Gives some useful infrastructure classes.
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Here are the packages that version of Cil depends on.

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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Cil -Version

Packages that Depend on Cil

PackageLatest VersionTags
Aardvark.Build 0.1.1 graphics visualization geometry math algorithms
AFLUmbraco 1.2.137
Aop.Net.CodeInjection aop codeinjection il cil cecil
ApiChange.Api 3.0.9
app.Snippet 1.0.0
AssemblyRefactoring 1.0.0
AutoMapperVerifier 0.1.2 automapper
Bansi.Aspect 1.0.0 Aspect Fody Addin Bansi
Best.Conventional 4.0.8
Best.XmlDocumentCommentParser 3.0.0 Best XML Document
Bridge.NRefactory 5.5.9
Cake.Xamarin.Binding.Util 2.0.0
Campy 0.0.14 C# GPGPU GPU parallel compiler LLVM CUDA
Cauldron.Cecilator 3.0.22 Toolkit Cauldron Interception interceptor interception AOP Fody Cecil CIL ILWeaving
Cilador ILWeaving CodeWeaving Cloning Cecil Mixin Mixins CIL
CKSetup.Core 6.0.0
CodeAmpoule Syringe Mono.Cecil MSIL
CoreCover.Framework 0.1.9 test-coverage code-coverage dotnet-core dotnet-cover coverage cover
DandyDoc.CodeDoc.Cecil 0.5.4 documentation
DandyDoc.Core.Cecil 0.5.4 documentation
Decorator 0.0.1
DeepEnds.Console 2.7.0 DGML Modeling Modelling Doxygen CodeAnalysis CSharp VB VisualBasic static_analysis c++ java IDL ObjectiveC Fortran PHP Python TCL VHDL
Deflector 1.0.5931.31506 mocking ilasm rewriting aop
Deflector.MSBuild.Tasks 1.0.5359.26739 mocking ilasm rewriting aop msbuild
devtm.Aop 1.0.0
devtm.Cecil 1.0.1
dotnet-fake 5.6.1 build fake f#
DotStep.Builder 2.1.2 AWS StepFunctions DotNet
Dzonny.RegexHelpers regex RegularExpressions compiler DLL NamedCaptureGroup
Enforcer convention conventions enforcement
eXpandLib DevExpress eXpand XAF eXpressApp
eXpandModelArtifactState DevExpress eXpand XAF eXpressApp
ExpandoIntelligizer.Fody 0.2.2 ILWeaving Fody Cecil
eXpandWorldCreator DevExpress eXpand XAF eXpressApp
Expecto 8.3.0 test testing fsharp assert expect stress performance unit random property
Expecto.VisualStudio.TestAdapter 9.0.0 Expecto Visual Studio Test Adapter testadapter
Expression.Compilation 0.1.2 roslyn expression parse dynamic method
Fake.Runtime 5.6.1 build fake f#
Fixie 2.0.2
Flame.Front 0.10.2 Flame compiler
FluentIL.Cecil 1.0.2
FSharp.Quotation.Disassembler fsharp quotation reflection disassembler
Hiro ioc di hiro
Hiro.MSBuild.Tasks hiro ioc msbuild
Hiro.Web hiro ioc msbuild
ICSharpCode.Decompiler C# Decompiler ILSpy
ICSharpCode.NRefactory 5.5.1 C# Parser Semantic Analysis SharpDevelop
IL2C.Core 0.3.3 il2c il translate transpile convert c c++ assembly multi-platform
InheritDocLib 2.0.0 inherit copy xml inheritdoclib extend comments
IronRebuilderServices 1.0.0 Generic Enums AOP Aspect Oriented Programming Compiler Service
IsolatedRazor razor templates
JetBrains.ICSharpCode.NRefactory 5.5.1 C# Parser Semantic Analysis SharpDevelop
JetBrains.ReSharperAutomationTools.External.DebuggerLibs 111.0.20171226.74127
Kentico.Libraries 11.0.36 kentico api
KVRInjectionTests KVR Vulnerability .NET OWASP Injection XSS CSRF XXE SQLi LDAPi
Machine.Specifications.Runner.VisualStudio 2.7.0 mspec unit testing context specification bdd tdd tfs visualstudio vsts vso
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Blazor.Server 0.5.1
Mixins.Fody 0.0.6 Fody mixin mixins multi inheritance inheritance
MockEverything 1.0.129 tampering testing
Mono.Addins.CecilReflector 1.3.8
Mono.ApiTools mono-api-tools mono-api-info mono-api-diff mono-api-html aoi information diff compare html xml markdown
Mxbuild.Tasks 0.2.12 msbuild mxbuild
MyReactive.Fody 1.0.1
NCode.Scanners.Cecil 1.0.2 cecil type assembly scan search reflect reflection discover
NeosSDI.Framework.Mvc.Administration Asp.Net MVC Neos-SDI Administration Database Decompiler
NInteractive 0.0.15
NServiceBus.Persistence.Sql.ScriptBuilder 4.2.0 nservicebus messaging
NSKeyedUnarchiver 1.1.3 NSKeyedUnarchiver plist
NuClear.River.Hosting.Interactive 7.0.0 NuClear River Hosting Topshelf Squirrel Nancy
Nuclei.Communication 0.8.0
NumCIL.Unsafe 1.0 Array-Programming HPC
nunit.engine.netstandard 3.8.0 nunit test testing tdd engine
Paket.Core 5.181.1 nuget bundler F#
Pangolin 0.6.22
Patchwork CIL IL injection post-build cecil assembly patch modification patchwork patching framework
Pomona 1.1.1 rest linq mapping dto odata query
PublicApiGenerator 8.0.0 semanticversioning versioning api
RAspect ILWeaving AOP Cecil Weaver
ReProBuild 1.0.3 build decompile compile c#
Resource.Embedder.Core 1.2.5 Embed Resource Satellite assemblies Localization Cecil
Rezoom.SQL.Provider rezoom sql data sqlite tsql sqlserver fsharp typeprovider
Run00.NuProduct.Cecil 1.0.11
Sasa-ilrewrite 0.18.5
Sdl.Web.Cil 10.1.0 SDLTridion Tridion SDL SDLWeb SDLWeb8 Web Delivery CIL
SharpPatch 1.1.2
SheepAspect AOP Weave Post-compiler Bytecode-Instrumentation Post-Compile Interceptor Plugin Dependency-Injection
sigdump 1.0.0 introspection reflection signature assembly dll
Signature.Core Nuget Signing