ReSharper Annotations help reduce false positive warnings, explicitly declare purity and nullability in your code, deal with implicit usages of members, support special semantics of APIs in ASP.NET and XAML frameworks and otherwise increase accuracy of ReSharper code inspections. All usages of ReSharper Annotations attributes are erased from metadata by default, which means no actual binary reference to 'JetBrains.Annotations.dll' assembly is produced. If you need to preserve these attributes in metadata, just define 'JETBRAINS_ANNOTATIONS' conditional compilation symbol in your projects.
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Here are the packages that version 11.1.0 of JetBrains.Annotations depends on.

System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe : (4.5.1)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package JetBrains.Annotations

Packages that Depend on JetBrains.Annotations

PackageLatest VersionTags
Abp 3.7.2 mvc boilerplate application framework web framework framework domain driven design
AD.ApiExtensions 1.1.102
AD.Collections 1.3.0
AD.Identity 1.0.7
AD.IO 1.5.37 read-data read-xml read-csv read-delimited file data xml csv
AD.Mathematics 1.0.0
AD.OpenXml 1.5.84 xml open-xml docx xlsx read-xml write-xml write-docx create-docx
AD.Parser 1.0.0 C# parser lexical equation formula
AD.Questionnaires 1.4.56
AD.Reflection 1.1.0
AD.Xml 1.4.18
Adf 1.0.5 mvc ydt application framework web domain driven design
Algo 1.0.0
Aliyun.Api.LogService 1.0.0 Aliyun
Alphacloud.Common.Caching.Memcached alphacloud enyim memcached
Alphacloud.Common.Caching.Memcached.CommonLogging alphacloud enyim memcached common logging
Alphacloud.Common.Caching.Redis alphacloud caching redis
Alphacloud.Common.Core alphacloud
Alphacloud.Common.Infrastructure alphacloud infrastructure caching
Alphacloud.Common.Testing.Nunit alphacloud signed testing nunit moq
Alphacloud.Common.Web.Mvc alphacloud mvc
AlphaVantage.Net.Core 1.0.3
Ama.RestClient 1.3.2
AnnotationaL 2017.265.19.16 annotations C#
AnotherJiraRestClient-Ruskin 0.0.9 AnotherJiraRestClient
AR.Common 1.1.1
AR.Compression.BZip2 0.9.7
arguments-manager 1.0.0
Arkane.Exceptions 0.1.17 arkane exceptions
Arkane.Json.Expandos 0.1.3 json dynamic
AspNet.Security.OAuth.Baidu 1.0.0 aspnetcore authentication oauth security baidu
AspNet.Security.OAuth.EduLogin aspnetcore authentication edulogin oauth security school
AspNetCore.Security.OAuth.OK 1.0.5 aspnetcore authentication security oauth odnoklassniki одноклассники
AspNetCore.Security.OAuth.Vkontakte 1.0.1 aspnetcore authentication oauth security vkontakte
AStarostin.ConfigurationSettings 1.0.3
AuthorizR 0.1.0
AzureDataCollectorLoggingProvider 1.0.0 ILogger Log Analytics Azure HTTP Data Collector API NETSTANDARD_20
Azuria 0.6 proxer
BananaWrapperLoL League of Legends API riot games C# Wrapper
Barcodes.Pdf417 1.0.1
benembery-web-performance-helpers-for-mvc MVC webperf "Web Performance" "ajax includes" "critical css"
Benmoussa.UnitOfWork 1.0.5
BigWatson 1.5.0 csharp netstandard realm exception report debug coding test log
BotBitsExt.Movement 1.0.3 BotBits EverybodyEdits
BotBitsExt.Rounds 1.3.4 BotBits EverybodyEdits
BotBitsExt.SQLite 1.0.4 BotBits BotBitsExt EverybodyEdits
Brewmaster.TemplateSDK.Contracts 1.6.0 Aditi Brewmaster TemplateSDK
Buttplug.Client 0.2.3
Buttplug.Components.Controls 0.2.3
Buttplug.Core 0.2.3
Buttplug.Server 0.2.3
Buttplug.Server.Managers.UWPBluetoothManager 0.2.3
CacheBucket.Core 1.0.16 caching bucket cache-bucket redis memory-cache
CacheBucket.Factory 1.0.16 caching bucket cache-bucket redis memory-cache
Cake.Openshift 0.4.0 cake openshift cake-addin cake-plugin
CalcProject 1.654.0 calc project
canhcam.base 1.0.2322.12
CatalystFire.Swag 1.0.40
CG.Commons 1.0.1 Commons C# DataStructures Dictionary Extensions
ClrCoder.Private.CoreLib 0.3.0
ClrCoder.Threading.AsyncDisposable 0.3.0
Cmc 0.0.1 Compiler Analyzer TypeSystem Cm Cmlang
CodeZero 1.0.1 c# c-sharp best-practices aspnet aspnetcore domain-driven-design architecture framework multi-tenancy
CommonTools 0.0.1602.2603 null nullcheck extensions arguments
CopaceticSoftware.Common 0.2.5010.18016 CopaceticSoftware Copacetic Software Common
Core2.Selkie.Windsor 1.0.18037.1 Selkie Windsor Core2
CoreFNBT 1.0.9 nbt minecraft
CoreFNBT.Serialization 1.0.9 nbt minecraft
CostEffectiveCode 2.5.3
CostEffectiveCode.Akka 3.1.6
CostEffectiveCode.EntityFramework 2.0.2
CostEffectiveCode.EntityFramework6 2.4.3
CostEffectiveCode.NLog 1.0.1
CostEffectiveCode.Processes 2.2.0
CostEffectiveCode.Processes.Akka 0.1.0
CostEffectiveCode.WebApi2 1.0.1
Cql.Core.Common 2.1.5
Cql.Core.TransactionScopes 2.0.1
Cql.Core.Web 2.2.1
CroplandWpf 1.0.19
Dangl.Nuke.CoberturaConverter 1.1.4
DataBlocks.CSharp 1.0.2
Dccelerator.Core 0.0.17 Reflection Convertion Extensions