ASP.NET Core MVC is a web framework that gives you a powerful, patterns-based way to build dynamic websites and web APIs. ASP.NET Core MVC enables a clean separation of concerns and gives you full control over markup.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc

PackageLatest VersionTags
Abp.AspNetCore 3.4.0 mvc boilerplate application framework web framework framework domain driven design core
Abp.Extension.Background 1.0.0
Abp.Zero.AspNetCore 3.4.0 mvc boilerplate application framework web framework framework domain driven design multitenancy user management role management identity aspnet core
Adf.Identity.AspNetCore 1.0.4 mvc adf application framework web domain driven design multitenancy user management role identity aspnet core
agent-core 0.2.1
Ama.LoggerProvider.Loggly.AspNetCore 1.0.6
AmanahBaseController 1.0.0
AndreyKurdiumov.AspNetCore.Helpers 0.2.0
AnetCore 1.1.2
APIology.ServiceProvider.AspNetCore 1.0.6
ApiTracker.AspNetCore 1.0.2 ApiTracker.AspNetCore
App.Metrics.Extensions.Mvc 1.2.1 mvc measurements charts timer histogram graphite influxdb health checks metrics
Ardalis.CoreFeatureFolders 1.0.0 aspnetcore mvc feature folder
Ardalis.ValidateModel 1.0.0 validate model action controller modelvalidation mvc web api
Arinsys.Core 1.2.0 ERP ASP.NET ASP.NET 5 MVC MVC 6 Enterprise Applications Enterprise Applications Web
AspNet.Metrics 1.0.0 mvc measurements charts timer histogram graphite influxdb health checks metrics
AspNet.Mvc.TypedRouting 1.3.0 core mvc typed routing routes links expressions lambda
ASPNETCORE.Api.Common 1.0.0
AspNetCore.CleanStart 1.0.4 net core asp net core start startup start-up start up initialization init
AspNetCore.IServiceCollection.AddIUrlHelper 1.1.0
AspNetCore.RouteAnalyzer 0.5.1 aspnetcore aspnetcoremvc
AspNetCore.VersionedAssets 1.1.0 cdn core dotnet
AspNetCoreRateLimit 2.1.0 aspnetcore rate-limit throttle
assetshelper 0.1.0
Audit.Mvc 11.0.4 Audit Trail Log MVC ActionFilter
Audit.Mvc.Core 11.0.4 Audit Trail Log MVC ActionFilter
Audit.WebApi 11.0.4 Audit Trail Log WebApi
Audit.WebApi.Core 11.0.4 Audit Trail Log WebApi
Aurochses.AspNetCore.Mvc 2.0.0 Mvc
Aurochses.Xunit.AspNetCore.Mvc 2.0.0 Test Unit xunit AspNetCore MVC
AuthorizePolicy 1.0.1 AspNetCore
AuthorizePolicy.JWT 1.0.2 Policy Authorize.JWT
Autumn.Mvc 1.1.0 Rsql Querydsl API Rest
Autumn.Mvc.Data 1.0.0 Rsql Querydsl API WOA architecture REST Repository
AweShur.Core 2.0.1
AweShur.Web 2.0.1
Ayax.Auth.Common.Web.NetCore 3.0.7
AztecaSoftware.Framework3.Web 3.4.64 AztecaSoftware Kernel Framework3
BarzinPlatform.Web.Utilities.ModelStateValidator 1.0.0
BaseCodePackage 1.3.0
BB.Prototype.Website.Razor.Framework 1.0.1
BeginCollectionItemCore 1.0.8 BeginCollectionItem HtmlHelper ASP.Net Core AspNetCore MVC BeginCollectionItemCore
Bell.Common.WebApi 0.5.6
