ASP.NET Core static files middleware. Includes middleware for serving static files, directory browsing, and default files.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.AspNetCore.StaticFiles

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.AspNetCore.StaticFiles

PackageLatest VersionTags
Abp.AspNetCore 3.2.5 mvc boilerplate application framework web framework framework domain driven design core
Alyio.AspNetCore.Orchid 2.0.0 ASP.NET .NET Core Web API Docs Help Page
Angular2.Net-Core-Template 1.0.7
Antsy 1.0.10
APIology.ServiceProvider.AspNetCore 1.0.3
AspNetCore.StaticSiteHelper 1.0.9 core static
AspNetCore.VersionedAssets 1.1.0 cdn core dotnet
BaseCodePackage 1.3.0
BB.Prototype.Website.Razor.Framework 1.0.1
Blazor.Host 0.3.0
Blogifier.Core.PostgreSql 1.1.0 blog blogging blogifier blogifierdotnet
BlueBox.Core 1.1.5 BlueBox Core
ChaosCMS 1.0.0 ChaosCMS cms
cloudscribe.Core.Web 2.0.27 cloudscribe multi-tenant core site management
cloudscribe.Core.Web.Mvc 2.0.47
cloudscribe.Web.Common 2.0.24 cloudscribe
CompressedStaticFiles 1.0.3 aspnetcore staticfiles compression precompressed gzip brotli
ConfigServer.Server 1.0.1
CoreXT.Toolkit 1.0.6 CoreXT AspNet WebApi MVC Toolkit
CrewCloud.Platform 1.1.9
Dazinator.AspNet.Extensions.FileProviders.Tests 1.4.0
Dkbe.CaptivePortal.MockServer 0.2.0 MockServer CaptivePortal External Authentication SonicWALL SonicOS
DotLiquid.Website 1.0.0
DotnetCoreTools.Core 1.4.5
dotnet-serve 0.1.0
dotnet-stdocs 1.1.0 documentation static website generator
EntityFrameworkCore.Diagrams 0.4.2 aspnetcore entityframeworkcore ef diagram er
Euroland.NetCore.ToolsFramework.Mvc 2.3.0
EzCoreKit 2.0.0
EzCoreKit.AspNetCore 3.0.0
Folke.Core 3.1.0
FormFactory.Standalone 4.0.28 dynamic forms asp editortemplates
Gemini.Web.Manage 1.1.0
GenericMvc 1.0.4 mvc ef generic utilities
GenericMvc.Test.App 1.0.0
GoldenEye.Frontend.Identity 2.1.2
graphiql 1.1.0 graphql graphiql core .net core
GraphQlRethinkDbLibrary 1.0.11 graphql rethinkdb
Hamazon.AspNetCore.SwaggerUI 1.1.5 swagger documentation discovery help webapi aspnet aspnetcore
Hood 1.2.6 ASP.NET MVC EntityFramework CMS
ITGlobal.MarkDocs.Core 0.11.101 markdocs markdown documentation aspnet aspnetcore
Itsomax.Module.Core 1.0.1
KK.AspNetCore.StaticFileCache 0.0.1
Kodersoft.Core.Shared.Mvc 1.0.1
Kuno.AspNetCore 1.0.0 kuno aspnetcore
Kyse.AspNetCore.StaticLibrary 1.0.1 staticlibrary staticfiles staticbrowser static files browser auhentication authorization
Love.Net.Help.UI 1.0.3 aspnetcore help discovery documentation webapi aspnet
MasDen.RichFileManager.DotNetConnector 1.0.1 aspnetcore netcore richfilemanager
Meziantou.AspNetCore.LetsEncrypt 1.0.0
Microsoft.AspNetCore.All 2.0.3 aspnetcore
Microsoft.AspNetCore.ApiHelp 1.0.0 swagger documentation discovery help api-help webapi aspnet aspnetcore
Min.AspNetCore 2.2.1 mvc mintoo application framework web framework framework domain driven design core
mobilpay 1.0.1
Mvc.JQuery.DataTables.AspNetCore 1.5.36 jquery datatables iqueryable razor asp mvc mvc5
NetCoreBundling 1.0.2 web optimization bundling net core css javascript minification transformation
NetCoreStack.Hisar 2.0.0 dotnet mvc application-framework cross-platform cms-framework extensibiliy
NetPack 0.1.0
NetPack.JsCombine 0.1.0
NetPack.JsMin 0.1.0
NFinal2.Host 1.0.02 NFinal2 MVC Owin NetCore NetStandard
NFinal2.Web 1.0.02 NFinal2 MVC Owin NetCore NetStandard
NSwag.AspNetCore 11.12.13 Swagger Documentation WebApi AspNet TypeScript CodeGen
NSwag.AspNetCore.ActionFramework 1.0.0
odec.Menu.Service 1.1.0 Menu Service odec Original Decisions
OdeToCode.UseNodeModules 1.0.5 middleware static files node_modules
Office365GraphCoreMVCHelper 1.1.0
Picums.Mvc 0.17.1
Piranha.Manager 4.0.2 cms mvc aspnetcore netstandard
React.AspNet.Middleware 3.2.0 mvc asp javascript js react facebook reactjs vnext 5 core
RHttpServer 2.0.5 RedHttpServer RHttpServer red rhs rhttp netcore http server api rendering ecs
Sample.Mvc 1.3.1
Sillycore.Web 0.6.1
Slalom.Stacks.AspNetCore 1.9.5 slalom stacks aspnetcore
StorytellerRunner 1.2.5 testing storyteller
SwaggerUi 1.1.0 Swagger Documentation Discovery Help WebApi AspNet AspNetCore
Swashbuckle.AspNetCore.SwaggerUi 1.1.0 swagger documentation discovery help webapi aspnet aspnetcore
TheCodeGuy.BespokeCms 1.0.0
TheLizzards.Mvc 1.1.1
TurboLinks.Net 1.1.1 TurboLinks Middlewear
WBPA.WellKnownLocations wellknown wellknownlocation wellknownlocations well-known location locations acme-challenge assetlinks.json core
WebCanvasCore 1.0.1 .NET Core, GUI, canvas, drawing
WebDAVServer.FileSystemStorage 6.0.4108 ITHit WebDAV Server AspNetCore Mac Linux sample filesystem
WebDAVServer.SqlStorage 6.0.4108 ITHit WebDAV Server AspNetCore Mac Linux sample Microsoft SQL database
WebEssentials.AspNetCore.StaticFilesWithCache 1.0.1 performance speed cache caching