This is an agile HTML parser that builds a read/write DOM and supports plain XPATH or XSLT (you actually don't HAVE to understand XPATH nor XSLT to use it, don't worry...). It is a .NET code library that allows you to parse "out of the web" HTML files. The parser is very tolerant with "real world" malformed HTML. The object model is very similar to what proposes System.Xml, but for HTML documents (or streams).
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package HtmlAgilityPack -Version 1.6.13

Packages that Depend on HtmlAgilityPack

PackageLatest VersionTags
2001 1.0.0 Wapic
ACSEB.Fx 1.0.0
AdvancedAgilityPack 1.1.0
AdvancedWebClient 0.0.1
aemarcoCore 1.3.0 aemarco
AFL 1.2.162
AjaxControlToolkit.HtmlEditor.Sanitizer 18.1.1 Ajax Toolkit
Amesto.AutoConnect.Core 2.0.8 translations episerver
Andgasm.BookieBreaker.Harvest 0.0.6 BookieBreaker Lib Harvest
Animatronio 2.0.65 Selenium WebDriver
AntiSamy 1.0.5
AppWebService.Consumer 1.34.0
ArcaneLib 1.0.26
ArgusNuGet 1.0.2
ASI.SeleniumExtensions Selenium Integration testing
Atoms.PreCompiler 1.1.162
AutoUiConfigGenerator 1.0.0
Awful 0.9.1
AwfulForumsLibrary Something Awful Forums Lowtax YOSPOS
Azuria 0.6 proxer
Azy.FateGrandOrderAPI 0.3.7 Fate-Grand-Order Api WIP
BeautifulWeb 1.0.5
BetterCms.Module.LuceneSearch 2.0.7
BetterCms.Module.Root 2.0.8
BFound.HtmlToMarkdown 0.0.5 markdown html converter
BHforumAPI 1.0.2
BinaryIdiot.UrlPreview 0.1.1
BingSearcher 1.1.0 bing search lazy url
BLogic.Shared.Modules.Selenium 1.0.5 page-object-pattern page object pattern selenium test automation
Boilerpipe.Net 1.2.0 text boilerplate content extraction
Boilerpipe.Net.Core 1.0.1 Boilerpipe .NET Core Text Extraction
BSolutions.Mecons 2.2.0 aspnetcore aspnetcoremvc taghelper taghelpers tag helpers bootstrap metronic brecons mecons
Carubbi.Web.Utils Util Cross-Cutting Framework
CatHtmlUtils 1.2.2
Catpic 0.7.7 gadget opensocial social
Cavity.Data.Html HTML Data
Cep 2.0.3 cep correios endereco address brazil brazilian zip code codigo endereçamento postal
CERNSSO 2.1.0 CERN Security SSO
Cireson.Platform.Extension.WebUi 0.1.10 ciresonCPEX
ClientiDw9 4.3.0 Clienti DynamicWeb
cloudscribe.SimpleContent.Web 4.0.18 cloudscribe blog content
cloudscribe.Web.Common 3.0.24 cloudscribe
Coco.Web 0.3.0
CodeForceLib 2.0.5
CodeHollow.FeedReader 1.1.6 feed rss atom
Coderwall.Models 1.0.0
Coli.Framework.ReceitaFederal 1.0.5 cpf cnpj consulta receita federal 1.2.3 tuanitpro net.core cryptography
com.kaizengineering.Library 1.0.5611.22252 Logging
com.staticvoidlabs.nugetlibs.gtools 1.0.1 Google Tools Search
com.staticvoidlabs.nugetlibs.orfparser 0.9.0 ORF epg iptv
Common.Utility.Atom 1.2.2
CorpusExplorer.SDK 2.2019.1.5 NLP text-mining data-mining textmining datamining linguistics corpus corpora corpus-linguistics natural language processing
CrawlerLib.Engine 2.3.5544.21265 crawler-lib task processor workflow action async await crawler spider bot scraper twitter facebook google+ blog http html xml json rss feed datamining IAsync tpl webrequest extracting
CreativeGurus.Common.MagentoRestSdk 1.0.3
CrewCloud.Platform 3.0.0
CrystalWind.Net.WebCrawler 2.1.1
CSF.Zpt.DocumentProviders.HtmlHAP 1.1.0
CsfdAPI 2018.1.20.1 CSFD API
CssInliner 0.1.1 Css Html Email
CXuesong.MW.WikiClientLibrary.Wikia 0.6.1 MediaWiki Wikia API Client
Czf.Domain.NewsBankWrapper 1.0.0 newsbank
Dangl.TextConverter 1.2.3 antlr4 rtf html plain text conversion
DataCollectorLib 1.0.3
DevelopmentHelpers.FileContentReader 2.0.2
DicioAPI 2.0.0 Dicio Meanings Synonyms Sinônimos Significados Dicionário pt-BR
DNA 1.0.6823.22069
DNTCommon.Web.Core 1.3.3 MVC aspnetcore .NET Core
DOCODO.NET 0.1.1 search engine document page index full text
DocuPanel 0.3.0 WPF Markdown
doG.Web 0.6.2 doG .Net Core Portable RAD Rapid Application Development Typescript .Net Framemwork Innovative
Domi-UserCtrl 2.1.0 Miscellanea-WPF-UserCtrl
Donkey.Http 0.3.1
Donkey.Qbot 0.2.1
DonutOutputCachingCore 1.0.26 performance speed cache caching
dotNetRDF 2.1.0 RDF Semantic Web SPARQL RDF/XML Turtle Notation3
DotnetSpider.Extraction.ExcelExpression 3.0.6 DotnetSpider crawler dotnet core
DotnetSpider.HtmlAgilityPack.Css 3.0.6 DotnetSpider crawler dotnet core
DotnetSpiderLite.HtmlAgilityPack 0.1.6910.4 DotnetSpider crawler
DotSee.NodeRestrict 1.0.1 umbraco publish nodes doctypes
dotSkoob 1.0.0 Skoob books
Dragonfly.Net 1.12.1
Drool 1.3.7 smtp sendgrid mailgun
DT.MailServer 1.0.0
EclassApi 1.1.10 eclass eclassmobileapi gr
EEAutoFramework 1.1.0
Elision.Foundation 2.0.3 sitecore elision foundation
Elision.Foundation-redist 2.0.3 sitecore elision foundation
EPiSearch 0.1 EPiServer full text search FTS better
epvpapi 1.1.1
ETMAutomationFramework 1.0.4 ETM Automation Framework
EVE.Mvc 0.7.0