Bibliotheca.Server.Authorization.Abstractions 1.0.0
Bibliotheca.Server.Depository.Abstractions 1.0.6
Bibliotheca.Server.Indexer.Abstractions 1.0.4
Bibliotheca.Server.Mvc.Middleware.Authorization 1.1.8
Bibliotheca.Server.Mvc.Middleware.Diagnostics 1.1.5
Bibliotheca.Server.ServiceDiscovery.ServiceClient 1.0.18
BJW.Raven 1.0.1
BlobService.Core 0.4.7 blobservice blobs files netcore
Blogifier.Core.PostgreSql 1.1.0 blog blogging blogifier blogifierdotnet
BlueBox.Core 1.1.21 BlueBox Core
BmgBreeze.AspNetCore 0.1.5
Breeze.AspNetCore.NetCore 0.1.2 AspNetCore javascript Breeze BreezeJs
BryanVam.Mvc.Core 1.1.5
BryanVam.Mvc.Core.Identity 1.0.0
Bsynchro.Rates.Core 4.10.8
Buddy.AspNetCore 1.1.1 buddy
BuildIt.Config.Api BuildIt
Buran.Core.MvcLibrary 1.0.5
BWS.Utils.AspNetCore 1.0.4 core csharp .net standard 2.0
bysun.webapi 5.2.5 bysun webapi
Bzoxo.WebAppCore 1.0.7 Bzoxo
C1.AspNetCore.Api 1.0.20173.119 ASP.NET
C1.AspNetCore.Api.BarCode 1.0.20173.119 ASP.NET
C1.AspNetCore.Api.DataEngine 1.0.20173.119 ASP.NET
C1.AspNetCore.Api.Document 1.0.20173.119 ASP.NET
C1.AspNetCore.Api.Excel 1.0.20173.119 ASP.NET
C1.AspNetCore.Api.Image 1.0.20173.119 ASP.NET
C1.AspNetCore.Api.Pdf 1.0.20173.119 ASP.NET
C1.AspNetCore.Api.Report 1.0.20173.119 ASP.NET
C1.AspNetCore.Mvc 1.0.20173.143 ASP.NET
C1.AspNetCore.Mvc.Finance 1.0.20173.143 ASP.NET
C1.AspNetCore.Mvc.FlexSheet 1.0.20173.143 ASP.NET
C1.AspNetCore.Mvc.FlexViewer 1.0.20173.143 ASP.NET
C1.AspNetCore.Mvc.MultiRow 1.0.20173.143 ASP.NET
C1.AspNetCore.Mvc.Olap 1.0.20173.143 ASP.NET
CacheableContentResult 1.1.2 AspNet mvc mvc3 mvc4 mvc5 actionresult aspnetcore aspnetcoremvc
CanducciHtmlMvcHelpersCore 1.0.0
Captcha 4.3.0 captcha botdetect form forms validation core-captcha nuget-captcha mvc-captcha mvc mvc6 mvc5 mvc4 mvc3 mvc2 mvc1 4.3.0 captcha botdetect mvc6 .net4.5.1 .net4.6
ChaosCMS 1.0.0 ChaosCMS cms
ClientNotifications 1.17.1 ASP.NET Core MVC toastr toast sweet notification
cloudscribe.Core.IdentityServerIntegration 2.1.9 cloudscribe identity
cloudscribe.Core.IdentityServerIntegration.Mvc 2.1.11 cloudscribe identityserver
cloudscribe.Core.SimpleContent 2.0.8 cloudscribe blog
cloudscribe.Core.SimpleContent.Mvc 2.0.8 cloudscribe integration ASP.NET Core
cloudscribe.Core.Web 2.1.3 cloudscribe multi-tenant core site management
cloudscribe.Core.Web.Mvc 2.1.8
cloudscribe.FileManager.Web 2.0.10 cloudscribe filemanager
cloudscribe.Logging.Web 2.1.1 cloudscribe logging database
cloudscribe.MetaWeblog 2.0.0 cloudscribe metaweblog api core
cloudscribe.SimpleContactForm 2.0.0 cloudscribe contact form
cloudscribe.SimpleContent.Web 2.0.15 cloudscribe blog
cloudscribe.SimpleContent.Web.Mvc 2.0.23 cloudscribe blog cms MVC ASP.NET Core
cloudscribe.Syndication.Web 2.0.0 cloudscribe syndication rss atom feed
cloudscribe.UserProperties 2.0.0 cloudscribe userprofile customization