Provides support for compilation and code generation, including dynamic, using the C# language. Commonly Used Types: Microsoft.CSharp.RuntimeBinder.Binder Microsoft.CSharp.RuntimeBinder.RuntimeBinderException Microsoft.CSharp.RuntimeBinder.CSharpArgumentInfo Microsoft.CSharp.RuntimeBinder.CSharpArgumentInfoFlags Microsoft.CSharp.RuntimeBinder.CSharpBinderFlags 30ab651fcb4354552bd4891619a0bdd81e0ebdbf When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.CSharp

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.CSharp

PackageLatest VersionTags
aaronbcj.shared.kernel 1.0.0
AaronHu.Component.Access 1.0.0
Abc.Xacml 1.2.1 XACML OASIS
Abc.Xacml.Geo 1.2.1 XACML GEOXACML OGC
Acklann.Daterpillar 4.8.8 micro-orm build automation tool code generator mysql sqlite
Acto-R 1.0.0 Actor Actors-framework Actors async-await
AdaptiveCards 1.1.2 adaptivecards adaptive-cards
ADORE.Standard 1.0.1
AFBusCore 1.2.15 Azure-Functions Bus
Agebull.Common.Extend 2.3.3 Agebull.Common.Extend
Aggregates.NET CQRS ES event sourcing NServiceBus GetEventStore eventstore ddd
Agile.Data 1.5.1 dapper extension orm sqlmap sqllog
Agile.Data.MySql 1.5.1 dapper extension orm sqlmap sqllog
Agile.Data.Oracle 1.5.1 dapper extension orm sqlmap sqllog
Agile.Data.SqlServer 1.5.1 dapper extension orm sqlmap sqllog
Aiapps.ReportViewer Aiapps.ReportViewer
Akkatecture 0.4.1 akka cqrs es eventsourcing actors microservices actor-model
Akrual.DDD.Utils.Internals 1.0.8 ddd helpers extensions utils
Alachisoft.NCache.Community.EFCore Alachisoft NCache EntityFrameworkCore Caching
Alachisoft.NCache.EFCore 4.9.1 Alachisoft NCache EntityFrameworkCore Caching
Alachisoft.NCache.OpenSource.EFCore 4.9.1 Alachisoft NCache EntityFrameworkCore Caching
Alachisoft.NCache.Professional.EFCore Alachisoft NCache EntityFrameworkCore Caching
Alba.CsConsoleFormat 1.0.0 cross-platform console terminal shell command-line format html ascii grid table xml xaml
Albumprinter.CorrelationTracking.Correlation.AmazonSns.Lambda 3.2.4
Albumprinter.CorrelationTracking.Correlation.AmazonSqs.Lambda 3.2.4
Albumprinter.CorrelationTracking.Correlation.LibLog 3.2.4
Albumprinter.CorrelationTracking.Correlation.MassTransit 3.2.4
Albumprinter.CorrelationTracking.Tracing.Http 3.2.4
Alive.Net 1.0.1 aspcore livecheck middlewear
Allscripts.FMH.TableInitializer 1.0.15
Altered.Pipeline 1.0.1
AM.ElasticSearch.TraceListener 3.1.1 Diagnostics Trace TraceListener ElasticSearch Kibana
AndreyKurdiumov.AspNetCore.Helpers 0.3.2
Anemonis.AspNetCore.JsonRpc 1.14.0 aspnetcore json-rpc json rpc
AngularMiddleware 1.0.52 angular mvc aspnet5 mvc6 angularmiddleware
AntData.Core 1.3.8 linq ORM database DB SQL SqlServer
AntSoa.Swagger 2.7.5
Aos.Standard.Orm 1.2.3
