The client API for the Event Store. Get the open source or commercial versions of the Event Store server from
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Here are the packages that version of EventStore.ClientAPI.NetCore depends on.

Furiza.Newtonsoft.Json : (1.0.5) protobuf-net : (2.4.0)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package EventStore.ClientAPI.NetCore

Packages that Depend on EventStore.ClientAPI.NetCore

PackageLatest VersionTags
Aggregates.NET.EventStore CQRS ES event sourcing NServiceBus GetEventStore eventstore ddd
BullOak.Repositories.EventStore 2.0.0 CQRS EventStourcing event-driven repository repositories DDD domain-driven-design
CR.AggregateRepository.EventStore 1.0.0 Event Store Event Sourcing Aggregate Repository Cognisant
CR.MessageDispatch.EventStore 1.0.2 Message Dispatching Event Sourcing
CR.MessageDispatch.ProtobufSnapshotting 1.0.1 Message Dispatching Event Sourcing
CR.Tools.EventStore 1.0.2 EventStore Cognisant
CR.Tools.EventStoreSerilogLogger 1.0.2 Serilog EventStore Logging
EasyEventSourcing 0.0.39
Erden.EventSourcing.Targets.EventStore 1.1.0 es event sourcing EventStore
Evelyn.Storage.EventStore 0.13.0
EventFlow.EventStores.EventStore 0.67.3697 CQRS ES event sourcing EventStore
EventStore.Client.Reactive 1.0.4
FourSolid.Common.InProcessBus 1.0.0 DDD CQRS 4Solid
FourSolid.EventStore 1.0.0 DDD CQRS 4Solid
MassTransit.EventStoreIntegration 5.1.2
Memstate.EventStore 0.6.6
Milde.EventStore 2018.1.21
Nuclear.NetCore.EventStore 1.9.20 DDD event sourcing Event store
Paramore.Brighter.MessageStore.EventStore 7.4.2 RabbitMQ AMQP Command Event Service Activator Decoupled Invocation Messaging Remote Command Dispatcher Command Processor Request Service Task Queue Work Queue Retry Circuit Breaker Availability
Proto.Persistence.EventStore 0.2.0 actors actor model concurrency proto protoactor eventstore
SimpleDomain.GetEventStore 2.0.0
SoftwarePioniere.EventStore 0.1.41
SprayChronicle.Persistence.Ouro 0.0.26
Starnet.Aggregates.ES 1.4.0
Starnet.Projections.ES 1.0.5
Webjobs.Extensions.NetCore.Eventstore 1.0.9