Common.Logging.Core contains the portable (PCL) implementation of the Common.Logging low-level abstractions common to all other Common.Logging packages.
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Here are the packages that version 3.4.1 of Common.Logging.Core depends on.

Microsoft.CSharp : (4.0.1)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Common.Logging.Core

Packages that Depend on Common.Logging.Core

PackageLatest VersionTags
2GIS.NuClear.Jobs 2.2.0 2GIS NuClear Jobs
2GIS.NuClear.Jobs.RemoteControl 2.2.0 2GIS NuClear Jobs
2GIS.NuClear.Jobs.Unity 2.2.0 2GIS NuClear Jobs Unity
Akka.Interfaced.SlimSocket.Client 0.2.2 akka cluster utility
Akka.Interfaced.SlimSocket.Server 0.2.2 akka cluster utility
Akka.Quartz.Actor 1.3.1 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency
AzureMessaging 1.0.0
Bam.Net.Automation 1.16.1
Bam.Net.CoreServices 1.16.1
BeekmanLabs.Storage 0.0.2 Repository SQLServer MySQL Elasticsearch Mongo MongoDB
BetterModules.Core 2.0.0
BetterModules.Core.Web 2.0.0
BpmonlineTestFramework bpmonline
Cashier.Common 1.0.4
Castle.Facilities.Quartz 0.5.0 castle windsor Quartz.NET Quartz
Common.Logging 3.4.1 logging log Common.Logging
Common.Logging.Log4Net.Generic 1.0.1 log4net common logging adapter
Common.Logging.Log4Net.Universal 1.2.0 log4net common logging adapter
Common.Logging.Loupe Common.Logging Loupe Gibraltar Logging Log Logs
Common.Logging.Portable 3.4.1 PCL Common.Logging.Portable Common.Logging.Core logging log Common.Logging
Common.Logging.Serilog 4.3.6 serilog common logging adapter json structured
Common.Logging.Serilog.StructuredText 1.0.5 serilog common logging adapter
Common.Logging.WinRT 3.4.1 PCL Common.Logging.WinRT Common.Logging.Core logging log Common.Logging WinRT UAP UWP
Condense.Light event persistence workflow
CouchbaseAspNet 3.0.0 aspnet couchbase session caching cache nosql json
CouchBaseHelper 1.0.3 Couchbase
DatabaseMigrateExt 2.3.0 fluentmigrator migration fluent migrator database version schema mssql migrate
DEXS.Tools.GoogleDocs 0.0.1 dexs googledocs tool
difi-oppslagstjeneste-klient 6.0.1 Difi Oppslagstjeneste Sikker Digital Post SikkerDigitalPost
difi-sikker-digital-post-klient 2.0.4 Posten SikkerDigitalPost Sikker Post eBoks Digipost Difi
digipost-api-client 8.2.0
digipost-signature-api-client 4.4.0 Posten Digipost digital elektronisk kvalifisert signering signatur PKI offentlig dokumenter
Dragon.CPR 1.1.0
EdCanHack.Exor.Compiler 2.0.0 extension addins reflection dependency resolution compiler csharp
EdCanHack.Exor.Core extension addins reflection dependency resolution pcl portable
Eleflex.Web 3.2.1 eleflex web productionready
ElmahCommonLogging 1.5 Common.Logging Elmah
eMiteSDK.Core 2.2.0
EMoney.Scheduler 1.0.6 PCI-Compliant PCI Compliant ETS PMoney Payment Transactions iFrame Online
FreeSwitchSharp FreeSwitch FreeSwitchSharp VoIP
GKarch.Logging.CommonLogging3 2.0.0
Gridsum.DataflowEx 2.0.0 dataflow etl dataflowex block gridsum bulk insert
Hepsi.CommandProcessor 1.0.0 Command Dispatcher Processor Task Queue Orthogonal Hexagonal Architecture Ports Adapters
Hepsi.Http.Client 1.0.1 httpclient http qos logging correlation
Huitian.SharpMap 1.2.0 Huitian.SharpMap
instrumental_agent 1.2.0 Instrumental API Monitoring
IntegrationEngine 2.0.2 Integration Scheduling Server RabbitMQ Elasticsearch Quartz.NET
IntegrationEngine.Core 2.0.2 Integration Scheduling Server RabbitMQ Elasticsearch Quartz.NET
IoC DI Dependency Injection IoC Inversion of Control Framework
Ipfs.Core 0.34.2 ipfs peer-to-peer distributed file-system
IronFramework.Common.Logging 1.0.0 Utility Logging
Jal.Aop.Aspects.Logger 1.1.0
Jal.CastleWindsor.Contrib 1.1.0
Jal.HttpClient.Common.Logging 1.0.1
Jal.Router.Logger 1.5.0
JsonRpcSharp.Client 0.1.0 Json RPC
KDCLLC.Common.Logging.EntLib60 1.0.1 Microsoft Enterprise Library Logging Application Block Common.Logging
LineBotExtension 1.18.0
Lmat.common 1.0.19
Logary.Adapters.CommonLogging 4.2.1 logging f# log logs metrics measure gauge semantic structured
MassTransit.Persistence.Couchbase 1.0.10 MassTransit ServiceBus Couchbase NoSql dotnet .net
NClapEx 0.0.7 NClap .NET Command Line CommandLine Argument Parser CLI Interactive Shell
nCode.Catalog 1.0.3
nCode.CMS 1.1.7
nCode.Core 1.1.9
NEsper 6.1.1 NEsper Esper ESP CEP
Nethereum.JsonRpc.Client 2.5.1 Json RPC
Nethereum.JsonRpc.RpcClient 2.5.1 Json RPC Nethereum
Nethereum.Portable 2.5.1 Netherum Ethereum Blockchain Crypto 2.0
NInsight 0.1.0 NInsight
NuClear.River.Hosting.Interactive 7.0.0 NuClear River Hosting Topshelf Squirrel Nancy
Orion.Commons.Infrastructure.Spring.Host 2.1.1 Spring Host
Orion.Commons.Persistence.Nhb 2.1.0 Persistence Fluentnhiberate
PA.Utilities 6.1.0
PhyApp.Core 1.0.0
PhyApp.WindowsService 1.0.0
Piksel.SharpMap.Core 1.2.0
Piksel.SharpMap.Layers.BruTile 1.2.0
Piksel.SharpMap.UI 1.2.0
QuantApp.Kernel 1.0.7 Systematic Investments Quant QuantApp Data DataScience
QuartzNetServer QuartzNet
RapidTransit.Integration.Services 1.1.0
Rib.Deployer 1.2.1
Rib.Scheduler 2.0.0
Sabien.Windows.Utils 1.1.0 Utils
Scar.Common.Async 1.0.6862.19127
Scar.Common.Drawing.ImageRetriever 1.0.6862.19128