Apitron.PDF.Kit 2.0.9 Apitron pdf.kit .NET create pdf sdk pdf-to-text pdf-sdk PDF forms sign pdf-library PDF2.0 pdf-net-core Xamarin IOS Android editor UWP Viewer PDF/A Print pdf-generation encryption extract Mono WindowsPhone 10 Runtime Store Image2PDF Azure Cloud pdf-component kit
Apitron.PDF.Rasterizer Apitron.Pdf.Rasterizer .NET PDF PDF2.0 converter to image pdf-to-image JPEG PNG TIFF BMP Xamarin UWP Windows10 WindowsPhone MacOS IoS Android WinForms WPF Mono PDF2image PDFToImage Search WindowsStore Apps
App.Metrics.Core 3.0.0 appmetrics metrics
App.Metrics.Health.Abstractions 2.1.0 appmetrics healthchecks
Aproplan.Api 1.16.1
Aragas.Network-2 2.2.1
ArangoDB.Client 0.7.70 ArangoDB Arango Client NoSql Database
ArangoDB.Client.Jack 1.0.0
ArgentSea 0.6.0 0.8.0
Ark.Tools.Solid.SimpleInjector 1.1.12 Ark C# .NET Framework SOLID Handler SimpleInjector
ArkEcosystem.Crypto 0.1.0
Arx.Serilog.Sinks.RavenDb 1.0.0
Asd.AspNet 1.0.0
ASOL.CloudConnect.Concierge.Shared 0.1.2
ASOL3D.CloudConnect.Core 0.6.0
Asp.Net.Monsters 1.0.0
AspectCore.Core 1.2.0 DynamicProxy Aop Aspect AspectCore Interceptor
aspnet5.microservice 0.5.4 api microservice vitals health check
Aspnet5MessageLibrary 1.0.0 aspnet demo
AspNetCore.Identity.Dapper 1.0.1 aspnetcore identity membership
AspNetDotEnvConfigurationProvider 1.0.0
AssemblyToFunctions 1.0.1
Async.EventWayCore.Infrastructure.CosmosDb 1.1.2 event sourcing es cqrs command query sql mssql projection
Audit.entityframework 14.1.0 Audit Trail Log EntityFramework
Audit.EntityFramework.Core 14.1.0 Audit Trail Log EntityFramework Core
Audit.NET.AzureDocumentDB 14.1.0 Audit Trail Log Azure DocumentDB
AutoBuilder 1.2.0 ASP.NET MVC
AutofacOnFunctions 1.0.14 Azure Functions AzureFunctions Autofac DependencyInjection
AutoMapper 8.0.0
AutoMapper.SelfConfig 1.0.0 command lifecycle aspnet core owin
AutoQueryable 1.7.0 AutoQueryable AutoQuery OData
AutoQueryable.Core 1.5.1
Avalonia.Controls.ColorBlender 0.2.0 color colorblender palette design colors hsv rgb avalonia controls xaml
AvroConverter 1.0.1
AWSSDK.Core AWS Amazon cloud aws-sdk-v3
AzStorage 1.0.42
AztecaSoftware.Framework3.Web 3.4.73 AztecaSoftware Kernel Framework3
Aztek.TagHelpers.Library 1.0.2
Aztek.TagHelpers.Repeat 1.0.0
Aztek.TagHelpers.TwitterFeed 1.0.0
AztekTagHelperLibrary 1.0.1
AzureAILanguageDetector 1.0.0 AI Language Azure
AzureAuthenticationClientPackage 1.1.0
AzureML.Studio.Core 1.0.5
Azy.FateGrandOrderAPI 0.3.7 Fate-Grand-Order Api WIP
Backend.Fx 5.0.0
Bad 1.0.0
Baffi 1.2.0 HTML-template JSON parser mustache two-way binding
Bam.Net.Automation 1.16.1 1.0.0
Bam.Net.CoreServices 1.16.1
Banana 1.0.1 banana dapper petapoco
Banana.Uow 1.5.1 orm sql micro-orm Dapper UnitOfWork Repository
BankService.Data 1.0.7
BankService.Domain 1.0.3
Banzai 3.0.3 Banzai Pipeline Dataflow Workflow
Base2art.Standard.Dropbox 1.0.0