven-design architecture framework multi-tenancy clean-architecture
Cofoundry.Core 0.6.0 Cofoundry Core
Cofoundry.Domain 0.6.0 Cofoundry Domain
Cofoundry.Web 0.6.0 Cofoundry Web CMS
Cofoundry.Web.Admin 0.6.0 Cofoundry Web Admin CMS
Colorful.Cache 1.0.4
Comba.Utility.Standard 1.0.1
Communicate.Caching 1.0.0
Community.Extensions.Caching 2.0.2 combined memory distributed cache
ComponentSpace.Saml2 2.3.0 ComponentSpace SAML SSO aspnetcore authentication middleware
CondenserDotNet.Server.ProtocolSwitcher 2.0.1
CondenserDotNet.Server.WindowsAuthentication 2.0.1
ConfigServer.Client 1.4.0
ConfigServer.Server 1.4.0
Coravel 2.3.1 netcore scheduling coravel queuing scheduler framework
CoreFaces.Helper 1.0.1
CoreFtp 1.4.0 ftp core vnext
CoreHystrix 1.0.0
CoreUtil 1.0.4
Cql.Core.AspNetCore 2.0.1
CqrsFramework 1.0.0
CqrsLite 0.27.0
Creekdream.Cache.Memory 0.2.0
Cronus 5.3.0 CQRS DDD ES Event store sourcing
CTS.AspNetCore.Cache 1.0.0
CTS.AspNetCore.Web 2.0.5
Dahl.Data.Common 1.0.0