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PM> Install-Package Browser

Packages that Depend on Browser

PackageLatest VersionTags
Bellatrix.Web.MSTest 1.4.3 TestFramework UITests SystemTests
Bellatrix.Web.NUnit 1.4.3 TestFramework UITests SystemTests
BionicBridgeCapacitor 1.0.19 ASP.NET Core Blazor Bionic Ionic Android iOS PWA Electron Capacitor
Blazaco 1.1.0 Blazor Blazor-Components Monaco
Blazor.ContextMenu 0.11.0 blazor blazor-component blazor-context-menu context-menu contextmenu menu blazor-menu blazorcontextmenu razor razor-components razorcomponents
Blazor.Extensions.Canvas 0.1.8 Microsoft ASP.NET Core Blazor Extensions Canvas
Blazor.Extensions.CssStyles 0.1.1 Blazor css classNames
Blazor.Extensions.Logging 0.1.10 Microsoft ASP.NET Core Blazor Extensions Logging
Blazor.Extensions.Notifications 0.1.2 Microsoft ASP.NET Core Blazor Extensions Notifications
Blazor.Extensions.SignalR 0.1.8 Microsoft ASP.NET Core Blazor Extensions SignalR
Blazor.Extensions.Storage 0.1.7 Microsoft ASP.NET Core Blazor Extensions Storage
Blazor.Extensions.WebUSB 0.1.2 Microsoft ASP.NET Core Blazor Extensions WebUSB
Blazor.FlexGrid 0.4.1 Blazor GridView Component
Blazor.Fluxor 0.19.0 blazor redux flux state
Blazor.Notifications 0.2.0 Blazor Notifications C# .NET Standard .NET Core
Blazor.Realm 0.7.3 Blazor Redux State Management Realm
Blazor.Realm.Async 0.7.3 Blazor Redux State Management Realm Middleware Async
Blazor.Realm.ReduxDevTools 0.7.3 Blazor Redux State Management Realm Middleware Dev Tools
Blazor.Toastr 1.3.0 Toastr Notifications Blazor
BlazorComponents 0.5.0 Blazor Components ChartJS Blazor
BlazorConfirm Blazor Component Wrapper
BlazorDB 0.7.1 blazor database linq localstorage
Blazored.Localisation 1.0.3 blazor localisation localization csharp blazored
Blazored.LocalStorage 1.2.1 Blazor LocalStorage Blazored Razor Components
Blazored.Menu 1.0.0 Blazored Blazor Razor Components Menu
Blazored.Modal 1.1.3 Blazored Blazor Razor Components Modal Dialogue
Blazored.Toast 1.0.3 Blazored Blazor Razor Components Toast Popup Notification
BlazorExtensions 0.5.1
BlazorFiddle.Blazor 1.3.0 blazor fiddle
BlazorFileSaver 0.9.0 Blazor File Save FileSave FileSaver
BlazorGoogleMaps 0.1.0
BlazorGrid 1.1.0 ASP.NETCore Blazor BlazorGrid Blazor-Component
Blazorise 0.5.2 blazorise blazor components bootstrap material bulma
Blazorise.Bootstrap 0.5.2 blazorise blazor components bootstrap
Blazorise.Bulma 0.5.2 blazorise blazor components bulma
Blazorise.Charts 0.5.2 blazorise blazor components charts
Blazorise.Icons.FontAwesome 0.5.2 blazorise blazor components fontawesome icons
Blazorise.Icons.Material 0.5.2 blazorise blazor components material icons
Blazorise.Material 0.5.2 blazorise blazor components bootstrap material
Blazorise.Sidebar 0.5.2 blazorise blazor components sidebar
Blazorise.Snackbar 0.5.2 blazorise blazor components snackbar
BlazorLogger 0.7.0 blazor javascript interop
BlazorNodaTimeDateTimePicker 0.0.9 blazor nodatime datepicker timepicker
BlazorNodeFs-demo 1.0.0
Blazorous 0.7.1 blazor css glamor styled-components
BlazorPager 0.1.0 BlazorPager Pagination paging
BlazorPagination 0.1.7 blazor aspnetcore component bootstrap4 pagination
Blazor-Redux 0.0.6 blazor state redux elm fsharp
BlazorScrollbarComponent 1.0.4 Blazor
BlazorSignalR 0.3.0 Microsoft ASP.NET Core Blazor SignalR
BlazorSorting 0.0.5 blazor aspnetcore component bootstrap4 sorting
BlazorSplit 0.3.0 blazor split splitarea splitter
BlazorSplitterComponent 1.0.4 Blazor
Blazor-State 0.3.6 Microsoft ASP.NET Core Blazor State MediatR Mediator Pipeline Redux
BlazorStrap 0.7.1 blazor bootstrap bootstrap4
BlazorSvgHelper 1.0.3 Blazor
BlazorWebSocketHelper 1.0.5 Blazor
BlazorWebWorkerHelper 1.0.4 Blazor
Bolero 0.3.130
ChartJs.Blazor 0.7.0 ChartJS Blazor
ClassicFormsBlazor 0.72.0
Cloudcrate.AspNetCore.Blazor.Browser.Storage 0.5.1 blazor local storage localstorage session sessionstorage browser
cloudscribe.Extensions.Blazor.Config 0.5.0
cloudscribe.Extensions.Blazor.Oidc 0.5.0
cts.web.core 1.0.16
Daddoon.Blazor.Extensions 0.1.0 Blazor Daddoon.Blazor
Daddoon.Blazor.Xamarin 0.2.1 Blazor Daddoon.Blazor.Xamarin Xamarin iOS Android UWP Hybrid
Daddoon.Blazor.Xamarin.Common 0.2.1 Blazor Daddoon.Blazor.Xamarin Xamarin iOS Android UWP Hybrid
Dapplo.HttpExtensions.OAuth 0.9.18 http rest dapplo
DevPeople.Blazor.SweetAlerts 1.0.1
Elmish.Bridge.Browser 0.9.10 fsharp fable elmish remoting rpc webserver
ElPouch 0.2.0 fable fsharp pouchdb
EO.WebBrowser.Wpf 19.0.83 EO WebBrowser Chrome Embedded Web Engine HTML Engine
EventAggregator.Blazor 1.0.0
Fable.Blueprint 0.0.2
Fable.Dap.Prelude 0.6.1 fsharp dap
Fable.Dap.React 0.6.0 fsharp dap
Fable.Elmish.Browser 2.1.0 fable elmish fsharp
Fable.Elmish.HMR 3.2.0 fable elmish fsharp hmr
Fable.Elmish.Remoting.Browser 0.7.5 fsharp fable elmish remoting rpc webserver
Fable.Fetch 1.0.0
Fable.FileInput 0.1.0
Fable.FixedDataTable 0.0.2
Fable.Import.Animejs 0.2.1
Fable.Import.Electron 0.1.1
Fable.Import.GoogleMaps 0.2.0
Fable.Import.Handsontable 0.1.0
Fable.Import.History 1.0.0 fable fsharp history browser history
Fable.Import.Pixi 0.1.1
Fable.Import.Pixi.Sound 0.1.1
Fable.Import.Vue 0.1.1
Fable.Inferno 0.0.1
Fable.Leaflet 0.1.0
Fable.Popper 0.0.1
Fable.PowerPack 3.0.0
Fable.React 4.1.3
Fable.ReactGoogleMaps 0.7.0
Fable.ReactLeaflet 0.2.0
Fable.Remoting.Client 4.5.6 fsharp fable remoting rpc webserver
Fable.SimpleHttp 1.0.0 fsharp fable http