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Here are the packages that version 2.6.1 of Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp depends on.

Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Common : (2.6.1)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp

PackageLatest VersionTags
abioc 0.7.0
AdvanceFramework1 20171023.1.0 .NET Business Application Development
Akka.Analyzer 0.1.0 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency roslyn
ApexParser 0.6.7 Apex Parser Roslyn
AppBrix.Data 0.10.0 AppBrix Module Data
Aspectus 3.0.5 AOP
AsyncRewriter 0.8.11
AztecaSoftware.Framework3.Web 3.4.64 AztecaSoftware Kernel Framework3
BenchmarkDotNet.Toolchains.Roslyn 0.10.12 benchmark benchmarking performance
Bessett.CodeWriter Code Generation
Blazor.Compiler 0.3.0
Blueberry.BddExtensions 0.0.2018.131
Blueberry.Core 0.0.2018.131
Blueberry.Utilities 0.0.2018.131
BlueMilk 0.7.1
Bonus.Immutable 1.0.3
BrightSword.RoslynWrapper 1.0.3 roslyn F# code-generation
Bud 0.5.2
Cake.RoslynAnalyzers 0.1.2 cake cake-addin roslyn rosylyn-analyzers code-analysis code-quality
Cake.Storm.Fluent.Transformations 0.3.1 cake cake-build cake-contrib fluent transformation edition csproj cs source
ChaosCMS 1.0.0 ChaosCMS cms
CodeGeneration.Roslyn 0.4.11
CraigsUtilityLibrary 4.0.304 utility utilities
CraigsUtilityLibrary-DataTypes 4.0.304 utility utilities
CsDebugScript.CodeGen windbg dbgeng dump-analysis clr dumps dump-processing coredump dwarf elf
CSharp.Formatting 0.2.3 C# csharp F# fsharp formatting documentation
CSharpAsyncGenerator.Core 0.9.0 Async Generator Roslyn
DeepEnds.Console 2.7.0 DGML Modeling Modelling Doxygen CodeAnalysis CSharp VB VisualBasic static_analysis c++ java IDL ObjectiveC Fortran PHP Python TCL VHDL
Derivco.Orniscient.Proxy 1.2.0 Orleans Monitoring Visualisation
Dotnet.Script 0.18.0 dotnet cli script csx csharp roslyn
dotnet-flubu 2.3.3 dotnet flubu build builder script buildscript automation VisualStudio
DotVVM dotvvm mvvm owin dotnetcore dnx
DotVVM.AspNetCore dotvvm mvvm owin dotnetcore dnx
Durwella.CompilerServices 1.0.5
DWKit-Core 2.0.8 dwkit bpm formbuilder workflow optimajet
Edge.js.CSharp 1.2.0
FlubuCore 2.3.3 dotnet flubu build builder script buildscript automation VisualStudio
Fmp.Executioner 1.0.123
GeekLearning.DotNet.Swashbuckle 0.4.0
Gemini.Modules.CodeCompiler 0.6.2 .net40 WPF MVVM AvalonDock Caliburn Micro Visual Studio IDE Shell C# compile Roslyn
Gigya.Microdot.Orleans.Hosting 1.7.12 gigya microdot microservice microservices
ICSharpCode.CodeConverter 5.5.0 Convert C# VB.NET Roslyn
Interpose.Core 1.0.0 netcore aop interception
Jasper 0.5.0
JRazor 1.0.8
LibrameCore 1.1.1708.201 LibrameCore LibrameStandard Librame ASP.NETCore .NETStandard
Meziantou.Framework.Templating 1.0.5
MicroFlow.Meta 1.0.44 MicroFlow workflow engine wf framework .net scheme dynamic meta
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Razor 2.0.2 aspnetcore aspnetcoremvc cshtml razor
Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.ActivePatterns 0.5.1 F# C# Visual Basic Roslyn CodeAnalysis Active Pattern
Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Compilers 2.6.1 Roslyn CodeAnalysis Compiler CSharp VB VisualBasic Parser Scanner Lexer Emit CodeGeneration Metadata IL Compilation Scripting Syntax Semantics
Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.Extensions 1.0.0 Roslyn CodeAnalysis CSharp CodeGeneration Syntax Semantics
Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.Scripting 2.6.1 Roslyn CodeAnalysis Compiler CSharp VB VisualBasic Parser Scanner Lexer Emit CodeGeneration Metadata IL Compilation Scripting Syntax Semantics
Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.Workspaces 2.6.1 Roslyn CodeAnalysis Compiler CSharp VB VisualBasic Parser Scanner Lexer Emit CodeGeneration Metadata IL Compilation Scripting Syntax Semantics
Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Razor 2.0.1 aspnetcore cshtml razor
Microsoft.DocAsCode.EntityModel 1.6.3
Microsoft.DocAsCode.Metadata.ManagedReference 2.31.0
Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Relational.Design.Specification.Tests 2.0.1 Entity Framework Core entity-framework-core EF Data O/RM
Microsoft.NETCore.App 2.0.5
Microsoft.Orleans.CounterControl 1.5.3 Orleans Cloud-Computing Actor-Model Actors Distributed-Systems C# .NET
Microsoft.Orleans.OrleansCodeGenerator 1.5.3 Orleans Cloud-Computing Actor-Model Actors Distributed-Systems C# .NET
Microsoft.ProgramSynthesis.Compiler 5.1.0 Program Synthesis SDK
Microsoft.VisualStudio.Web.CodeGeneration.Templating 2.0.2 aspnetcore codegenerator scaffolding visualstudioweb
MirrorSharp.Common 0.9.3 Roslyn CodeMirror
Neon.Bot.Builder.FormFlow.Json Bot Framework NETStandard Linux Mac OSX Macintosh NETCore
Ninject.Extensions.YetAnotherProxy 1.0.4 runtime proxy
Odachi.Localization.Extraction 1.0.4 odachi
Orckestra.AspNet.Roslyn 1.0.2 Roslyn
Orleankka 1.5.0 Orleans distributed messaging actor concurrency CQRS
PT.PM csharp java php plsql tsql javascript parsing conversion ast parse-trees pattern-matching pattern unified antlr4 roslyn dsl
RazorLight 1.1.0 Razor RazorLight template-engine email emails dotnet netcore.
RequestHandlers.Mvc 3.1.10
RequestHandlers.WebApi 3.1.19
Restract 1.0.4 Rest Client Http Restract
Rocks 3.1.0
Roslinq 1.0.0 Roslyn Linq
Roslyn.Syntax.Util 0.0.2 roslyn extensions syntax tree utility
RoslynMapper 0.3.0 Roslyn Mapper
RoslynPad.Roslyn 2.4.0 Roslyn RoslynPad
RoslynTester 1.6.3 Roslyn Unit-testing unit testing Visual-Studio
Sawmill.Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp 1.3.1 tree language compiler
SecretNest.CSharpRoslynAgency 1.3.0
StackExchange.Precompilation 4.6.1 Razor AspNet MsBuild Roslyn Metaprogramming
Structurizr.Roslyn 0.6.0
Sundew.Generator.MSBuild 2.0.0
TameRoslyn 1.0.2 Roslyn mutable wrapper syntax tree AST
Test.Extensions.Snapshot 1.0.0
Testura.Code 0.8.0 Code generation roslyn
TrivialAst.Parser Expression Parser Calculator C# Roslyn
TWCore.Object 0.2.78 TWCore Tony Wanhjör Daniel Redondo Framework
uIntra 0.2.30 Compent uIntra
Umbraco.ModelsBuilder 3.0.10 umbraco
Uni.IoC 1.0.3 IoC Container Inversion-of-Control DI Dependency-Injection Service-Provider Factory
VisualStudio.Extensibility.Common 1.0.96
Waher.Persistence.Files 1.0.24 persistence object database enryption file storage encryption
wiesend 4.1.7