This package contains everything you need to host ASP.NET Web API on IIS. ASP.NET Web API is a framework that makes it easy to build HTTP services that reach a broad range of clients, including browsers and mobile devices. ASP.NET Web API is an ideal platform for building RESTful applications on the .NET Framework.
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Here are the packages that version 5.2.4 of Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi depends on.

Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.WebHost.zh-Hant : (5.2.4)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi

Packages that Depend on Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi

PackageLatest VersionTags
4ps.Library 2.4.2
4ps.Library.Server.Tools 3.3.0
A.Core.WebAPI 0.0.6 REST T4 A.Core
Abp.Web.Api 3.4.0 mvc boilerplate application framework web framework framework domain driven design web api
Accesa.SharePointWebApiContext 1.0.9 SharePoint Provider Hosted Add-in WebApi 2.0
Adf.Web.Api 1.0.4 mvc adf application framework web domain driven design api
AF.Services.WebApi 0.9.23
AISoftware.NPMTest ANY
AIStudio.Adapter.BotFramework 1.0.2 AIStudio Adapater Bot Framework ISR iLi ai chatbot robot artificial intelligence
AJA.AdminLTE 1.0.0 AJA.AdminLTE JAMOR Codetrives
Ajax.Gateway.WebApi DEPRECIATED - Do Not Use
AK.Commons.Web 1.0.3 ak.commons.web commons aashish koirala
AL.Framework.WebApi Asp.Net WebApi
AnalyzerApi ProjectAnalyzer API autoupdate
Angular4 1.1.0 Angular4 Angular4Template ng4 ng4Template Angular ng MVC
AOP.WebApi 1.0.4 WebApi Microsoft AspNet AspNetWebApi AOP AOPWebApi CrossCuttingConcern Arif ArifKÖKEN
AoPayPalHelper 1.0.6 paypal-ipn webapi2
Apexnet.Agenda.Common 3.5.0
ApiClientTest 1.1.0
ApiTracker apiTracker elasticsearch log
ApplicationInsights.Helpers.WebApi2 1.3.0 Application Insights WebApi
Arragro.WebApi 1.0.177 Arragro Arragro.WebApi WebApi
Arragro.WebApi.Client 1.0.177 Arragro Arragro.WebApi WebApi
AspNetWebApi 4.0.20710.0
Asystems.MvcWebApiHelpers 1.0.3 mvc web api helper
AuditLog.Ma9 1.0.0 Log de Auditoria
AutoFixture.AutoMoq.WebApi 2.2.1
Ayax.Auth.Common.Web 3.0.7
backbone.js.coffeescript.starterkit 1.0.1 aspnetmvc backbone spa coffeescript starter
backbone.js.javascript.starterkit 1.0.1 aspnetmvc backbone spa javascript starter
backbone.js.typescript.starterkit 1.0.1 aspnetmvc backbone spa typescript starter
Bardock.Utils.Web.WebApi 1.0.0 .net4 utils web webapi api
BearerAuthentication 1.0.1
Beetlejs.WebApi2 2.3.2 ASP.NET WebApi 2 Entity Framework 6 OData Single Page Application SPA Unit of Work Client Side Change Tracker Beetle
biz.dfch.CS.Entity.LifeCycleManager 1.0.0 dfch lifecycle entity C#
biz.dfch.CS.Entity.LifeCycleManager.Extensions.Default 1.0.0 dfch lifecycle extensions C#
BlackBarLabs.Api 0.1.7
BlueBreezeExperienceSuite.LearnMoreArtifact.Server 2014.2.3
BlueLeet.Core 0.5.36 BlueLeet Core
Breeze.Server.WebApi.Core 1.4.16 javascript WebApi Breeze SPA
BrickPile 0.5.4 brickpile cms ravendb mvc nosql
BS.TestSite.Framework EngityFramework
bscheiman.Common.Aspnet 2.2.1449483579 boris scheiman bscheiman common helpers util extension extensions xm mexico aspnet mvc bootstrap
BumperLane.Tenant.Api.Framework 1.0.3 virteom bumperlane
bysun.webapi 5.2.5 bysun webapi
C1.LightSwitch.Olap.Server 4.0.20173.64 componentone lightswitch wijmo olap webapi
Calabonga.Owin.Application.Spa 1.1.1 calabonga web api spa durandal owin single page application javascript requiredjs
CalcProject 1.648.0 calc project
CalculatorDemo Continuous Integration Delivery
CAPI.API 0.0.1
Catpic 0.7.7 gadget opensocial social
CDB.Ambulance 1.0.3
CelloSaaS.AuthServer SaaS Multi tenant Framework Development Migration Application Platform Challenges Non-Functional Requirements Multi-Tenant Enablement Tenant Architecture
CelloSaaS.Web 4.6.1 SaaS Multi tenant Framework SaaS Development SaaS Migration SaaS Application Development Platform SaaS Challenges SaaS Non-Functional Requirements Multi-Tenant Enablement Multi Tenant Architecture
Cicada.Boot.Aspnet.WebApi Cicada WebApi fileupload Documentation
CiDi.SDK.WebApi 1.2.0 cidi sdk webapi
citizen 1.0.0 application
ClientiDw9 4.3.0 Clienti DynamicWeb
CLK.AspNet.Identity.Mvc.Template 2.2.2
CloudCore.Web 2018.102.121.12051
Cobweb.Web.WebApi AspNet WebApi AspNetWebApi Cobweb Arana
Cofoundry.Plugins.DependencyInjection.Autofac.Web 0.1.0 Cofoundry Autofac Plugin DependencyInjection DI
ContosoUniversity Repository Pattern Paging Concurrency Unit of Work Sorting ADO.NET Entity Framework Code First CRUD Filtering Complex Data Model Inheritance in Advanced Scenarios
Cql.Core.Owin 2.0.1
Cql.Core.Owin.SwaggerDocs 2.0.1
CreaSoft.Composition.Web.Mvc 1.1.0 CreaSoft Composition Web Mvc
CreateNugetPackage 1.0.0
Crux.WebApi 0.2.3
Crux.WebApi.Testing 0.2.3
CS.Utility.Web 1.0.1 CSStudio CSWare Utility Lib Extension Web MVC
Cunesoft.Generics 1.3.0
DaenetSecurityManagerOwin 1.0.10 AAD authorization middleware owin daenet ASP.NET.MVC
DataTables.AspNet.WebApi2 2.0.2 DataTables DataTables.Mvc DataTables.WebApi2 WebApi WebApi2
DeltaUniverse.DeltaGridMVC.WebAPI 1.0.10 WebAPI JSON DeltaUniverse DeltaGridMVC
Devkru.Web.NgWeb Devkru Framework Web Mvc AngularJs Bootstrap
Devonline 1.3.7 WebApi2 EF6 oData v4 bootstrap client mvc
Devonline.Extensions WebApi2 EF6 oData v4
DistributedNetworkTrainingStorageAPI 2.1.1
Dorsa.Web.Api mvc Dorsa application framework web framework framework domain driven design
DotJEM.Web.Host 0.1.7 WebAPI SPA
DotNetStarter.Extensions.WebApi 2.0.0 WebApi DotNetStarter Startup
Dragon.SecurityServer.AccountSTS.Client 1.0.1
Dragon.SecurityServer.ProfileSTS.Client 1.0.0
Dsi.Web.Api 1.0.2 mvc application framework web framework framework domain driven design web api
Durwella.CompilerServices 1.0.5
Dwarf.WebApi Dwarf WebApi
DynamicaLabs.WebTools 1.1.1