Features: * Very simple interface. Essentially the interface consists of two methods (with a couple of convenient overloads) on the class XmlExpressionSerializer from the namespace vm.Aspects.ExpressionSerialization: - public static XElement ToXmlElement(Expression expression); - public static Expression ToExpression(XElement document); * The overloads allow for serializing to and from whole XDocument objects. * The serializer supports serialization of constant expression of the following data types: - all primitive types; - enum types; - nullable types; - the most of the FCL basic types like: string, DateTime, TimeSpan, Uri, Guid, DBNull; - any serializable types; - any types marked with DataContractAttribute; - anonymous types; - arrays and generic sequences of the above; - The XML documents are validated against a schema: urn:schemas-vm-com:Aspects.Expression -- targets .NET 4.6.2
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