This library provides a template for discovering your database model into a series of classes which build the sql needed for reads and writes dynamically. Instead of libraries which only provide fixed / hard coded SQL, this library attempts to provide parameterized sql generation on the fly. Allowing for more flexibility. It also provides a serializable query model for distributed data services. This library is a work in progress, please keep an eye out for a stable release soon.
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Here are the packages that version 1.0.17 of Dapper.Accelr8.Sql depends on.

Atlas.Quantum.Data.Dapper : (2.0.54) Dapper.Accelr8.Domain : (1.0.12) Dapper.Accelr8.Repo : (1.0.13)



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PM> Install-Package Dapper.Accelr8.Sql

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No packages were found that depend on version 1.0.17.