LogEntries logger component for easy logging to LogEntries log set. Log libraries contain components for logging messages to various destinations. Integround Components is a collection of open source integration components to help you build custom integration solutions easily. These components can be used in any .NET application to make it easier to execute many integration-related tasks without writing all code by yourself.
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Here are the packages that version of Integround.Components.Log.LogEntries depends on.

Integround.Components.Core : ( Serilog : (2.0.0) Serilog.Sinks.Logentries : (2.0.15) Serilog.Sinks.PeriodicBatching : (2.0.0)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Integround.Components.Log.LogEntries

Packages that Depend on Integround.Components.Log.LogEntries

No packages were found that depend on version