ArcGIS.PCL can be used to call ArcGIS Server resources, including those from Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online. The resources can be secure or unsecure and the ArcGIS Online token service and OAuth token service are supported. Supports the following as typed operations: • CheckGenerateToken - create a token automatically via an ITokenProvider • Query<T> - query a layer by attribute and / or spatial filters • QueryForCount - only return the number of results for the query operation • QueryForIds - only return the ObjectIds for the results of the query operation • Find - search across n layers and fields in a service • ApplyEdits<T> - post adds, updates and deletes to a feature service layer • Geocode - single line of input to perform a geocode usning a custom locator or the Esri world locator • Suggest - lightweight geocode operation that only returns text results, commonly used for predictive searching • ReverseGeocode - find location candidates for a input point location • Simplify<T> - alter geometries to be topologically consistent • Project<T> - convert geometries to a different spatial reference • Buffer<T> - buffers geometries by the distance requested • DescribeSite - returns a url for every service discovered • Ping - verify that the server can be accessed Also supports converting GeoJSON <-> ArcGIS Features. Works with .NET for Windows Store apps, .NET framework 4 and higher, Silverlight 5, Windows Phone 8 and higher, Xamarin Android and Xamarin iOS.
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PM> Install-Package ArcGIS.PCL.Signed

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ArcGIS.PCL.JsonDotNetSerializer.Signed 1.0.0 ArcGIS PCL Json Serializer