Additional support classes for Google gRPC API client libraries
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Google.Api.Gax.Grpc

Packages that Depend on Google.Api.Gax.Grpc

PackageLatest VersionTags
Google.Ads.GoogleAds 0.8.0 GoogleAds Google
Google.Api.Gax.Grpc.Gcp 2.6.0 Google
Google.Api.Gax.Grpc.Testing 2.6.0 Google
Google.Cloud.Bigtable.Admin.V2 0.2.0 Bigtable Google Cloud
Google.Cloud.Bigtable.V2 0.2.0 Bigtable Google Cloud
Google.Cloud.Datastore.V1 2.1.0 Datastore Google Cloud
Google.Cloud.Iam.V1 1.1.0 IAM Identity Access Google Cloud
Google.Cloud.Kms.V1 1.0.0 kms keys security encryption Google Cloud
Google.Cloud.Language.V1 1.2.0 Language Google Cloud
Google.Cloud.Logging.Log4Net 2.2.1 Log4Net Logging Stackdriver Google Cloud
Google.Cloud.Logging.V2 2.2.0 Logging Stackdriver Google Cloud
Google.Cloud.Monitoring.V3 1.0.0 Monitoring Stackdriver Google Cloud
Google.Cloud.PubSub.V1 1.0.0 PubSub Google Cloud
Google.Cloud.Spanner.Admin.Database.V1 1.0.0 Spanner Google Cloud
Google.Cloud.Spanner.Admin.Instance.V1 1.0.0 Spanner Google Cloud
Google.Cloud.Spanner.V1 1.0.0 Spanner Google Cloud
Google.Cloud.Speech.V1 1.1.0 Speech Google Cloud
Google.Cloud.Trace.V1 1.0.0 Tracing Trace Google Cloud
Google.Cloud.VideoIntelligence.V1 1.0.0 VideoIntelligence Google Cloud
Google.Cloud.Vision.V1 1.3.0 Vision Google Cloud
Google.Longrunning 1.0.0 LongRunning Google Cloud
NetCoreKit.Template.gRPC.EfCore 0.1.122 cloud-native gRPC-efcore-template web-development
NetCoreKit.Template.gRPC.MongoDb 0.1.122 cloud-native gRPC-mongodb-template web-development
NetCoreKit.Template.gRPC.Standard 0.1.122 cloud-native gRPC-standard-template web-development