Binder of Unmanaged code for .NET The Conari engine represents flexible platform for work with unmanaged code (native C/C++ etc.): Libraries, Executable Modules, other native and binary data. Lightweight and powerful binding with any exported functions and much more. _ _ _ _ _ _ Source code and all details here: New version of Conari engine contains major improvements and fixes with DLR features, ByRef types, new support of Exported-Variables, Aliases, improved Native.Core, ... But it also contains minor incompatible changes with previous versions. Look here: ~~~~~~~~ Get it via GetNuTool: ========================================== gnt /p:ngpackages="Conari/1.3.0" ========================================== *
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Here are the packages that version 1.3.0 of Conari depends on.

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PM> Install-Package Conari

Packages that Depend on Conari

PackageLatest VersionTags
LunaRoad 1.4.1 Lua API LunaRoad dll KeraLua KopiLua NLua LuaInterface Conari