This package contains the Microsoft.Build.Utilities assembly which is used to implement custom MSBuild tasks.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Build.Utilities.Core

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.Build.Utilities.Core

PackageLatest VersionTags
Buildalyzer 0.5.0
CBAM.SQL.MSBuild 0.5.1 binary serialization async asynchronous connection sql msbuild task dump statement execute
DNT.Commands 1.0.10
dotnet-mono 0.5.3 dotnet core mono
Evolve 1.8.0 Evolve Flyway sql database migration database-migration continuous-integration continuous-delivery
FluentMigrator.MSBuild 3.1.3
FSharp.SRGen.Build.Tasks 3.4.0 F# FSharp netcore tooling build
Logixware.Build.Tasks.Core 1.0.3
Microsoft.Build.CommandLine.Arguments 1.0.1 MSBuild command line builder
Microsoft.Build.Logging.StructuredLogger 1.1.224 MSBuild Log Logger Structure Structured
Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Core 15.7.179 MSBuild
Microsoft.DotNet.Cli.Utils 2.0.0
Minio.NetCore 1.1.1 minio cloud storage
Monopus.Tasks 1.0.4
MsBuild.ProtocolBuffers 1.1.0 protobuf proto3 proto msbuild protocolbuffers protocolbuffer protocol-buffers protocol-buffer 2.0.2 mailing email mustache send email mailchimp sendgrid
NuGet.Build.Tasks 4.6.2 nuget
NuGet.Build.Tasks.Pack.Library 4.2.0
PA.Utilities.InnoSetupTask 6.0.4
PSReptile.Build 0.0.3 powershell cmdlet help
SignalRTypingsCreator.DotNet46ProjectFileUpdater 0.4.1 SignalR TypeScript Hub Typings
SorvyAop 1.0.4 Aop sorvy 静态注入 切面
UtilPack.NuGet.Deployment.MSBuild 2.2.0 utility nuget extensions deployment msbuild
UtilPack.NuGet.Push.MSBuild 2.1.0 utility nuget extensions nuget msbuild push
UtilPack.ResourcePooling.MSBuild 1.0.0 utility async resource pool msbuild task
VibrantCode.MSBuild.Git 0.1.2 msbuild git commit hash branch
Xamarin.Build.AsyncTask 0.2.8