Footloose is a fast and scalable asynchronous distributed computing and service library that was designed to be fast, secure, simple to use, unobtrusive and without the need of client side code generation or proxy classes. It was developed to connect or build distributed applications on the .NET/Mono platform with enterprise features like load-balancing, clustering, encryption, service discovery and single-sign on. FEATURES - easy to use, only a few lines of code to start with Footloose - Unobtrusive, no Attributes like [OperationContract] and no base class required - No Code-Gen / Client Proxy Classes - keep your code clean - several TransportChannels: XMPP, IPC, AMQP - Security, Encryption and Compression (depends on Transport Channel) - Endpoint Capabilities and Service Discovery - Sharing Presence Information (Online, Offline, temp. unavailable, etc. incl. priority and reason) - Single-SignOn - bi-directional communication, no polling - Model driven - use your strongly-typed DTOs/POCOs LICENSE In order to use Footloose you need a valid license. You can request a free trial license at FURTHER INFORMATION The latest release and documentation can be found on the Footloose project website:
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Here are the packages that version 2.0.0 of Footloose depends on.

DryIoc.CommonServiceLocator : (4.0.0)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Footloose