Windows 10 for IoT Devices ADC/Convertors - IAdcControllerProvider Interface Compliant -------------- ADS1015 and MCP3002 Sensors ------- - BMP280, BME280, BMP180, BMP085 Air Temperature, Pressure, and Humidity - MCP970X Range of analog temperature sensors - MCP9700A, MCP9701A, MCP9701AE - HCSR04 and Infrared Distance sensors - LDR Light Dependent Resistor Actuators --------- - LED On Off and Blink support - Motor Class for use with an H-Bridge. Supports Stop, Forward, Backward, Stop - Relay - On Off support - Generalised GPIO Output control - On off support HATs ---- Explorer Hat Pro ( Pin definitions, on board LEDs, ADS1015 ADC, H-Brigde/Motor (Capacitive touch yet to be implemented)
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Here are the packages that version 1.0.17 of Glovebox.IoT.Devices depends on.

UnitsNet : (3.20.0)



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PM> Install-Package Glovebox.IoT.Devices

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