FubuMVC 3, the .Net web and service bus framework that gets out of your way
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package FubuMVC.Core

Packages that Depend on FubuMVC.Core

PackageLatest VersionTags
Bottles.Services.Embedded packaging areas slices services
FubuMVC web framework mvc
FubuMVC.Ajax fubumvc ajax continuations
FubuMVC.AntiForgery web framework specification fubumvc
FubuMVC.ASPNET fubumvc spark
FubuMVC.Autofac web framework mvc fubumvc
FubuMVC.Bender fubumvc serializer
FubuMVC.CodeSnippets fubumvc realtime serversentevents events
FubuMVC.ContentExtensions fubumvc authentication
FubuMVC.Core.Assets web framework mvc fubumvc
FubuMVC.Core.UI web framework mvc fubumvc
FubuMVC.Core.View web framework mvc fubumvc
FubuMVC.Diagnostics fubumvc diagnostics
FubuMVC.Export fubumvc excel
FubuMVC.JQueryMetaData 0.1.1 fubumvc jquery metadata jquerymetadata
FubuMVC.JQueryUI fubumvc twitter jquery jqueryui
FubuMVC.Json fubumvc json modelbinding
FubuMVC.Katana web framework specification fubumvc
FubuMVC.LightningQueues 3.1.1
FubuMVC.Localization fubumvc localization
FubuMVC.Marten 3.1.0
FubuMVC.Media utilities fubu
FubuMVC.NLog utilities fubu
FubuMVC.OwinHost web framework mvc fubumvc
FubuMVC.QuickStart web framework mvc
FubuMVC.RavenDb fubu persistence fubumvc ravendb
FubuMVC.RavenDb45 fubu persistence fubumvc ravendb
FubuMVC.Razor fubumvc razor razorengine fubu
FubuMVC.References web framework mvc
FubuMVC.RegexUrlPolicy fubumvc
FubuMVC.SelfHost web framework specification fubumvc
FubuMVC.ServerSentEvents fubumvc realtime serversentevents events
FubuMVC.SlickGrid fubumvc slickgrid
FubuMVC.Spark fubumvc spark
FubuMVC.StructureMap web framework mvc fubumvc
FubuMVC.StructureMap3 web framework mvc fubumvc structuremap
FubuMVC.StructureMap4 1.0.0 web framework mvc fubumvc
FubuMVC.Swank fubumvc
FubuMVC.TestingHarness web framework mvc fubumvc
FubuMVC.TwitterBootstrap fubumvc twitter bootstrap
FubuMVC.Validation fubumvc mvc fubu validation conventional
FubuTransportation fubumvc service bus
FubuWorld web framework mvc fubumvc
JasperService fubumvc topshelf
Pipes 2.3.0 messaging fubu pipes
Pipes.StructureMap 1.0.0 messaging fubu pipes
Serenity web framework specification fubumvc
Windmill fubu fubumvc security permissions windmill