This client library enables client applications targeting .NET Core to connect to Azure Cosmos DB via the DocumentDB (SQL) API. Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, multi-model database service. For more information, refer to
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.DocumentDB.Core

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.Azure.DocumentDB.Core

PackageLatest VersionTags
ADCCure.Azure.Documents.ODataCore.Sql 3.0.2 odata documentdb sql translate convert core
ApiBase 0.1.27
App.Metrics.Health.Checks.AzureDocumentDB 1.2.0 appmetrics healthchecks azure documentdb cosmosdb
Ask.Sdk.CosmosDb.Persistence.Adapter 2.0.0 amazon echo alexa skills kit ask sdk cosmosdb
Asos.SimpleEventStore.AzureDocumentDb 2.1.36 eventsourcing documentdb azure
AspNetCore.HealthChecks.DocumentDb 2.2.0 HealthCheck Azure DocumentDb
AspNetCore.Identity.DocumentDB 1.0.0 AspNetCore Azure CosmosDB DocumentDB identity membership
Async.EventWayCore.Infrastructure.CosmosDb 1.1.2 event sourcing es cqrs command query sql mssql projection
Audit.NET.AzureDocumentDB 14.1.0 Audit Trail Log Azure DocumentDB
AzStorage 1.0.42
BeatPulse.DocumentDb 3.0.0 BeatPulse HealthCheck Beat Health DocumentDb
Bifrost.Read.DocumentDB 1.2.0 MVVM SOLID CQRS LOB
BlackBox.BlackBoxLibrary 1.10.26 BlackBox App
BlueElectricity.Optra.Runner 1.0.0 BEX Optra Runner
Bluefragments.Utilities 4.0.5 bluefragments
Caf.Etl 2.2.0
CodeKoenig.AspNetCore.Identity.DocumentDb 2.0.0 DocumentDB Cosmos DB CosmosDB AspNetCore AspNet Membership Identity Core AspNetCore.Identity.DocumentDb
Communicate.Repository.CosmosDb 1.0.1
Cosmonaut 2.8.2 azure entitystore entity db orm microsoft cosmos cosmosdb documentdb docdb nosql azureofficial dotnetcore netcore netstandard
CosmosAutoScaler 1.0.0 cosmos scale autoscale cosmosru requestunit cosmosdb azure documentdb
CosmosDbClient 2.0.3
CosmosDbRepository 1.0.18
CosmosDbSubCollections 0.0.1 azure cosmos cosmosdb documentdb docdb nosql dotnetcore netcore netstandard
CosmoStore.CosmosDb 2.0.1 F# FSharp EventStore EventSourcing Azure Cosmos DB
CQELight.EventStore.CosmosDb 0.8.0 cosmosdb event bus
CreativeGurus.Common.DAL.DocumentDB 1.0.19
DFC.AzureSql.Standard 0.1.1
DFC.Common.Standard 0.1.0
Disclose.DataStores.DocumentDB 0.2.1
DocumentDB.Concurrency 1.0.0 azure documentdb concurrency
DocumentDb.Fluent 2.0.2
DocumentDbWrapper 1.0.4 DocumentDB
Dolittle.Runtime.Events.Azure 2.0.3 MVVM SOLID CQRS LOB
ECommerce.Data.DocumentDbProvider 1.0.1 Data entityframework nosql mongodb documentdb ravendb redis
Eklee.Azure.Functions.GraphQl 0.8.0 GraphQL Azure Functions Caching .NET Graph Paging Pagination CosmosDB DocumentDB Search Table
ElCamino.AspNetCore.Identity.DocumentDB 2.0.0 ASP.NET Identity Core Azure CosmosDB DocumentDB MVC UserStore RoleStore UserManager Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity
Equinox.Cosmos 1.0.4 fsharp unionencoder eventsourcing eventstore typeshape
Eshopworld.Caching.Cosmos 1.3.0 Eshopworld Caching CosmosDB Azure
Eshopworld.Data.CosmosDb 1.1.1 Eshopworld Caching CosmosDB Azure
FeatureToggle.Azure.DocumentDB 1.2.0 FeatureToggle Toggle Azure DocumentDB DocDB CosmosDB NetStandard
GripToolbox 1.0.9 grip
Halforbit.DataStores.DocumentStores.DocumentDb 1.1.9
Hangfire.AzureDocumentDB 3.0.1 Hangfire Azure DocumentDB Cosmos
