Glimpse is a web debugging and diagnostics tool used to gain a better understanding of whats happening inside of your ASP.NET 4.0 application. For ASP.NET MVC3 support, please NuGet Glimpse.MVC3.
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Here are the packages that version 1.8.6 of Glimpse depends on.

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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Glimpse

Packages that Depend on Glimpse

PackageLatest VersionTags
CouchbaseGlimpse 0.1.3 Couchbase nosql
DCCreative.DNOA4Glimpse ASP.NET Web WebForms Glimpse diagnostics performance profiling timing openid oauth
FlexLabs.Glimpse.Linq2Sql 1.3.5 Glimpse Linq Linq2Sql
FluentSecurity.Glimpse 2.0.0 mvc .net40 security debugging diagnostics
Glimpse.Ado 1.7.3 ASP.NET Web WebForms Glimpse ADO ADO.NET SQL performance profiling timing diagnostics
Glimpse.Adomd Glimpse SSAS ADOMD MDX Microsoft Analysis Services
Glimpse.AdoNetProfiler 0.4.0 ADO.NET Glimpse
Glimpse.ApplicationInsights 1.0.0 Glimpse ApplicationInsights diagnostics
Glimpse.ApplicationInsights.Web 1.0.0 Glimpse ApplicationInsights diagnostics
Glimpse.AspNet 1.9.2 ASP.NET Web WebForms Glimpse
Glimpse.Autofac 0.2.4 glimpse autofac
Glimpse.AutoMapper 1.0.2 Glimpse AutoMapper plugin map mapping ASP.NET Web MVC diagnostics debugging
Glimpse.Batman 1.0.0071 batman framework mvc servicestack
Glimpse.ClaimsInspector 2.0.0
Glimpse.CloudStructures.Redis 1.2.0 Redis Glimpse
Glimpse.Common.Logging Glimpse Common.Logging
Glimpse.CUL 4.0.304 utility utilities
Glimpse.Elmah 1.1.1 Glimpse Elmah
Glimpse.EventStore 2.1.0
Glimpse.LightInject 0.0.3 Glimpse LightInject Diagnostics IoC
Glimpse.LightNode Owin Rest RPC Glimpse
Glimpse.Log4Net 1.1.0 Glimpse log4net
Glimpse.Login 1.0.0 Glimpse Login Authentication Password
Glimpse.Magelia.WebStore.Client 3.1.354.69 glimpse magelia e-commerce
Glimpse.MEF 0.0.1 glimpse mef
Glimpse.MiniProfiler 1.2.5 miniprofiler profiler glimpse
Glimpse.Neo4jClient 1.0.0 neo4j profiling glimpse
Glimpse.NHibernate 1.1.0 Glimpse NHibernate
Glimpse.Ninject 0.9.0 glimpse ninject plugin
Glimpse.NLog 1.7.1 Glimpse NLog
Glimpse.Performance glimpse performance plugin
Glimpse.Plugins.Bundling aspnet bundling glimpse plugin
Glimpse.RavenDb 3.0 ravendb glimpse profiling
Glimpse.SignalR 1.1.0 Glimpse SignalR
Glimpse.SimpleAuthentication 0.8.0 glimpse authentication twitter google facebook microsoftaccount oauth oauth1 oauth2 openid unicorn magicalunicorn magical-unicorn worlddomination worldomination
Glimpse.Sitefinity 1.0.0 Glimpse Sitefinity
Glimpse.TextReader glimpse mvc4
Glimpse.Unity 1.1.1 glimpse unity
glimpse-dependencies 1.3 glimpse mvc3
glimpse-knockout 0.1.5 knockoutjs glimpse web
GlimpsePlugins.WindowsEventLog 2.0.0 ASP.NET Web Glimpse
Kentico.Glimpse 3.0.0 kentico debug glimpse
NavigationGlimpse 1.0 navigation glimpse
Newtonsoft.Json.Glimpse 1.0.2 json glimpse
NHibernate.Glimpse Glimpse NHibernate profiler
OpenAccess.Glimpse ORM Entity Mapping DataAccess Database DAL Glimpse Sitefinity ASP.NET SQL performance profiling timing diagnostics
Passive.Glimpse glimpse db data-acccess database talljoe sql .net40
Serilog.Sinks.Glimpse 1.5.14 serilog logging glimpse
SisoDb.Glimpse 16.2.1 glimpse diagnostics sisodb document-database db structure key-value json poco blob sql sqlserver sql-server sql2005 sql2008 sql2012 sqlazure azure sqlce sqlce4 nosql
Sitecore.Glimpse.Mvc3 0.5.0 Sitecore Glimpse Debugger
Sitecore.Glimpse.Mvc4 0.5.0 Sitecore Glimpse Debugger
Sitecore.Glimpse.WebForms 0.5.0 Sitecore Glimpse Debugger
Sitecore.GlimpsePlugins.SitecoreContext Sitecore Glimpse