The Open XML SDK provides tools for working with Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. It supports scenarios such as: - High-performance generation of word-processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. - Populating content in Word files from an XML data source. - Splitting up (shredding) a Word or PowerPoint file into multiple files, and combining multiple Word/PowerPoint files into a single file. - Extraction of data from Excel documents. - Searching and replacing content in Word/PowerPoint using regular expressions. - Updating cached data and embedded spreadsheets for charts in Word/PowerPoint. - Document modification, such as removing tracked revisions or removing unacceptable content from documents.
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Here are the packages that version 2.10.0 of DocumentFormat.OpenXml depends on.

System.IO.Packaging : (4.7.0) NETStandard.Library : (1.6.1) System.IO.Packaging : (4.7.0) System.IO.Packaging : (4.7.0)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package DocumentFormat.OpenXml

Packages that Depend on DocumentFormat.OpenXml

PackageLatest VersionTags
2GIS.NuClear.Printing 1.0.5 2GIS NuClear Printing
ADSFramework.Excel 4.0.3
AdvanceFramework1 20171023.1.0 .NET Business Application Development
AmanahUtilities 1.0.0
appstitch.aspnet 2015.2.3
appstitch.LightSwitch 2015.3.1
AppTemplate 1.0.1
Arebis.Office 1.3.0 .NET library
AspNetCore.EasyOffice openXml export excel
Atividio.Exportar.Excel 1.1.0
Bacup.Infrastructure.OpenXML 1.3.15288.1
Basic.EasyLibrary 4.7.13524
Basic.MvcLibrary 4.7.13524
BForms.MVC ASP.NET MVC UI JavaScript
BIA.Net.Authentication.Business 2.1.0 BIA Authentication MVC .Net
BIA.Net.Authentication.MVC 2.1.1 BIA Authentication MVC .Net
BIA.Net.Authentication.Web 2.1.0 BIA Authentication MVC .Net
BIA.Net.Authentication.WebAPI 2.1.0 BIA .Net Authentication MVC WebApi
BIA.Net.Common 2.1.1 .Net MVC
BlueBox.Core 2.2.6 BlueBox Core
Breeze.OpenXml 8.3.26
bxl 1.0.11
Calmo.Web 2017.10.5.9 .NET C# Web mvc razor
Capgemini.Xrm.Deployment 2.1.0 Capgemini.Xrm.Deployment Deployment Xrm
Capgemini.Xrm.Deployment.PackageDeployer 2.2.0 Capgemini.Xrm.Deployment.PackageDeployer Deployment Xrm PackageDeployer
Cblx.Infra.OpenXml 0.2.0
CcExcel 1.0.0 OpenXML DocumentFormat.OpenXML Excel CleanCode
CcExcelWriter OpenXML DocumentFormat.OpenXML Excel
Ci.Office.Helper.OpenXml 1.2.2
CKxlsxLib Excel OpenXml Xlsx
ClassToExcel.OpenXml Excel OpenXML
Clipboard.OpenXml 1.1.0 text extraction documents pdf word excel powerpoint
Clippit 1.1.4 OpenXML PowerTools PowerPoint Word Excel HTML
ClosedXML 0.94.2
ClosedXML.Signed 0.94.2
CollectionToX 1.0.13 .net excel csv export generic collection
Com.Ericmas001.Office.Word 0.4.1
CommonExtensions.Helpers 2.5.3
CommonHelpsLibrary 1.0.3
CrewCloud.Platform 3.3.0
CrystalWind.OpenXmlExtention 1.0.0
CsvHelper.Excel 1.0.6 CSV CSVHelper Excel ClosedXML
CsvTools.Excel 1.0.2 csv reader excel openxml
CustomerTestsExcel 1.0.2
Dataset2Excel.dll 1.0.5 Dataset Excel Datatable
Designonline.DORIS Episerver Redirect Microsoft Azure CosmosDB
DevelopmentHelpers.FileContentReader 2.0.2
DL.Common.OpenXml 1.0.1
Docati.Api 5.1.9417 docx pdf generate generation template word openxml api
DocMaker 1.0.6
DocumentFormat.OpenXml.VariableReplacer 0.1.0 openxml office variable
DocumentTools 0.1.2 doc docx office
Docx.Templater 0.1.0 Word Docx Template Engine ServerSide
DocxToHtml_ldqk 1.0.4 Convert your docx to html string
DocXToPdfConverter 1.0.3 Docx PDF HTML converter report dois kbis reporting pdf doc xls
EAGLReportingSDK 1.0.10
EasyExcelStream Excel Reader Writer
EasyOffice 1.1.3
EasyOffice.Extensions 1.0.2
EKstendSharp ExtensionMethods Multilang WPF Helpers
Esoptra.OfficeDocuments 1.0.7
Ewl 62.0.0 C# ASP.NET DAL SQL-Server MySQL Oracle
Excel.Labs 2.0.0 Excel Office xls xlsx IO C# OpenXml Dataset .NETStandard
ExcelDataExporter 0.0.1
Excelerator.NPOI 0.0.8 excel import export utility
ExcelGenerate 1.0.0
ExcelTemplate 1.0.6 Excel Template C#
eXpandImportWizard 19.2.502 DevExpress eXpand XAF eXpressApp
eXpandImportWizardWin2 19.2.502 DevExpress eXpand XAF eXpressApp
Exporter 1.0.2 pdf word excel csv html
ExtremeML 0.9.3 excel spreadsheet openxml
FileCurator 3.0.0 FileSystem File URL
FlatExcelHelper 1.0.4 Flat Excel Helper
FluentXL 0.0.1 xlsx excel office spreadsheet ooxml
Foxby openxml word msword docx
Freeware.Pdf2Docx 1.1.0 .net c# library convert pdf docx word pdf2word
Frontforge.OpenDocx.Core 1.0.0
FubuMVC.Export fubumvc excel
GDS.XLSX 1.0.3 Excel XLSX OpenXML Sheet Workbook
GenerateurRapportExcel 1.0.0
Genexcel 0.2.0
GeradorExcelOpenXml 1.2.0 OpenXml GeradorExcel ExcelTemplateOpenXml
GL.Common.Excel 1.0.5 Excel
gogeonhyeok 1.0.0 application
GorillaDocs.OpenXml VSTO Microsoft Office OpenXml
GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Aspnet.Viewer 14.0.1578 ActiveReports Reporting Reports RDL RDLX RPX Web ASP.NET MVC5
GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Aspnetcore.Viewer 14.0.1578 ActiveReports Reporting Reports RDL RDLX RPX Web ASP.NET CoreMVC
GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Core.Export.Excel.Page 1.5.3100
GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Core.Export.Word.Page 1.5.3100
GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Export.Excel 14.0.19213 ActiveReports Reporting Reports RDL RDLX RPX
GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Export.Word 14.0.19213 ActiveReports Reporting Reports RDL RDLX RPX
GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Web 14.0.1578 ActiveReports Reporting Reports RDL RDLX RPX Web ASP.NET WebForms
GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Web.Viewer 14.0.1578 ActiveReports Reporting Reports RDL RDLX RPX Web ASP.NET