Piczard is a FREE image manipulation library developed keeping focus on ASP.NET needs It provides a variety of tools that can help you to manage images in your ASP.NET applications: - PictureTrimmer: The world's most awesome WYSIWYG image cropping tool for ASP.NET. - An expandable set of classes and methods that allows - in an extremely easy way - to programmatically load, process and save images. With Piczard, tasks such as image resizing, watermarking or cropping, can be performed even with a single line of code ! - An advanced image upload control with a powerful and intuitive image manipulation interface.
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PM> Install-Package CodeCarvings.Piczard

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CodeCarvings.Piczard.ImageUpload 3.0.5 Image Upload Crop Resize Thumbnail Watermark Grayscale Color WYSIWYG