Features: * The dump output is separated from the targeted dump media by the familiar TextWriter interface. * The programmer can dump the value of any type of object: primitive and enum types (including those marked with FlagsAttribute), custom classes, struct-s, collections, etc. * For complex type objects (classes and structs) the dumper outputs the names and the values of the properties. * The dump is recursive: the complex members of the dumped object are dumped indented. * Dumps the elements of sequences (arrays, lists, dictionaries, etc.) * Handles circular references. * The developers can easily customize various aspects of the dump by using an attribute (DumpAttribute) on the classes and their members, such as: - the order in which the properties are dumped; - formatting of the property names and/or values; - suppressing the dump of some uninteresting properties; - masking the values of sensitive (e.g. PII) properties; - the depth of the recursion into complex members; - the maximum number of dumped elements of sequence properties. * The dumper picks the customization attributes also from buddy classes declared with MetadataTypeAttribute. * Even if the class doesn't have any attributes, the programmer can still pass a metadata class as a separate parameter to the dumping method. This allows for control over the dump of BCL and third party classes. * Build and tested with .NET 4.0, 4.6. This package targets .NET 4.0.
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PM> Install-Package AspectObjectDumper -Version 1.6.18

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