ASP.NET Core common extension methods for HTTP abstractions, HTTP headers, HTTP request/response, and session state. This package was built from the source code at
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.Extensions

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.Extensions

PackageLatest VersionTags 1.0.0
AfominDotCom.AspNetCore.AngularCLI 1.0.7 asp net core angular cli
AgentFramework.AspNetCore 4.0.0
Alyio.AspNetCore.ApiMessages 2.1.0 AspNetCore Api Messages
Amockibia 2.1.0 http test stub mock spy rest restful api
AntServiceStack.Core 2.4.6
AntSoa 2.7.7
App.Metrics.AspNetCore.Core 3.1.0 appmetrics aspnetcore metrics
App.Metrics.AspNetCore.Health.Core 3.1.0 appmetrics aspnetcore middleware healthchecks
AppGuru.AspNetCore.AngularCLI 1.0.1 asp net core angular cli
AppImpact.AspNetCore 3.15.0
AskyCore 2.1.8 Asky ATool Dapper MySql TiDB PostgreSql Citus Kubernetes Rancher RabbitMQ Kafka Eshop Docker EFCore ERP CRM CMS Blog ABP
AspNet.Core.Webhooks 1.0.0 Aspnet core Webhook Github Appveyor
AspNet.Plus.Infrastructure.ExceptionInterceptHandler 2.2.4 DNX ASP.NET AspNetCore Exception Handling WebAPI Mvc
AspNet.Plus.Infrastructure.ExceptionInterceptHandler.TempWorksLabs.Fork 1.1.1 DNX ASP.NET AspNetCore Exception Handling WebAPI Mvc
AspNetCore.ResponseCaching.PostSupport 2.0.0 ResponseCaching
AspNetCore.TencentCos 5.0.3 tencent qcloud cos dotnet sdk xml api
AspNetCoreExt.AppInitialization 1.0.1 core warmup app initialization
aspnetcore-helpers 0.3.0
Atalasoft.dotImage.WebControls.Core.x64 Atalasoft imaging image core forms
Atalasoft.dotImage.WebControls.Core.x86 Atalasoft imaging image core forms
Ataoge.AspNetCore.BasicOverrides 2.2.0 aspnetcore proxy headers xforwarded
Ataoge.AspNetCore.HttpOverrides 2.2.0 aspnetcore proxy headers xforwarded
AwardstageSDK 1.1.0
AweShur.Core 2.0.1
AweShur.Web 2.0.1
AWSXRayRecorder.Handlers.AspNetCore 2.6.0 AWS Amazon cloud AWSXRay XRay
Axle.Web.WebSharper.All Axle WebSharper
Backload.AspNetCore 2.2.7 Backload file upload jquery file upload fine uploader plupload mvc NET Core
Bing.Core 1.1.0 bing applicationframework dotnetcore aspnetcore
Bing.Utils 1.1.0 bing applicationframework dotnetcore aspnetcore
Bit.OwinCore 2.5.0 Bit aspnetcore
Bit.OwinCore.AspNetCore21Upgrade 2.7.0 Bit aspnetcore2.1
Bit.OwinCore.AspNetCore22Upgrade 2.7.0 Bit aspnetcore2.2
Bit.OwinCore.AspNetCore2Upgrade 2.7.0 Bit aspnetcore2
Blacktau.OpenAuth.AspNet.SessionStateStorage 0.2.3
Blog.Plugin 2.4.0 asp net core plugin manager blog
Botwin 3.5.0 core nancy .net core routing botwin
Bugsnag.AspNet.Core 2.2.0 bugsnag crash exception-handling exception-reporting exception-handler error-monitoring error-reporting error-handling unhandled-exceptions debug exceptions error errors bug bugs crash-reporting crash-reporting-tool error-log diagnostic
Bunder 1.0.1 AspNetCore bundling assets scripts styles js css html markup tags
Bupa.Api.Common.AspNetCore 1.1.1 Azure AspNetCore Publisher Subscriber
Captcha 4.4.2 captcha botdetect form forms validation core-captcha nuget-captcha mvc-captcha mvc mvc-core mvc6 mvc5 mvc4 mvc3 mvc2 mvc1 4.4.2 captcha botdetect mvc-core .net4.5.1-.net4.8+
Carter 4.2.0 core nancy .net core routing carter
CatalystFire.Ignition.AspNetCore 8.0.4
Catharsium.Util 1.3.0 Util Utilities
Catharsium.Util.Web 1.3.0 Util Utilities Web Validation Rest service
Cf.Libs.Core 1.0.1
ChilliSource.Cloud.Web 1.0.1 ChilliSource ChilliSource Cloud Web
Citms.Common.Core 1.8.2 微服务 Autofac AutoMapper HttpClient ServiceDiscovery
Cloud.Net.Sdk.Hmac 1.0.2
cloudscribe.Core.Identity 3.0.25 cloudscribe identity
cloudsu.util 1.0.0
Company.Plugin 2.4.0 asp net core plugin manager company plugin
Components.RestFul 1.1.27
CoreFaces.Licensing 1.0.3
CoreFaces.Region.Models 1.0.2
CoreFaces.Region.Repositories 1.0.2
CoreUtil 1.0.4
CoreXT.ASPNet 1.0.8 CoreXT AspNet WebApi MVC
Cortside.Common.RabbitMQ 1.0.5
Cuemon.AspNetCore 5.0.2019.40 middleware extension methods
Cuemon.AspNetCore.Package 5.0.2019.40 aspnetcore aspnet core middleware authentication basic digest hmac timemeasure insights cachebusting filters exceptiondescriptor mvc extension methods throttling rate limit throttle user-agent useragent
CyberBizSoft.Casual.Microservices.Logging 2.2.2
DNTBreadCrumb.Core 1.9.0 MVC breadcrumb bread crumb Twitter Bootstrap .NET Core aspnetcore
DNTBreadCrumb.Core-UIkit 1.1.0 MVC breadcrumb bread crumb UIkit .NET Core aspnetcore
DNTCaptcha.Core 1.7.0 MVC aspnetcore captcha .NET Core
DocumentationPlugin 2.4.0 asp net core plugin manager Documentation Plugin
Dolores 1.0.6
dotnet_core_simple_jwt 1.0.2
DotnetCoreLicensing 1.0.0
DotNetCoreOpen.PrerenderMiddleware 1.0.2 ASP.NET Core Middleware ASP.NET Core DotNetCore
DotnetFramework 1.0.3
DotNetLive.Framework.Web 1.0.1
DotVVM.AspNetCore 2.3.1 dotvvm mvvm owin dotnetcore dnx
DownloadPlugin 2.4.0 asp net core plugin manager error manager
Elastic.Apm.AspNetCore 1.0.0 apm monitoring elastic elasticapm analytics aspnetcore
ErrorManager.Plugin 2.4.0 asp net core plugin manager error manager
EsiNet.AspNetCore 0.2.15 esinet esi edgesideinclude aspnetcore middleware polly
Everest2.Share 1.0.90
eway-rapid-netstandard 2.0.2
Exceptionless.AspNetCore 4.3.2027 ASP.NET Exceptionless Error Report Reporting Exception Logging Log ELMAH
Exceptionless.AspNetCore.Signed 4.3.2027 ASP.NET Exceptionless Error Report Reporting Exception Logging Log ELMAH
FazelMan 1.0.1
FhirStarter.R4.Detonator.Core 4.0.26 fhir dotnetcore r4 detonator fhirstarter
FileAuthorization 1.0.0
FileAuthorization.Abstractions 1.0.0
Finflaex.Support.MVCCore 2018.8.3.2