CsQuery is an HTML parser, CSS selector engine and jQuery port for .NET 4 and C#. It implements all CSS2 and CSS3 selectors, all the DOM manipulation methods of jQuery, and some of the utility methods.
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Here are the packages that version 1.3.4 of CsQuery depends on.

No dependencies



jquery html


Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package CsQuery

Packages that Depend on CsQuery

PackageLatest VersionTags
Bam.Net.Presentation 1.16.0
Brevitee.Analytics 3.2.1
Brevitee.Drawing 3.2.1
Brevitee.Html 3.2.1
Brevitee.Management 3.1.1
Brevitee.Server 3.2.1
Cgu.Comum.Util 1.13.3 CGU Utilitários
Crowbar 0.10 crowbar mvc tdd integration testing test integrationtesting integrationtest
Crux.NancyFx.Testing 0.2.8
CsQuery.Mvc 1.3.11 jquery html
Dragon.Mail 1.10.5 email templates handlebars mail
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity.Emoticons Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity.MicroData Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity.Performance Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity.RenderingHelper Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity.Splash Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity8.Emoticons 1.0.0 Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity8.MicroData 1.0.0 Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity8.Performance 1.0.0 Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity8.RenderingHelper 1.0.0 Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity8.Splash 1.0.0 Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity9.Emoticons Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity9.MicroData Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity9.Performance Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity9.RenderingHelper Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity9.Splash Telligent utility
HtmlShouldExtensions html assertions selectors css
Ingeniux_InSite_Search_V9 1.0.44 ingeniux insite search cms dss dynamic mvc
Kantar.KAP.MS.MB.Client 1.0.27
Kantar.KAP.Shared 1.0.140
Kantar.KAP.Shared.Messaging 1.0.27
Khan 1.0.1 email inline css html outlook
MarkdownWeb 1.3.7 sequence-diagrams markdown html wiki
MisterHex.WebCrawling crawler rx crawling spider
Nancy.Testing 1.4.1 Nancy Testing
Nap.Html 0.4.12 REST Fluent HTML Binding Nap
Nap.Immutable.Html 0.4.12 REST Fluent HTML Binding Nap
Noodles.AspMvc 1.1.558
Noodles.AspMvc.DataTables 1.1.558
Noodles.AspMvc.Templates 1.1.558
Pomona.TestHelpers 1.1.1 REST linq mapping
ProxyProvider 0.3 1.0.5759.15449 Gaming MMO
Rings 1.0.6411.19072
Rings.Models 1.0.6411.18894
RS.SAAS.EmailTemplater 1.15.0
SkyScraper 1.0.46 spider crawler scraper bot
StyleMerge 1.0.18 CSS HTML
Thunder.RazorPdf 1.0.0
TMS.Net 1.0.1 TMS Term Master Schedule Drexel
Tweaker 0.3.1
UniverCloud.Email 1.0.1 UniverCloud Email Core
UniverCloud.Email.SendGrid 1.0.1 UniverCloud Email SendGrid
XIVSync.Net FinalFantasy