ClosedXML is a .NET library for reading, manipulating and writing Excel 2007+ (.xlsx, .xlsm) files. It aims to provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface to dealing with the underlying OpenXML API.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package ClosedXML

Packages that Depend on ClosedXML

PackageLatest VersionTags
2001 1.0.0 Wapic
Ahmednagy.ExcelExport 1.0.1 Export Excel ASP.NET MVC
AMain.ExcelHelper 1.1.1 Excel ExcelHelper Reading Writing OpenXML BIFF8 BIFF5 ClosedXML ExcelDataReader
appstitch.aspnet 2015.2.3
appstitch.LightSwitch 2015.3.1
AppTemplate 1.0.1
AwesomeUtilities 1.0.0
Calmo.Web 2017.10.5.9 .NET C# Web mvc razor
Canducci.Excel 1.1.3 Excel Spreadsheet ClosedXML
Cavity.Data.Excel.OpenXML Data
ClosedXML.Extensions.AspNet 0.2.2
ClosedXML.Extensions.Mvc 0.2.2
ClosedXML.Extensions.WebApi 0.2.1
ClosedXml.Generic 1.0.4 closedxml excel generic helper Dictionary excel
ClosedXML.Report ClosedXML Reporting Excel
ClosedXML.Report.Signed ClosedXML Reporting Excel
ClosedXML.TableReader 1.1.1 ClosedXML Table Read .NET Standard
CollectionToX 1.0.13 .net excel csv export generic collection
CsvHelper.Excel 1.0.6 CSV CSVHelper Excel ClosedXML
Dataset2Excel.dll 1.0.5 Dataset Excel Datatable
DoddleReport.OpenXml doddle.reporting doddle reporting pdf excel csv openxml
DS2171_Excel 1.0.2 Excel
DS2171_ST_Excel 1.0.2
EdCanHack.SheetParser.OpenXml excel serialization openxml
Ewl 60.0.0 C# ASP.NET DAL SQL-Server MySQL Oracle
ExcelDataExporter 0.0.1
Excelerator.ClosedXml 0.0.8 excel import export utility
Excelerator.NPOI 0.0.8 excel import export utility
ExcelReportGenerator 1.2.1 Excel Report Reports Reporting xlsx ClosedXml Spreadsheet Workbook Worksheet Generator
FlatExcelHelper 1.0.4 Flat Excel Helper
FoxOpenXML Excel xls string csv convert openXML closedXML
GSCore.ConvertHelper 1.0.41 GSCore ConvertHelper
GSCore.GridHelper 1.0.48 GSCore GridHelper
GSCore.SelectListHelper 1.0.5 GSCore SelectListHelper SelectListItem
GSCore.SelectListHelperFramework462 1.0.0 GSCore SelectListHelper SelectListItem
GSCore.UtilHelper 1.0.30 GSCore UtilHelper
GSCoreTeste.SelectListHelper 1.0.0 GSCore SelectListHelper SelectListItem
Hummingbird.TestFramework Hummingbird API Test Framework
IntNovAction.Utils.ExcelExporter 2.0.0 c# Excel Export dotnet core ClosedXml
IntNovAction.Utils.ExcelImporter 0.0.6 c# Excel Import ClosedXml
KredoKodo.Library.Excel.ReportGenerator 1.0.0
LandmarkDevs.Core.Shared 3.0.17 LandmarkDevs Shared
LandmarkDevs.Shared 3.0.19 LandmarkDevs Shared
ListToExcel 1.1.1 Excel ExportExcel ListToExcel ExcelToList
Pentagon.Extensions.IO.Excel 1.0.2
PI.Pickles 0.1.0 pickles specflow cucumber test automation
SharpNET.Utilities.SimpleExcel 1.0.6143.21293 Utilities Excel
TableIO.ClosedXml 0.8.0 TableIO Excel Xlsx ClosedXml
WapicThanos 2.0.0 WapicThanos