Autofac extension for enabling AOP in conjunction with Castle.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Autofac.Extras.DynamicProxy

Packages that Depend on Autofac.Extras.DynamicProxy

PackageLatest VersionTags
Autofac.Annotation 1.0.6
Autofac.Configuration.Core 1.1.1 autofac di ioc dependencyinjection
Autofac.Extras.IocManager.DynamicProxy 3.2.2 Autofac DynamicProxy Resolve Composition Root
Autofac.Extras.Validation 1.0.1 autofac interceptor validation
Autofac.ServiceFabric 2.2.0 autofac di ioc dependencyinjection servicefabric azure
Autofac.SmartInterceptors 0.3.1 autofac smart interceptors logs validation
Chrono.Autofac 0.1.1 logger logging logs
Citms.Common.Hystrix 1.0.0
Crab 0.0.5
Creekdream.Dependency.Autofac 0.2.6
EasyCaching.Interceptor.Castle 0.5.4 Interceptor Castle AOP Caching Cache
EasyDo mvc
ErrorUnit.Injector_Autofac 1.1.1 ErrorUnit Autofac di ioc
ESoft.Core 1.0.2
ESS.FW.Common.Autofac 1.0.0 ESS Frameworks
EY.Common 1.8.0
Galaxy 1.0.1 galaxy ddd solid
Gmail.Framework 4.2.4
IFramework.Autofac 1.0.5 IFramework Autofac
IFramework.DependencyInjection.Autofac 2.0.1
IME.WCF.SecurityFramework 1.2.5
Jabberwocky.Autofac 3.0.0 Velir Jabberwocky Autofac
Jabberwocky.Glass.Autofac 3.0.0 Velir Jabberwocky Glass Autofac
Jane.Autofac 0.1.12 aspnetcore framework dotnet c-sharp util ioc logger
KinetixCore.Database 0.0.3
KinetixCore.Monitoring 0.0.5
KinetixCore.Services 0.0.4
Kleu.Utility.IoC 1.0.6489.39134 kleu utility autofac di ioc logging liblog
Kleu.Utility.Web 1.0.6490.5135 kleu utility web owin webapi aspnet signalr autofac automapper
KST.Utils 1.0.1
MeasureIt.Autofac 1.5.1 MeasureIt Autofac registration enable measurement options
Microsoft.Azure.TypeEdge Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Experimental
Nkit.DynamicProxy 1.0.1 Autofac DynamicProxy Resolve Composition Root
NRpc 1.0.0
Power.DynamicProxy 19.3.1703 Autofac DynamicProxy Resolve Composition Root
Talk Talk 快速开发
TayText.NancyEx.Standard 1.0.7
TypeEdge 0.3.9
Volo.Abp.Autofac 0.15.0
WorkData.Util.Redis 1.0.0 Tag1 Tag2
XNode.Autofac 0.5.6 distributed rpc xnode