This package contains low-level abstractions used by other CodeGator packages. Platforms supported: .NET 4.61 or above .NET Standard 2.0 or above
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Here are the packages that version 2019.2.5 of CG.Core depends on.

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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package CG.Core

Packages that Depend on CG.Core

PackageLatest VersionTags
CG.Builder 2019.2.21 builder CG.Builder CodeGator
CG.Builder.Policy 2019.2.6 policy builder CG.Builder.Policy CodeGator
CG.Builder.Repository 2019.2.4 builder repository CG.Builder.Repository CodeGator
CG.Collections 2019.2.3 collections CG.Collections CodeGator
CG.Formatter 2019.2.3 formatter CG.Formatter CodeGator
CG.IO 2019.2.17 IO CG.IO CodeGator
CG.IO.FileSystem 2019.2.10 io file system CG.IO.FileSystem CodeGator
CG.IO.ZipFile 2019.2.10 io zip CG.IO.ZipFile CodeGator
CG.Json 2019.2.14 JSON CG.Json CodeGator
CG.Linq 2019.2.13 LINQ CG.Linq CodeGator
CG.Linq.EntityFramework 2019.2.12 EntityFramework LINQ CG.Linq.EntityFramework CodeGator
CG.Linq.EntityFramework.SqlServer 2019.2.13 EntityFramework SQL-Server LINQ CG.Linq.EntityFramework.SqlServer CodeGator
CG.Plugin 2019.2.2 plugins CG.Plugin CodeGator
CG.Plugin.FileSystem 2019.2.4 plugins file-system CG.Plugin.FileSystem CodeGator
CG.Plugin.Reflection 2019.2.4 plugins reflection CG.Plugin.Reflection CodeGator
CG.Process 2019.2.14 abstractions CG.Process CodeGator
CG.Process.Console 2019.2.4 Console CG.Process.Console CodeGator
CG.Process.Windows 2019.2.6 Windows Service CG.Process.Windows CodeGator
CG.Reflection 2019.2.3 reflection CG.Reflection CodeGator
CG.Retry 2019.2.5 validation CG.Validation CodeGator
CG.TestTools 2019.2.6 test tools CG.TestTools CodeGator
CG.Threading.Tasks 2019.2.4 threading tasks CG.Threading.Tasks CodeGator
CG.Validation 2019.2.4 validation CG.Validation CodeGator