This package contains the core runtime assemblies for ASP.NET Web API. This package is used by hosts of the ASP.NET Web API runtime. To host a Web API in IIS use the Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.WebHost package. To host a Web API in your own process use the Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.SelfHost package.
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Here are the packages that version 5.2.3 of Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Core depends on.

Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Client : (5.2.3)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Core

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Core

PackageLatest VersionTags
1123 1.0.0
4ps.Library 2.4.2
4ps.Library.Server.Tools 3.2.1
A.Core.WebAPI 0.0.6 REST T4 A.Core
AbiokaApi.Host 1.0.2 web api domain abioka
AbiokaApi.Infrastructure.Framework 1.0.2 web api domain abioka
Accesa.SharePointWebApiContext 1.0.9 SharePoint Provider Hosted Add-in WebApi 2.0
AccidentalFish.ApplicationSupport.Owin.WebApi owin http interception logging azure website asp aspnet diagnostics table storage
ADee.Framework.WebAPI.GlobalException 1.0.0 ADee WebAPI Exception
AdnSuite.WebApi 1.0.6144.21189
Adwaer.Identity 1.0.23 Adwaer.Identity
AIStudio.Adapter.BotFramework 1.0.2 AIStudio Adapater Bot Framework ISR iLi ai chatbot robot artificial intelligence
Akka.Visualizer 1.0.0
Alchemy4Tridion.Plugin 1.0.1 Tridion Alchemy4Tridion Plugin Plugins Extensions A4T
Alegri.AspNet.UnityExtensions 0.0.8
AmosSecurity 0.2.0
AoPayPalHelper 1.0.6 paypal-ipn webapi2
Aperea.Bootstrap.WebApi ApereaFramework AutoMapper ASP.NET MVC MVC
ApiMultipartFormDataFormatter 1.0.0 multipart multipart/form-data formatter
Apiology.Hal Hypermedia ASP.NET HAL JSON WebApi
ApirIO 1.1.5 SQL REST WebApi AspNet AspNetWebApi SelfHost
AppInsightsMVCFilters 1.2.8
ApprovalTests.Asp.WebApi 1.0.0 Approvals ApprovalTests ApprovalTest Test Verification Verify Approve Testing Asp WebApi Routing
Appson.Common.CodeSnippets 0.9.4
Appson.Common.Stimulsoft 0.9.4 appson common stimul stimulsoft stimulreports
appstitch.aspnet 2015.2.3
Arbor.WebApi.Formatting.HtmlForms 2.1.1
Archon.WebApi 1.4.2
Archon.WebApi.Logging 1.4.1
ASDLibrary 1.0.0 HMAC
AspNet.HealthCheck 1.0.1 AspNet Asp.Net Health HealthCheck
AspNet.WebApi.HtmlMicrodataFormatter 2.5.0 microdata rest webapi HATEOAS
AspNetWebApi.ApiActionSelector aspnetwebapi http webapi ActionSelection ApiActionSelector
AspNetWebApi.FiveLevelsOfMediaType aspnetwebapi http webapi MediaType FiveLevelsOfMediaType
ASPNetWebAPICustomMediaTypes 1.0.0 ASP.Net Web API Web API Media Type Vendor Content Type Custom Media Type Headers
ASPNetWebAPIRequestValidator 1.0.0 ASP.Net Web API DataAnnotations Validation Data Annotations ModelState
Atlas.Core.WebApi WebApi RESTful Json
Atlassian.Connect 1.0.2
Audit.WebApi 8.3.1 Audit Trail Log WebApi
AutoClutch.AutoController 4.5
AutoClutch.ODataApiController 4.5.2
Autofac.WebApi2 4.1.0
AutoQueryable.AspNet.Filter 1.1.0 AutoQueryable AutoQuery OData GraphQL
AutoResponse.WebApi2 0.5.0
AutoResponse.WebApi2.Autofac 0.5.0
Bailey.Web.Http 1.0.0 Castle Windsor ASP.NET WebApi
Barricade 3.0.0 2Toad Barricade Security Password Claims OAuth Authentication Authorization Membership Users
BarzinPlatform.Web.Utilities.ClientIP 1.0.1
BarzinPlatform.Web.Utilities.ModelStateValidator 1.0.0
BasicAuthentication 1.0.1 Basic Authentication Owin
Beginor.Owin.WebApi.Windsor 0.2.2 castle windsor ioc dependency resolver web-api
Bernos.FileUploader.WebApi FileUploader WebApi
Betalgo.TolgaTheApiWizard tolga wep api wizard
biz.dfch.CS.Entity.LifeCycleManager 1.0.0 dfch lifecycle entity C#
biz.dfch.CS.Entity.LifeCycleManager.Extensions.Default 1.0.0 dfch lifecycle extensions C#
biz.dfch.CS.Osram.Lightify.Client 1.0.0 dfch Osram Lightify Client C#
biz.dfch.CS.Web.Utilities 4.0.1 dfch web utilities C#
Blue.Authentication.Clients.Scim 1.5.0 Blue.Authentication
BlueBreezeExperienceSuite.LearnMoreArtifact.Server 2014.2.3
BlueMetal.WebApi.Unity Unity WebApi ioc
BmSoftware.Core.v4 1.2.15
boom 0.5.0
BrakePedal.Http 1.0.3 throttling rate-limit rate limit http webapi
Bricks.WebAPI 0.1.5809.24406 Bricks Builders ASP.NET Web API
BuildIt.Web BuildIt
bUtility.TokenCache.Controllers biks tokencache
bUtility.WebApi biks webApi utility
BWakaBats.Mvc 1.0.23 Bootstrap MVC
Cabinet.Web 1.2.0 Files IO S3
CacheCow.Server 1.2.3 aspnetwebapi http caching webapi cachecow etag
CacheCow.Server.EntityTagStore.Redis 1.1.0 aspnetwebapi http caching webapi cachecow etag redis
CacheCow.Server.EntityTagStore.Redis45 1.0.0 aspnetwebapi http caching webapi cachecow etag redis
CacheCow.Server45 1.2.0 aspnetwebapi http caching webapi cachecow etag
Calabonga.Owin.Application.Spa 1.1.1 calabonga web api spa durandal owin single page application javascript requiredjs
Camalot.Common.Mvc5 5.0.5937.17276 extensions tools common helpers mvc5 aspnetmvc5
CB.Ioc.Asp.Net.Integration 1.0.4 Ioc autofac
CcAcca.CacheAbstraction.WebApi 1.2.0 Cache Caching
CDB.Ambulance 1.0.3
CelloSaaS.AuthServer SaaS Multi tenant Framework Development Migration Application Platform Challenges Non-Functional Requirements Multi-Tenant Enablement Tenant Architecture
CelloSaaS.Web 4.6.1 SaaS Multi tenant Framework SaaS Development SaaS Migration SaaS Application Development Platform SaaS Challenges SaaS Non-Functional Requirements Multi-Tenant Enablement Multi Tenant Architecture
CeviriDukkaniWebCore 1.0.1
Chakra.Mvc 1.0.11
Chakra.WebApi 1.0.18
Cireson.Platform.Extension.WebUi 0.1.10 ciresonCPEX
Cireson.Platform.SDK 1.0.73 Cireson SDK
ClaimsValueProvider 1.0.0
Climax.Web.Http 1.4.0 webapi climax aspnet aspnetwebapi
CLK.AspNet.Identity.Mvc.Template 2.2.2
CloudCore.TestSite 2017.109.107.11127
CloudCorev1.Site 1.0.0
CloudCorev1.Web 1.0.0