HockeySDK.Xamarin implements support for HockeyApp in your iOS and Android applications. 1. Collect Crash Reports If your app crashes, a crash log is written to the device's storage. If the user starts the app again, they will be asked to submit the crash report to HockeyApp. This works for both beta and live apps, i.e. those submitted to the App Store. Crash logs contain viable information for you to help resolve the issue. Furthermore, you as a developer can add additional information to the report as well. 2. User Metrics Understand user behavior to improve your app. Track usage through daily and monthly active users. Monitor crash impacted users. Measure customer engagement through session count. You can also track custom events and view the aggregate results on the HockeyApp dashboard. 3. Update Ad-Hoc / Enterprise apps The app will check with HockeyApp if a new version for your Ad-Hoc or Enterprise build is available. If yes, it will show an alert view to the user and let him see the release notes, the version history and start the installation process right away. 4. Update notification for app store The app will check if a new version for your app store release is available. If yes, it will show an alert view to the user and let him open your app in the App Store app. (Disabled by default!) 5. Feedback Besides crash reports, collecting feedback from your users from within your app is a great option to help with improving your app. You act on and answer feedback directly from the HockeyApp backend. 6. Authenticate To help you stay in control of closed tester groups, you can identify and authenticate users against your registered testers with the HockeyApp backend. The authentication feature supports several ways of authentication.
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