A SQL-like external DSL for querying and scanning data in Amazon DynamoDB. Although there exists a number of different ways to query and scan a DynamoDB table with the .Net AWS SDK: - with the low-level AmazonDynamoDBClient class - with the Table helper class - with the DynamoDBContext class none of these ways of querying and scanning tables are easy to use, and an external DSL is desperately needed to make it easier to express the query one would like to perform against data stored in DynamoDB. It is because of these limitations that I decided to add a SQL-like external DSL on top of existing functionalities of the AWS SDK to make it easier for .Net developers to work with DynamoDB, which is a great product despite the lack of built-in support for a good query language.
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Here are the packages that version 3.1.0 of DynamoDb.SQL depends on.

AWSSDK.DynamoDBv2 : ( FParsec-Pipes : (1.1.1) LMDotNet.FSharp.Core : (1.8.0)




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PM> Install-Package DynamoDb.SQL

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No packages were found that depend on version 3.1.0.