HQ.Data.SessionManagement.DocumentDb 1.0.44 hq-io dotnet-standard serverless platform
HQ.Data.Sql.DocumentDb 1.0.44 sql generator dotnet-standard documentdb hq-stack
HQ.DocumentDb 1.0.28 hq-stack
IdeaStudio.AspNetCore 2017.8.2.48 IdeaStudio AspNetCore Controllers Repository Entity Framework EntityFramework EntityFrameworkCore InMemory SqlServer Myql CRUD
Invisionware.Settings.Sinks.AzureDocumentDb 1.1.9 invisionware settings azure documentdb config configuration 1.0.3 blockchain json database warehouse store redis nosql
KaizalaApi.DocumentDb 0.0.3
KiwiMaoApiBase 0.0.2
KodeAid.Azure.CosmosDB 1.0.1 helpers extensions utilities azure cosmos cosmosdb documentdb json
Lazlo.Common 1.16.1622 Lazlo Lottery
LitterBox.DocumentDB 3.2.2 csharp memory caching litterbox documentdb
MassTransit.DocumentDb 5.2.1 MassTransit
MicroShopApiBase 0.3.4
Microsoft.Azure.DocumentDB.ChangeFeedProcessor 2.2.6 microsoft azure cosmosdb documentdb docdb nosql azureofficial
Microsoft.Azure.IIoT.Storage 1.0.1 Industrial Manufacturing Azure IoT IIoT .NET
Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.CosmosDB 3.0.3 Microsoft Azure WebJobs AzureFunctions
Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Azure 4.2.2 bots ai botframework botbuilder
Mobsites.QuickBooksCart.DataService 2.0.1
MvcControlsToolkit.Business.DocumentDB 2.1.0 aspnetcore dotnetcore documentdb business
Narato.ServiceFabric Narato ServiceFabric
Nata.IO.CosmosDB 1.1.20
Neudesic.Elements.Data.Extensions.Azure 1.1.2881
ntxLibStandard 1.1.1
NxtLvl.Azure.Data 1.0.0 Azure CosmosDB TableStorage SOILD Inversion of Control IoC Data Repositoy
Oogi2 1.4.1 cosmosdb documentdb repository
OpenCqrs.Store.Cosmos.Sql 5.3.0 opencqrs .net core mediator ddd cqrs event sourcing cosmosdb sql documentdb
OpenCqrs.Store.CosmosDB.Sql 5.2.0 opencqrs .net core mediator ddd cqrs event sourcing cosmosdb sql documentdb
Orleans.Clustering.CosmosDB 1.1.42 Orleans Cloud-Computing Actor-Model Actors Distributed-Systems Azure CosmosDB C# .NET
Orleans.Persistence.CosmosDB 1.1.42 Orleans Cloud-Computing Actor-Model Actors Distributed-Systems Azure CosmosDB C# .NET
Orleans.Reminders.CosmosDB 1.1.42 Orleans Cloud-Computing Actor-Model Actors Distributed-Systems Azure CosmosDB C# .NET
Picums.Data.Azure 0.1.15 azure Picums
Prakrishta.Data.Cosmos.Sql 1.0.0
Quartz.Spi.CosmosDbJobStore 0.5.3
Roger.Azure.Cosmos 1.0.3 DocumentsDB SQL CosmosDB Azure Repository
Sagan 0.0.16 cosmos
SDDev.Net.GenericRepository 1.0.1
Serilog.Sinks.AzureDocumentDb 4.0.0 serilog sinks azure documentdb
ServiceStack.Azure.CosmosDb 1.0.0 ServiceStack AutoQuery IQueryable Azure CosmosDb
SFA.DAS.CosmosDb 1.0.47
SFA.DAS.CosmosDb.Testing 1.0.47
SFA.DAS.ProviderRelationships.Document.Repository 0.1.497
StockFileTransform.Shared 1.0.0
SuperNova.Storage 1.0.0 CQRS EventSourcing ES Azure Storage Table EventStore EventSource
SwagAttack_DBInterface 1.0.1
TEA.Repository.DocumentDB 1.0.10
TheLizzards.Data.Azure 1.1.2 azure thelizzards
VPI.Entities 3.0.0
Weapsy.Cqrs.EventStore.CosmosDB.Sql 2.2.0 .net core mediator ddd cqrs event sourcing cosmosdb sql documentdb
Weapsy.Cqrs.Store.CosmosDB.Sql 4.1.1 .net core mediator ddd cqrs event sourcing cosmosdb sql documentdb
Winton.DomainModelling.DocumentDb 2.0.0 Winton Domain Driven Design Modelling DDD Persistence DocumentDB CosmosDB Document Cosmos DB
xDelivered.CosmosDb.Core 0.1