Aspose.GIS for .NET is a library that enables your applications to work with popular geospatial file formats. It supports working with the popular vector file formats. The API lets you create, read and convert documents without the requirement of any other commercial software. Aspose.GIS is a single .NET assembly that can be deployed with any .NET application by simply copying it. Features Overview Single API to work with vector geospatial file formats without worrying about underlying implementation of these. Supported File Formats - ESRI Shapefile - GeoJSON - KML (Keyhole Markup Language) - TopoJSON - OSM XML (OpenStreetMap XML) - GPX (GPS Exchange Format) - GML (Geography Markup Language) - ESRI File Geodatabase - MapInfo TAB Work with Vector Data - Create new files with your vector data. - Read features from existing files. - Retrieve attributes information from existing files. - Filter features by attribute value. Work with Geometries - Translate geometries to/from WKT and WKB. - Create points, lines and surfaces. - Build non-linear geometries. - Compute topological relation between geometries: - Check if two geometries are spatially equal. - Determine if any two geometries intersect each other. - Determine if one geometry contains another one. - Compute an intersection, union or difference of any geometries. - Compute a buffer region around a geometry. Work with Spatial Reference Systems - Create vector layers with a spatial reference system. - Set desired spatial reference system when converting between layers. - Transform geometries between spatial reference systems. - Import spatial reference systems from WKT, export spatial reference systems to WKT. Convert between GIS File Formats - Interconvert between all supported formats. - Adjust feature attributes during conversion. Supported Platforms - .NET Framework 4.7 or later - .NET Standard 2.0 or later - .NET Core 2.0 or later (Windows and Linux) - Mono 5.4 or later - Xamarin.iOS 10.14 or later - Xamarin.Mac 3.8 or later - Xamarin.Android 8.0 or later Performance and Scalability Aspose.GIS performs great both on a server or client. It is designed to handle files of arbitrary size and complexity. Deployment is as easy as copying a file. You do not have to worry about any other services or modules. Visit our free support forum for Aspose.GIS for .NET:
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PM> Install-Package Aspose.GIS -Version 19.4.0

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