Extension class for Azure StorageException to extract usefull information embedded inside the StorageException object by Azure Storage services on a failed request. Provides StorageException extension methods to extract: - ErrorCode - ETag - ExtendedErrorMessage - FailedOperationIndex (of a failed Batch Operation) - HttpStatusCode - OperationStartTime (UTC) - OperationEndTime (UTC) - RequestDate (UTC) - RequestId - TargetLocation (Primary, Secondary, etc.) - IsOptimisticConcurrencyFailure And extended ToString() method which automatically extracts this information from the exception instance and converts it into a string for logging purposes. Usage: Try { //Make a request to Azure Table Storage (Blob, Table, Queue, ..) } catch (StorageException storageException) { //Gives you the HttpStatusCode embedded inside the StorageException int? httpStatusCode = storageException.GetHttpStatusCode(); // Gives you the index of the failed operation in a azure table batch operation int failedOperationIndex = storageException.GetFailedOperationIndex(); }
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WindowsAzure.Storage : (4.3.0)



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